PTCL Reports Lower Profit

PTCL today announced it’s financial results and said that company’s net profit for year 2010-11 remained Rs. 7.43 billion – 20 percent lower than Rs. 9.15 billion during the same period previous year.

Earning per share (EPS) of the group was Rs. 1.65 of which EPS for PTCL was Rs. 1.46. No dividend was announced as PTCL had already declared an interim cash dividend of Rs. 1.75 per share during Q3 2010-11, the press release said.

PTCL’s reported three percent YoY declined in revenues to stand at Rs 55.25 billion compared with Rs. 57 billion in same period last year, primarily due to decline in landline subscription base.

Operating costs on the other hand rose by 9 percent YoY to Rs 41.8 billion – due to increasing cost for salaries. In addition company pursued an aggressive advertising campaign, selling and marketing expenses rose too by 6 percent YoY.

Other income during FY11 increased by 53 percent to Rs 7.8 billion as compared to Rs 5.1 billion in FY10 primarily on account of higher returns from bank placements and better dividend from Ufone.

Despite increasing product portfolio PTCL is continuously struggling with profits since it was privatized in 2005, amid declining margins and tough competition from cellular companies and internal managerial conflicts.

  • It is predictable …
    and surely the profit will fall next year much more then before because they put a bandwidth limit on their pakages,i m not offended much by their bandwidth capped may be it was due to the pta pressure or related to that but i m extremely offended because they didnt inform their customers about bandwidth capped,they didnt publictize it … i come to know about this through website (but i was late) and later i confirmed this from 1218 and 080080800 surely i have exceeded my limit and extra 1000 rs will come in my bill.i m being looted by ptcl.and it is not enough when i call them to downgrade my pakage to 2 mb they said u cant downgrade due to your previous pending request of wifi modem, it was 3 months ago when i requested and till today my request is not fulfilled and due to this i cannot request them more about any thing,God knows when my previous request will fulfilled and then when i will request them to downgrade,i will be looted for sure but it is not going happen i will not pay my bill and become defaulter. and then i will switch to another service because i will not pay for what they billed me without informing and without publicity,it is not different then thieving.Surely they have billed as i of many customers many will not pay as i will.May ALLAH helps ptcl in improving because “P” is with “TCL”.

  • In my opinion results are not very impressive. If we review the financial results of past 4 years, Revenues as well as net profit after tax is going down.

    Currently the net profit after tax is Rs.7.43 million but the other income of PTCL is Rs.7.8 million, it means PTCL is actually in losses. Other income is uncertain; it may or may not be in next financial year. If there is an increase of 53% in this financial year then it might be some bogus figures by increasing receivables to recognize other income. I shall review the financials in detail because currently i dont have copy of current results.

    I am still unable to understand by Government of Pakistan (GOP) is not interfering because the performance is not so good. Etisalat didn’t pay the installment to GOP and the ASSET of PAKISTAN is now in LOSSES. Everyone knows that PTCL is a big and one and only company which are providing all type of telecommunication services in Pakistan and just because of, we can say, BAD MANAGEMENT and POOR PLANNING this company is going down and down and down……………..

  • Ummmmaaaa, I am so happy to know that a greedy monopolizer is sad and sinking down. Its writing on the wall to blow away for a company with values like PTCL. They are so insensitive and unprofessional. They restored my internet today after a drop downed state of 23 days.

    I am sure they will send me a full month bill. But do they know!,, I have already decided not to pay even a single penny! Even I would not return their modem, so as to take my revenge, and punish, for what they did to me. I called their help line almost 50 times, contacted local exchange (Abbottabad) almost 20 times. Yet they neither told me nor visited me to let me know that what the hell was problem with my connection. Never mind, its their time to suffer now. I would add my share to further pull down their profit for next quarter.

    I ll milk them for as long as possible and then ll become a happy defaulter.

  • All these because of Mismanagement of Higher authorities and cruel policies of HR towards employees, Also the published report seem to be fake.

  • It is a great mistake to privatize PTCL . It was a great earning organization for Pakistan. Last year Pension plus salary increased by Govt. by 15%+ 50%. PTCL given only 8% and 30%. This year Salary plus pension increased 15%. So far no pension increased. All PTCL pensioners’ have been appointed at the time of T&T Department. It is a great cheating with pensioners by Etisalat. Regards. barkatali

  • Well:

    After reading few posts, I decided to write about PTCL broadband great service which was great in start. And now it’s just a crap. i have a 4 mb connection in my office, 4 months ago i started getting probs on my 4mb dsl, and each time I complained, result was nothing but a kid visit who dont even know the IP classes and network protocols, finally I diagnose my problem and yelled about it on ptcl representatives and after few checks they agreed that my 4mb connection is actually assigned as 1mb connection which means, im paying the PTCL DUMB *$$ department a 4mb price and was getting 1mb.

    now its been more than 7 months because my problem started when KALMA CHOK over head construction started. and still im getting same problem, my broadband give me max download speed 60 to 70 kb around the clock which is below 1mb link. and those freaks who sitting behind 1218 got nothing to say, just same typical lines in simple words, (ratti rattai lines jis k ilawa unhay koi dusri baat nahi ati) each time a representative came to check my setting, just do nothing and finally leave with one statement, sir hum khud bohat tang hain complains k baray may, problem PIE net ki taraf say hai, koi bhi aap ko nahi bataye ga but ye problem filhal solve nahi ho sakti.
    These PTCL guys they deserve a shot,

    one year ago i was recommending people to use ptcl broadband, and now I recommend them, use whatever service you want to use but never ever use PTCL stupid services. And trust me next year this profit will become loss.

    call 1218 and you will see no body is gonna pick your call before 7 Minutes, this is another draw back to play with user emotions which is really annoying so finally every one just want to through away ptcl zte modems.

  • PTCL is a sinking ship since privatized by our SIKHS in 2005. Arab Buddoos are looting PTCL since taking over and taking million of Dollars to Duabi in thier bags on daily basis. Local Pakistani Management like Mazhar, Nasruulah and other non-professional staff with Arab Buddoos have only one assignment to terminate those senior/ junior staff who have give blood to PTCL in last 60 years making it a profitable organization and our SIKHS like Musharraf, Shukat Aziz, Hafiz Sheikh etc have sold it in installment to Arab Buddos making their commission and ran way.

    Writing is on the wall. The profit will come down furthur as these robbers from UAE are looting and taking dollars to Dubai on daily basis.

  • PTCL’ land line billing is also a disaster. They advertise new packages for new connections packages to lure and trap new customers and extra lines for customers. Their billing system is a disaster. The customer has to move around between exchanges to revenue offices and offices of officials. Charges not accounted for are billed and Customer is advised to simply pay without any argument.Fines and panalties are added every month by percentages. At times, staff in revcenue offices agree that charges are extra without any reason and not applicable but they ask Customer to go to other offices.
    Who is responsible for this, line men, exchange staff or is it a policy of PTCL to fleece innocent Customers to make profits? Is PTA sleeping? They should have complaint cells.

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