Umema Adil, Another Youngest MCP from Pakistan


Another feather in the cap – Umema Adil a 13 year old girl from Pakistan has been titled as world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in ASP.NET.

Pakistan already grasps two Microsoft Certified Professionals with ‘world’s youngest’ titles.

Arfa Karim at the age of 9 became World’s Youngest MCP and then Babar Iqbal – a 12 year old student got four world records as Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at the age 9 years, Youngest Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) at the age 9 years and Youngest Certified Web Professional Associate (CIWA) at age 10 years.

Umema Adil from Karachi has been certified as world’s youngest MCP at the age of 13 and she is certified in ASP.NET – programming language used to develop web-based applications.

This young talented student is now giving lectures on entrepreneurship and blogging and is determined to build a career of her own.

Apart from the field, she has been actively participating in extracurricular activities as well. She is excellent in naat recitation and has won a total of 60 certificates and shields till now, including four times the City District’s All Karachi Naat Competition; twice the All Sindh Naat Competition, All Pakistan Naat Competition and recently, Sindh Hamd-o-naat Award.

  • Not trying to be a troll here but bas kaafi nai ho gaya?

    I mean there are a lot of other fellowships and certifications in the world to explore.

    So, why everyone is getting on the MCP bangwagon? Just saying

      • I mean seriously. Has anyone here heard of TED?

        Only 3 TEDFellows exist in Pakistan as of now because TED does not believe in academic qualifications, rather the power of ideas.

        I would love to see people from Pakistan score to that but since no “cramming” is involved so meh!

        • i don’t want to demoralize this young girl’s effort, it is sure a pretty good sign that our young generation is interested in technology but when I look around in the world I find my country lost in the darkness of laziness,world needs new ideas and efficient brains who can match the speed of changing trend of technology…

  • Nations of sheeps & goats ( and transcription workers, thanx to AtaurRehman chacha: Mein nai internet sasta kar diya hai. Mein nain IT mazdoor bana deyai hain. bla bla)
    Ata boy Ata !

  • I am curious. What will Umema Adil and Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal be doing in five or ten years? Will their MCP and other certifications help them down the road?

  • Also I wish our education system was better for smart kids. How many teenagers who are 14-16 can enter universities? I was checking online and something like 4 or 5 students join MIT every year from that age group. I it is probably similar for Cambridge/Oxford or other “top” universities.

    I wonder how many under-17 students join IBA or LUMS or NUST.

  • To all the haters, Get a life!

    These kids can specialize in whatever they feel like doing… why don’t you specialize in TED when you stop criticizing. .NET is the one of the most renowned frameworks and is in no way easy to lear when you are 9,12 or 13. So well done kids. I am proud of you… May you go a long way in life and may Allah bless you !

    • we appreciate what this girl has done so far but look around dude! world is looking to create new things, what we are talking about is to move on and go for new technologies instead of doing ms certifications all the time…

    • So there is vast difference between “learning” a technology and getting certified in it.

      Anyone can get certified by cramming 150-200 questions, and keeping in view that Pakistani are champions at cramming, I wouldn’t be shocked even if 5-8 years old from Pakistan can get MS certified.

      However, I do think she has made us proud, but we should also be realistic in our approach.

  • Good to see so many young certified professionals from Pakistan.
    Admin: is not used for building windows application according to wikipedia: “ASP.NET is a web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.”

  • i dont get the haters point of view here….its 3 kids out of 180 million who got certified at a young age so its not very common. Atleast they did something positive with their skills whether its craming or a natural aptitude for programing.

  • — Atleast they did something positive with their skills whether its craming or a natural aptitude for programing.

    Cramming is not ever a positive thing

  • Rather than saying why ASP/MCP, I appreciate the talent who have made Pakistan proud.


    As for the question why MCP. It is easier saying than doing it. Go ahead and do something great which does not include “why MCP” or let’s appreciate the ones who deserve.

    On the general note though, I do agree that let’s focus on other great things as well.

  • This young talented student is now giving lectures on entrepreneurship and blogging and is determined to build a career of her own.

    OMFG! Who knew you could give lectures on entrepreneurship with just an MCP in your hand? what a load of crap! propakistani, get a life!

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