wi-tribe to Give Away 3 iPads


Customer retention practices amongst the WiMAX operators are on the rise. This spree keep them brining promotions almost every month now.

wi-tribe today announced that it will give away 3 iPads, iPad 2s to be exact, to those customers will pay their outstanding bill before September 15th.

Three winners will be selected through a lucky draw.

Quite tempting offer, one must admit, by just paying the due bill at time.

  • Annonymous

    Dear Concerned,

    The chances of winning are close to impossible, with 3 devices and 5 cities … plus 100k customers competing for 3 devices … I am sure you people can do much better ! :)

    Besides try coming up with an offer which benefits every user such as Q’B’ ….

    your well wisher

  • waqas

    you know why witribe and Qubee is giving offers. Only because of Wateen relaunch.
    But i am sure they are not going to match Wateen

    • Annonymous

      this is because they are not getting any payments :) it is simple these two companies can not make their customers pay their monthly dues … :D

      and then they come up with childish offers to baffle customers :( sad real sad !

  • Waqar Qasim

    lol … been getting so many SMS for bill reminders …. plus calls from their teams … real desperate for payments

    everyone try not paying and these wi-tribe people will give waivers … that is the trend … try it if you all dont believe me

    waivers can be in the form of GBs or bill discount or anything

    • Shahid Saleem

      Um so obvious question: if you use the service, why don’t you pay for it???

      • Waqar Qasim

        Only if you get the promised parameters and not excuses on contacting one of tribe’s touch points :)

        we do it for every other service that we avail then obviously y will we not pay for our internet service :)

      • Zeeshan

        Um … because I have shifted to Evo Wi-Fi Cloud! :)
        Simply because Its better.

        • Kamran

          So did I
          EVO is too good for words



  • Waqas Ahmad

    Good idea Waqar but i am wondering even Witribe or other companies came up with these kind of offeres,

    Do real customers get these kind of prizes or these companies just show these prizes and dnt give to anyone.

  • Well can we know the names and pictures of the people, who were handed these I Phones too….

  • Naila

    Before 15 september, no one can display the winners chart

  • ali

    wi-tribe has only the aim to recover the monthly dues from it’s customers. They send many reminders to pay bill before 15th. In early days it’s service was definitely good but not now. Only three i-pads for the whole nation. quite amazing :(