Telenor Pakistan Reaches Out to Flood Affected in Sindh

Mrs Nargis N.D. Khan, Provincial Minister for Social Welfare, Sindh (right) with Anjum Rahman, Director Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Telenor Pakistan.Responding promptly to the devastation caused by the recent floods in Sindh, Telenor Pakistan has announced an amount of Rs. 45 million as immediate relief for the flood-affected people of the province.

Through its implementing partner Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Telenor Pakistan will provide food items and clean drinking water to 10,000 families.

The announcement was made in a meeting here today of Telenor Pakistan and PRCS officials with Mrs. Nargis N.D. Khan, Provincial Minister for Social Welfare, Sindh.

The Sindh Provincial Minister, responding to the announcement, said:

“We appreciate Telenor Pakistan’s quick response to the situation and its offer to provide food items to the flood-affected communities of Sindh.

The Government of Sindh will extend all-out support to Telenor Pakistan and its implementing partner Pakistan Red Crescent Society in distributing the relief items among the affected.”

Anjum Rahman, Director Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Telenor Pakistan in her remarks following the announcement said:

“Telenor Pakistan and its employees are extremely saddened by the situation in the flood-affected areas of Sindh, and we are trying to reach out to help those in need. In an effort to provide immediate relief to those affected, Telenor Pakistan has responded within 24 hours to an appeal for assistance.

We are providing Rs. 45 million worth of food items and clean drinking water to 10,000 families. Pakistan Red Crescent Society, our implementing partner, is ensuring that the food and water are provided to those most in need.”

As a responsible corporate citizen, Telenor Pakistan believes in giving back to communities in which it operates. Last year, Telenor Pakistan donated over Rs. 100 million toward relief and rehabilitation efforts following Pakistan’s worst-ever floods.

    • These private companies are not making money for us(Pakistanis). Its our stupid corrupt Govt duty to help Pakistani Citizens on these crises situation. If these companies are helping on human kind basis then should appreciate them.
      But no I am myself thinking that how can i contribute, as till now i not given a single rupee for my Pakistani brother in that situation.
      You also think that how you can help instead of criticizing to those who are already helping.

    • I agree with build, why not more, the amount of money telenor scams out of us daily why can’t they make a bigger contribution. We need all the help we can get, why limit to 45 ! I think more needs to be dobefrom allk cheating operators

      • I agree with @umer that our gov is deducted more money from the operators,
        Its our Govt duty to help them not these private companies.
        and by the way 45 millions is very handsome amount in the country where our prime minister giving no tax and others all just 5k-30k tax.

      • not agree with @free money. that’s same your some relative doing business and you asked him give you all profit to others. How much he gave to poor’s and flood effective its his kindness.
        I am sorry but our politicians are more rich than these companies even and Pakistani’s. how much they contributed yet..not a single penny :)

        • But you keep on voting them in, private companies are the closest thing we have to real tax we can get, them need to do more, yes the Govt is also responsible but these companies are making hundreds of millionsof the same poor people that are drowning in sindh

          • I read at propakistani that Telenor was highest tax payer last year and won the first price among companies in Tax paying. Usually private companies pay more taxes. for you information


            They are earning the millions but they invested the billions. So, they not force anybody to use their service. Telecom sector in Pak is cheapest most in world. Govt earning from them a lot. In single minute you are paying 21% to Govt, Pay license fee separate, per 100 rupees card 15 rupees to GOVT.

            Now how much Govt is giving back to its poor people?

            • @ mo MONEY…What a suggestion to increase more taxes on corporate sector..MERA BHAI in Pakistan corporate sector in paying more tax rate in the world. Normal was last year 35% but with flood relief ko mila ka 38%. But in UK is 20-25%, india 33%,China 25%,Sweden 26% etc only japan has higher 40% in world.
              You want that there will be no foreign investment in country that how will we pay for our imports.

  • If Telenor thinks we are going to forget the scandal they have in their HR department they have another thing coming !

    • What here is concern about the HR Department Scandal of Telenor?
      Do you have any awareness that what is going on in Sindh affected area to affected people due to rain flood. No help from Govt.
      Go and help them if you can’t contribute via money.

      • Typical diversion tactics, they needed good PR to make up for the scandal ……. But they are doing good also, so I am torn between the agenda and the deed

  • Thanks to Telenor.
    somebody is taking care of our people. F**k this corrupt Govt and politician who are just playing lives of Pakistani’s.

  • This is a great initiative by Telenor Pakistan and we need to salute the great efforts put by Telenor Pakistan at all such harsh times like earthquake of 2005, last year floods and then now these latest floods.

    It’s easy to criticize others but difficult to work like this.

  • Great wonderful working by telenor for for flood victims in the form of 45 million. I appreciate telenor so much. Telenor proves that pakistanies are its part of need. There are many others companies like UFONE. JAZZ. WARID ZONG WHO’S. Are sucking blood of pakistanies in the form of mobile service but they r all do everything for their interest nor than pakistani nation. So thank u so much telenor

  • I think, Foreign Companies work for the people and they also participate to help out on humanitarian basis. Good move by Telenor, others must think atleast about it.

  • It’s easy to criticize others but difficult to work like this.
    WELLDONE TELENOR u r better any other company in pakistan

  • well done Telenor. Once again you lead the way in coming to rescue of poor people. I hope more companies follow suit.

  • gr8 work – even if its small or from anyone

    can anyone share list of Sindh based local ngo’s so that we can contact them and start donating them directly, in areas which are severely affected


  • In my area there are lot of peoples are effected from heavy rain fall in september 2011, in union council Girhore Sharif , taluka Sindhri , district ,Mirpurkhas Sindh Pakistan,they need fertilizer and seed to re-established them and once again stand on there feet.

  • This is all trick by telenor company… they take money out of people pockets by charging high value added taxes and hidden charges and then claim to give it back while truth is that is for publicity only money never leaves the company. I work there and I am witness to all its so called corporate benevolence

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