PTCL Offers Double Play Packages [DSL + Landline]

doubleplay_pbPTCL is has introduced Double Play packages (for voice and data) in addition to its existing Double Up packages.

Under this offer, PTCL is offering free monthly on-net minutes in addition to DSL packages. Details are as following:

Double Play Packages:

  • Double-Play 1Mb = Rs 1,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 2Mb = Rs 1,799 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 4Mb = Rs 2,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 6Mb = Rs 5,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 8Mb = Rs 7,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 10Mb = Rs 10,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes

Note: All the packages have Unlimited Broadband downloads, all prices mentioned above are exclusive of GST

How to activate “Double Play packages”:

These packages can be activated by calling PTCL helpline 1236.

Note: All off-net calls (local, NWD, Mobile and International) & other services will be charged as per the existing tariff.

As mentioned above, these double play packages are in addition to double up package that were introduced last year. Detail of Double Up Packages is given below:

Previous Double Up Packages were as following:

  • Unlimited On Net Calls + 1 MB Broadband = Monthly Rental Rs. 1,999
  • Unlimited On Net Calls + 2 MB Broadband = Monthly Rental Rs. 2,999
  • Unlimited On Net Calls + 4 MB Broadband = Monthly Rental Rs. 5,999

  • dear admin
    its 299 not 799. correct would be
    PTCL has been offering 1 MB broadband connection for Rs. 1,200, so those customers who want to enjoy this service, would only need to pay Rs. 299(not 799) more.

  • @Admin
    Previous Double Up Packages were as following:

    Unlimited On-net Voice & 1Mbps broadband for 1,999

    Unlimited On-net Voice & 4Mbps broadband for 2,999

    Unlimited On-net Voice & 6Mbps broadband for 5,999

    correct it.

  • 1mbps dsl = 1199 + 199= 1398 Rs
    1Mbps double advantage = Rs.1499

    So you only pay rsm 101 more and get 750 ptcl minutes plus unlimited on-net ptcl minutes on sundays

    A very exciting proposition for a family with ptcl landline connection.

    Thank you ptcl.

    And now I wait for someone to criticize ptcl’s dsl quality…I wonder y it has more than 700k dsl subs :)

  • Great offer! I think the telecom industry is now using FMCG techniques to bundle products at an attractive price.

    The packages are a far cry from the basic tariffs available, and so now it is very tempting for consumers to subscribe to packages.

  • so finally PTCL realizes the potential of bundled packages. way to go PTCL the giant finally wakes up.

    Are you sure this package is inclusive of line or as ptcl says zero line rent?

  • A desperate attempt to curb dwindling fixed line revenues. Instead of this PTCL should investing in LTE or other wireless technology.
    Fixed line is dead. Wireless will rule.

    • Lol! for LTE you need spectrum and PTA doesnt seem to get its act together.

      In data wireline is king and PTCL needs to invest in FTTx instead of going for LTE where the competition will be intense.

      Wireline becomes much more attractive when it comes to broadband…

      I guess PTCL is losing its voice share and the only way to retain its position is through offering and bundling data services.

      Double advantage seems to be the right approach as no other operator can compete with PTCL on Data as well as fixed line voice…cha choo gayee hai PTCL!

  • mje aik ptcl device chahiye
    evo ptcl walon ka
    aur aik laptop chahiye
    plz contact me

  • I am fed up with PTCL services. Support is very poor and have large no. of complaints it will take weeks to resolve an issue. I am still waiting for the starter of my phone.
    my ptcl no. is (051)2291638.

    Complain no. 71, 161, 224 and lot of visit at F-11 Markaz exchange still issue not resolved. Please do something for the already customers instead for hunting new.

    I hope you will solve the issue. Thanks

  • here come the divertors….

    Good package and comes with unlimited calls on sundays in addition to 750 minutes.

    I think this is one of the most mazaydar offer by any telco

    makes dsl affordable and voice dirt cheap at the same advantage

    I have subscribed and will call it as PTCL twinnies :)

    • i wonder how PTCL remains a leader when this forum seems to be full of ppl having hatred for its qos.

      If the qos was so bad then why are wimax operators still creeping and not have a good size despite being backed by big telcos.

      I have been PTCL’s dsl subscrier for the last 2 years and I have very rarely faced service disruption issues.

      I download movies via torrents, go on you tube and ven play online games …an I am very satisfied with PTCL’s DSL

      I think there is no match to PTCL when it comes to PTCL’s DSL.

      And may be that is the reason no one is giving any aternate to the really unimited packages of PTCL.

  • PTCL pahley dsl or apne staff ki service to theek karle….. baad ma packages launch kare… day by day they are reducing bandwidth.

  • Really nice. Keep it up ptcl.

    And by the ptcl offers the best voice quality and no one else offers unlimited internet downloads.

  • i dont care about voice. all i care about is bytes and with PTCL it is Mega bytes and all that i can bite keeps me hunky dorry :)

  • We need competition in dsl category. We need more DSL companies to end PTCL monopoly, specially successfull companies like Qatar telekom or Chinese telecom or even Bahrain telekom. Personally i like Japanese DSL companies and Belgium’s Skynet and Sweden also have a good no. of DSL providers and have one of the best Internet in the World.

    • Since when have bahrain telecom and and Qatar Telecom become representation of competition. They dont know anything about competition as operate in an artificial petro/gas dollar economies where affordability is not a question and profitability is guaranteed.

      Qtel owns wi-tribe and wimax is making the company bleed through its nose throguh the subsidies.

      PTCL’s dsl is one of the cheapest in the world for 1 mbps. PTCL offers unlimited download whereas even indians dont get this cheap internet and propakistani should run a comparison for a better discussion on Pakistan’s internet tariffs instead of letting ppl giving factually incorrect comparisons

      investment in fixed line is a billion dollar game as right of way and laying costs are to exorbitant to make it viable.

      PTCL has the first mover advantae and thanks to its loss in voice revenue that it is not offering expensive dsl otherwise the monopoly it has over data things could have been bad

  • can anyone tell me that if i activate double advantage package on 1 mbps dsl speed…what would be the total bill including extra charges????

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