Ali Raza Mehdi Resigns from Zong

Ali Mehdi, the HR expert of cellular world, who recently joined Zong as Director Human Resources and member of Executive Management Team, has resigned from Zong, we have confirmed with sources in the company.

On other hands, Zong’s PR department isn’t confirming the news. It said that Mr. Mehdi is working as HR head of the company and it isn’t aware of any resignation coming from Mr. Mehdi.

It is said that Mr. Mehdi resigned due to disagreement with with the Chinese CFO and CEO. Ali Mehdi is the third Director HR to have resigned from Zong.

We are yet to have any information about Ali Mehdi’s future, however, we know that he had offers from Warid – prior to joining Zong. Telenor can be another potential stop for him in coming days.

It will not be out of place to mention that Zong is infamous for HR policies and practices. Variance of value for Pakistani and Chinese management is notable there. Moreover, the COO slot which became vacant after Mr. Zafar Usmani left is yet to be filled.

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  • Telenor is the next stop, time to move, a real professional is coming.

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  • Great person he is Really a brand name in HR market no match in the current market. If he joins Warid than Warid employees will be most lucky one

    • yeah right!

      had TP been that intelligent they wouldnt have said no to him when yuan teddy prefered the current vp hr

        • But Aamir was running the show even when yuan teddy was CEO and hiring Nayab’s replacement.

          The current VP HR is not going anywhere. Why would AI get some one senior and professionally stronger to spoil his game plan?

          Think rationally!

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