Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar

At the launch of Jhoom, Ali Zafar’s latest music album, Mobilink Jazz initiated a very exciting promotion which was promoted in stores and online for all Ali Zafar fans across Pakistan.

The contest, ‘Jhoom Golden Ticket’ promised participants a chance to win ‘Dinner with Ali Zafar’ on finding the hidden Golden Ticket, winner was selected  via Lucky Draw.

At the end of the contest,  a student of FAST University Lahore, Haniya Elahi, became the lucky winner to enjoy an exclusive Dinner with Ali Zafar.

When Haniya was contacted By Mobilink team to inform about her prize, she was ecstatic and shared that she is a huge fan of Ali Zafar’s.

The Jhoom Golden Ticket winner, Haniya and her brother dined with Ali Zafar at Cosa Nostra, Lahore. Here are some of the pictures of the winner’s dinner with Ali Zafar along with a small video montage of the memorable dinner.Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (1)Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (2)Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (3)Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (5)Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (6)Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (8)Jhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali ZafarJhoom Golden Ticket Winner Dines with Ali Zafar (9)

  • asif

    whose the lucky one here, Ali or Haniya ? :)

    • EiviL_Engineer

      hehe you are right !x!

  • Jawad

    I think the lucky one is Ali :)

  • Saad

    I knew before even opening this post that the winner would “have” to be a girl and in this case not a bad looking girl at all. Why cant a dude dine with Ali Zafar? Whay does it always have to be a girl????

    • malik

      gender discrimination.

  • Nauman Afzal

    _____ I guess, lolz

    [Comment Edited]

  • Uzi

    Thats really against our values. Dinner tk to theek tha. But what about photoshoot?

  • aimen

    lucky girl indeed…ali zafar is awsome and now i wish i was part of mobilink !

  • waqas

    woahhh !!! mobilink sure has given this girl a dinner worth remembering :)

  • tania

    i soooo envy the winner…lucky girl indeed .all credit goes to mobilink as it provides such a lovely chance to its customers.

  • mehreen

    AMAZING!!! i love you mobilink :D Hope to get my turn soon :)

  • rayyan

    WOW that sounds fun dinner ! lucky girl.

  • khaula

    OMG so this has happened already?? why can’t i be active enough enough to pursue these things religiously :/

  • fatima

    luck girl indeeeeed..!

  • nadia


  • khanzada

    hahaahaa lucky girl..
    ali zafar ki demand!!!

  • waqqas

    @nadia: ho jaye challenge? :D

  • nadia

    Sure waqqas.. let’s see who’s name the next article has

  • waqqas


  • fseeha

    good show!!

  • nazne

    ALI ZAFAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aisha

    what’s with mobilink giving so many cool surprises lol. been following these blogs for 2-3 months and have come come across so much stuff….

  • maham

    lucky giiiiirrrllll.. she looks ecstatic! :p

  • maria toru

    oh man it could’ve been me i think i was close

  • hira

    whattay golden ticket! whattay ali zafar! and whattay luckyness! heh

  • sophia

    woah!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • shan

    kia demand hai Ali Zafar ki :p

  • maria toru

    is this going to happen again?

  • khaula

    I think it’s going to be an ongoing thing

  • maria toru

    on other blogs on the same topic people are talking about making a formal request. we should team up. :D

  • Junaid Khan

    Oh man! Nice move mobilink! Ali Z’s my fav!

  • salmanaslam

    Why in such competitions, there is always a girl! If celebrity had been a girl it must be a boy :)