PTCL Introduces EVO 256 kbps for Rs. 1199

After offering 256 Kbps package for DSL customers, PTCL has come up with this 256 Kbps package for EVO customers.

Priced at Rs. 1,199 per month with unlimited downloads – PTCL is clearly targeting low-end market for it’s EVO wireless internet service. Though this may not be very pleasing for WiMAX operators, but the slightly higher price (at Rs. 1199) will relieve them a little.

Those who are using EVO as backup, especially while on the go to meet their portable internet requirements will defiantly feel a good go with PTCL EVO 256 kbps package.

USB device cost is same i.e. Rs. 3,999.

Following are the complete details of EVO Packages:

Postpaid Packages:

  • 3.1 Mbps EVO – Unlimited downloads: Rs. 2,000
  • 256 kbps EVO – Unlimited downloads: Rs. 1,199

Prepaid Packages:

  • Time Based Packages:
    • Day Pass – 24 Consecutive Hours: Rs. 100/Day
    • Go 30 – 30 Hours: Rs. 799 (Additional Charges: Rs. 21 per hour)
    • Lite – 50 Hours: Rs. 1,199 (Additional Charges: Rs. 21 per hour)
    • Max – Unlimited (256 kbps): Rs. 1199
  • Volume Based Packages:
    • Go – 1 GB Limit: Rs. 799
    • 2 GB Lite – 2 GB Limit: Rs. 1,199
    • Wiz – 5 GB Limit: Rs. 1499
    • Max – 1 GB Limit: Rs. 799

  • PTCL, below 1000 would have been highly appreciated, trust me.

  • Umair Mughal

    Lite – 50 Hours, charges are Rs. 1,199 not Rs. 799

  • syed

    Don’t think it will attract the users, as Voice and Video will not work on 256! I guess.

  • Aslam

    USELESS ………………


    new packages introduce kernay kay bjai ptcl mojoda packges ko enhance kray.

  • sohaib

    only time pass

  • Haroon

    Is this offer is for EVO Wifi Cloud users too?

  • First time something good from evo

    • ali

      try using it u will regret it….pathetic service

  • Waqas

    I dont think it will work, as worldcall is already giving this USB Broadband of 256Kbps at rate of Rs1000 @Unlimited.

    and thier service is quite reliable. Moreover, the price of device is quite large as compared to that of WorldCall

  • Hedgefundbaby

    Watch out Wimax operators… PTCL is coming after your lunch.

  • ameet

    40% cost kam kr k 12.4 times speed kam kr di.
    Great ptcl hats off to u ;)

    • admin

      yes, price is higher as compared to price, one would not feel comfortable with these rates

      • Shehzad

        World call already Offering 256 for 1000Rs/Month I have used that for long their service is outstanding

        • expensive beauty

          in gujrat they are offering 256kb usb for just 300 rupees (world call)
          Usb Charges: Rs 300
          Monthly Charges: Rs 300

          First time total charges are 600 and after that per month charges are 300 for the internet, with unlimited downloads

        • sara

          this worldcal usb of 256kb can support voice and video calling from skyppe or not?

        • NOW ITS UPDATED TO 512Kbps bro

  • pakiiiiiii

    not good offer, i think ptcl should maintain same speed and impose cap on downloads and offer different packages like wimax compnies are offring

    • Naeem

      PTCL packages are very expences but Qubee & Wi-tribe packages are very attractive.

  • Ahmed

    256K lol. What do people do on a 256K these days. Apart from browsing not much is going to work. Its not even broadband!

  • 256kb ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL PTCL SUCK

    • ali

      very true…..ptcl is a sinking ship

      [Comment Edited]

  • useless

  • AbdulQadir

    Only for members, students and staff of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

  • Anwer Ali, Quetta

    I am using EVO Max Package since 1st June, 2011. The socalled 3.1.mbps. speed is slower like dial-up internet. I have decided to throw this 3rd class USB device in dustbin, and, strongly advise all people, “Donot Waste Your Money on this 3rd Class, High-priced, low-speed service”. Better to call it 3rd class not 3G.

    • same problem in mirpur azad kashmir evo is getting worse i am getting below 40kbps speed on average

      gmail even opens in slow connection mode and every 2 or 3 days signal vanish for half a day

    • I totally agree with you. I live in kuri road Rawalpindi and my average speed is 30Kbps where it meant to be 300Kbps. when ever i call PTCL they say that its your fault not our side fault. This is so annoying for high paid service like this.

  • PeeetttcccL

    flop Package. PTCL….please don’t bother us for craps like this. If you don’t have any new decent packages then instead improve your existing services.

  • Jawaid

    I think PTCL should to offer EVO like this…

    256 KBPS FOR RS.700
    512 KBPS FOR RS.1200
    1 MB FOR RS.1500

  • Expensive choice.

  • Tahir Mueen

    Its a good offer but I think PTCL should concentrate more on COMPLAINTS rather than introducing new packages because if the complaints are not attended then it is no use introducing new packages. The device is too expensive for Rs4000/-

  • jony

    buyin evo 3.1mbs unlimited on student packages mucccccch better Option in just 1400rs

  • thewhitesoul

    I have used EVO but its service is no. 1 Among the worst. WiTribe and Qubee are far more better in Service & Quality.

  • jony

    agents sellin evo usb’s in 2100rs with 10days free usage. best for those who want to use Day Pass packge.

  • malik ali

    When ever PTCL introduce its Free Usb Device…much and more Traffic will be seen on PTCL Networks….

  • M.ALi


  • I guess PTCL should price somewhere around Rs.700 and should introduce 512 Package at the provided rates of Rs.1199 because pricing structure can definitely could influence large number of people around.

  • imkhalid

    why go back to the lowest speed
    its useless also mindless too

  • Raja

    i think ptcl should care about complaints. I am in Bagh AJK.signals vanish for hours speeds not enough to browse youtube like sites…….ptcl doesnt cares.
    Its a violation of consumer rights…after paying such a amount service is not good…but here we dont have any other option…..even call center reprentative behaviour is not good……
    ptcl should think about these issues and take a serious action.

  • siddique

    Get Evo with exciting speed of 3.1Mbps with student packge of 1250.Unlimited usage and downloding in 1250 only.
    siddique ul hasnain

  • usman

    new usb price is Rs. 1999 in Arifwala



    • Ali

      i agree whith u, es sy bury speed shayd kisi device ki ho



  • raza

    yr bohat bakwas service hay evo ki aside from heavy costing of pakages…yr student pakage kaisa hay??unlimited speed hay uski at 1250??kisi ko pata hay toh btao yr??

  • muhammad hamza

    bonga hy sb kuch

  • Bilal

    PTCL EVO 256kbps unlimited for Rs.1200 is very expensive. Why PTCL offers such funny rates? It is another monopoly of PTCL.

  • touseef

    (256kbps)lol…. better way ov making peopl fool.

  • mirza g

    ptcl pakeges is bakwaas i heat ptcl



  • salahudin

    if i will not use evdo for more than one year
    than after thgat i will direct deposit the money for reactivate it by calling

    after how much time it will become inactive

  • Sajjad

    Full I Love PTCL.

  • hamif hussain frm swabi

    plz ap evo ki serves swabi me start kary q k hamri pas vfone ha is ki speed bohat slow ha

  • Odosta,
    Muje minimum pckge evo 256 ka bta.

  • irfan pathan

    i love worldcall bcz it has low rates then ptcl

  • Malkera

    Is thr stil student pakge available with 3.1 mbs speed in 1250?

  • zeeshan baig

    evo ke speed bakwas hai 256 kb/s to nahey 40 ya 42 kb/s hoti hai is pe youtube aur google door ke baat hai facebook bhi nahey chalti.
    Mere sab ko advise hai ke evo device pe mat paise kharch krain.

  • hay any one used ptcl evo 256kbps tell me how it works about its speed any performance i am changing frm worldcall to ptcl evo

  • Mirza

    3rd class service….just waste of money.