PTCL Ramadan Offer: 256 Kbps Broadband Goes Unlimited


This Ramadan PTCL allows you to download unlimited data on PTCL’s National Broadband Package.

Broadband National Package was earlier introduced for low-end users with 256 Kbps connection speed and a monthly cap of 1 GB only.

Recently PTCL brought major changes for it’s broadband packages and capped them at 50 GB per month download limit. Here PTCL is probably trying to compensate it’s users to some extent.

Now for the whole month of Ramadan and then in September, you can enjoy unlimited downloads at same price tag i.e Rs. 299.

This promotion will be applicable from 1st of August to 30th of September.

  • liaqat ali

    unlimited download at rupees 299 per month is something good.

    It will definitely reduce the barriers to broadband revolution

    Thank you PTCL for a good offer and i hope the offer is extended after september as well.

    affordability is still an issue hen it comes to internet as wimax and optic fiber are too expensive

    • Kashif

      what about after that… 1gb will be consumed in 6 hours

      • liaqat ali

        299 unlimited is worth a shot till spetember 30.

        What happens after Spetember 30 is something we will find out shortly.

        I think PTCL has realized that 256Kbps speed is the nursery for broadband addiction and the earlier version was definitely not too attractive despite offering the most economical package for someone with minimal usage.

      • Asif Mushtaq

        Then this package is not for you.

        • liaqat ali

          do i need to explain how much internet i use and what i do to convince me.

          I know how much i would be using through surfing as i need internet at home for reading journals on the web…

          for me this is a fit package

  • 256kbps unlimited for 299 rs!

    too good. cha gayee hai ptcl..

    I like this package as i am more into surfing

  • Akram Abbas

    Who uses 256kbps? :P Grow up!!

    • 256kbps unlimited for 299 rs!

      with Rs. 12,000 salary this is what i can afford at home. When with the help of God I will complete my MBA and get a good job then I will definitely get a 2mb connection.

      Kia karain khwahishon ka jab jeb ijazat na day!

  • Amina Tariq

    amazing offer ptcl you really rocks, i thope witribe bhi kuch change laye ga

  • nice

    Finally there is something for the masses.

    but i feel people will not stick with this package for long and very soon youube and bittorrents will force them to get unlimited packages of PTCL.

    PTCL should bundle voice with 256kbps package…something similar to double advantage that was recently launched

  • stupid ptcl

    **** you ptcl atleast make it permanently unlimited and upgrade that stupid 256kb to 512 then its fine. 256kb ke toh browsing be slow hai and not all Pakistanis are Pirate users. They are so lame they dont even know how to download “Pirate” stuff and from where.

    • 256kbps unlimited for 299 rs!

      well i wonder how **** becomes kosher for the webmaster.. a sheer display of non sense yet it appears on propakistani

  • 256kbps unlimited for 299 rs!

    I disagree. 256 is what i can afford and 1 mb is what i need …ab kia karain sab kuch ikathay sab kau nahin milta aur kuch na haunai sai 256 hauna behtar hai

    seems like this site is followed by those who spend in thousands for their diners but find it difficult to pay few rs for 1 mbps connection…if i had that sort of money i wouldnt be cribbing over these tariffs

  • Salman Abbas

    OMG 1GB O.o Mein to Zong GPRS par 4GB cross kardeta hoon lol

    • What a lie, I use ZONG 2 GB, Nearly 16 Hours a day, DAY & NIGHT, with Chatting, Facebook, Some Online Softwares, also too much browsing, never exceed by 2 GB Package…. How you burn your 4GB?

      • bilal

        i also tried 2GB package.. it was really endless even surfing and streaming a lot.. but i only touched 200 mb at max…
        for more.. it requires more speed which is not @ Zong’s network…

  • raza

    256kb is not a good speed it is joke for me i play online game

    • 256kbps unlimited for 299 rs!

      256 kbps is much better than EDGE.

      However I fail to understand y r people criticizing the promo which is amazing. 256 kbps unlimited download for Rs. 299 per month is too good and PTCL should make it a permanent offer.

      • raza

        yo man 256 cant run game online thats y this is
        farig package and u cant download whole movie in less time it take more time

  • vow o vow

    My God. This package makes the capped unlimited 256kbps offer by witribe look too expensive.

    PTCL seems to be entering the Kbps segment that was unattended and left for the wimax operators to fleece the lower income segment.

    The real success of this package will be continuity of something similar as the original package is simply too restrictive for someone with lower usage/affordability

  • Fahad Saleem

    Downgrading from 1Mb package to 256Kb cost 1500 Rs :(

  • Well this is great offer from PTCL.
    I wish bandwidth limits are not imposed even after Ramazan, that would be great.

  • bilal

    i can still remember the old days when we used 256 kbps Dual ISDN and it seems to be VERY FAST for browsing…
    and specially our work was pretty smooth on it..
    then i was addicted of high speeds.. now EVO giving 1-2 Mbps seems like JUST OK…. :P

  • Asher


    PTCL took a very good initiative but question raised again,is such package offer with unlimited download tag will go further like ufone mostly extends its offers time period.