Allows Students and Teachers to Interact

imageA new web portal, exclusive to the people of Pakistan, has now been launched, allowing students and teachers to interact in a manner that offers a more meaningful educational experience. gives both teachers and students the chance to interact in a manner that offers students the abilities to make better informed decisions regarding their education while offering teachers the ability to better manage time and resources.

Across Pakistan, students and teachers often find it difficult to locate a teacher. Even more of an issue is the difficulty in locating a teacher that meets the needs of the student in the desired categories. The ability of students and parents to now search for qualified teachers and view their profiles prior to making a selection will greatly enhance the overall educational experience.

Upon registration, students get the access to review profiles of thousands of teachers available in a wide variety of categories. In addition, this state-of-the-art system also allows students to post a request for a teacher via the teacher request board.

Students also have the opportunity to decide whether they wish to obtain services either monthly or on a per-lecture basis. Services may also be requested for online sessions through USTAAD as well. To facilitate the review process for everyone, students are able to rate teachers after they have acquired services or if they have a past experience with a teacher on the site. As a result, every teacher on USTAAD has a viewable rating.

With all of the many benefits offered to both teachers and students, USTAAD is an online community for people who love to learn. All of the tools teachers and students need to better manage their educational and occupational experiences are easily accessible. Both teachers and students can register through the site to learn more about the various services offered.

  • This won’t work. Cuz professional teachers prefer tutions instead of coming online and giving free advices on the web

    • Fakhre saab ! i think this website has a really good potential and i don’t think it provides you online environment to take classes. It lets you put your profiles online and if someone is interested in any subjects and wants to get help, he could be contacted and get a tutition. i think this is how it works.

    • Dear Fakhre, Firstly I appreciate imikhan810’s comment who clarified that this portal by no means is a place where professional teachers would give free advice, instead its a portal where teachers can actually market themselves. Over 70% of our youth teaches one subject or the other to meet their running expenses but they have no channel to showcase their skills and market what their services. This is a website FREE to join and would surely help 1000s of people out their who make their bread and butter from teaching.


      Usman Zubair

    • Yeah i think it has a really good potential if the person who is running this website how to take it further.

  • Thanks every for your valuable suggestions and feedback. I developed this website to address atleast one issue I had during my studying days and that is “to find a teacher across my city”. To answer a question above this website is not about teaching online its about creating a profile online so students and parents can search you with ease. You are welcome to give more suggestions to this and we are all ears :)



      • Thanks imikhan810 ..Please do let me know if you have any feedback and comments on it.


        Usman Zubair

        • Well Usman ! the only advice i’ve for you right now is to put this thing on facebook and grow it more. Spend some money if you could and place some advertisements on forums where you could rightly target your audience. Please stay away from google ads and other adverts right now. Simply grow the crowd and don’t think about money. Don’t make the layout crowdy.. it should be simple enough so that people could easily find what they want. I like the color scheming and the mascot looks really cool and friendly. Best of luck !

          • May be you could further catagorize the links like

            English / Maths / Economics / Physics /… may be you could do this in search.. like if someone wants a math teacher your search results should only include math teacher. something like that.

              • Usman !
                I’ve one more suggestion for you and that is to introduce 1 more link about carrier counseling, Proper Guidance is very important for any student in choosing his future carrier. But due to poor or no guidance unfortunately even deserving/intelligent students miss the opportunities to utilize their full potential. May be you could also put a link for Articles related to education also compile a list of National Colleges and universities.

                  • Another advice is to make some guidelines for teachers/students to be fair in providing the proper information about their academics & contact details. Stay away from fake profiles introduce some method so that profiles could be verified whether they are true or fake. That is really really important. Why ? because if someone needs some teacher and after spending so much time on your website and later finds that the profile of the teacher is fake. He will never return. I hope you understand what i’m saying.


                    • As i told earlier its has a real potential. The foremost thing is to make it reliable resource.. put some efforts/money into it and advertise it.

              • Once teachers are verified, Mention them On top in your website. Teachers with excellent carrier or any educational achievement should be asked to contribute in writing some educational articles for students & mention them on front page every week like every other week new teacher should be mentioned on the front page showing his achievements etc.. i hope you got my ideas.

                • Wooow these are some suggestions! all noted down and would be incorporated in future releases! I really appreciate you taking time out and thinking on the idea.



                  • Also introduce a link for competent Teacher/Student interviews.. Compile a list of Questions and ask them to teachers/students. Start with Ali moin nawazish and ask him to contribute to your website.. There are several other people who you could get in touch quite easily.

  • hello admin,
    have you not taught from teachers? have you this respect for the teachers? have your society and household traditions taught you so? what is meant by USTOOD? shame for you and for what you have taught?

    • Dear m.iqbal khan,

      Thanks for your comments but I guess you overlooked the fact that its “Ustaad” and not “Ustood”. However even if it was Ustood lets build a habit of appreciating our Pakistani brethren on every effort we make in Technology and just not pull legs.



  • Hi Admin;

    I like the concept behind this. In Pakistan we have many websites for the professionals (Job portals) but not much on web for the students and teachers! I appreciate the Idea but I think its important that you market it more! awareness for such an idea to the students is very important as right now conventionally they just go and get enrolled in academies etc! I would Advice you to make it more public and spread the word!

  • This is a good attempt keep it up. but still there is no question from students’ side. i am a teacher but i want to discuss with other teachers about
    English book of inter part 1 and 2.Are these books according to requirements and caliber of an intermediate student.

    • Sure, We are launching a section on the website in upcoming days where teachers can interact with other teachers. Stay tuned !

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