Microsoft Pakistan Opens the Door to the Biggest IT Event of the Year

Microsoft Pakistan in its spirit of bringing the entire Microsoft eco system together once again organized the biggest IT event of the year, Microsoft Open Door, on Tuesday 20th September at Karachi Expo Centre.

The 3-day event brought together developers, IT professionals, business decision makers, partners, industry stake holders and the academia. The entire Microsoft Pakistan team as well as Microsoft Business Leaders from MEA (Middleeast & Africa) were present at the event.

The rich and new-technology laden event was an interactive and enriching experience for thousands of attendees including 2500 IT professionals and experts who participated from all over the country.

Microsoft, alongside its strategic partner, ITCN seized the opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in the industry ranging from mobile solutions, business applications. Microsoft and its partners organized a series of live demos and presentations for experts and early adopters highlighting the company’s “cloud computing” strategy, products and solutions for business and consumers.

It explained how to step into the private cloud and be able to control and manage your IT across physical and virtual server environments, by leveraging your existing IT investments and skills.

With the world getting closer together through the increase in collaboration via mobile phones, PCs and laptops, cloud computing has further eased the process by focusing on delivering software, computing power and services to online users using a variety of devices. “The cloud computing is all about technology connecting people and technology anywhere via use of powerful and interconnected devices” stated Kamal Ahmed, Microsoft Country Manager. “It doesn’t matter what PC, phone or browser you use, Microsoft is focused on producing the best productivity experience.”

This has been a great opportunity for both IT and IT enabled sectors of Pakistan to connect with the user community, as well as advance Pakistan’s prominence on the world ICT Map which will increase the levels of local and foreign investments in Pakistan with regards to technology.” Sultan Hamdani, CEO, Maison Consulting added.

We are deeply convinced that information technology has a huge role to play in successful enterprises and that the impact that most companies in Pakistan are getting out of their technology initiatives is far below potential. Microsoft Business Solutions has understood this need and demonstrated how existing IT investment and skills can be utilized by firms to respond to this growing need.” said Hashim Zulfiqar, CEO Mantaq Systems.

Conclusively, this event has given the chance to the user community to increase their knowledge, advance their skills and meet local and international Microsoft and IT experts.

  • Why these kind of events don’t take place here in Islamabad, we need such activities here as well. Islamabad/Rawalpindi have its own IT industry, people here will appropriate if such event also come here in Islamabad.

  • Yar , when is Microsoft events going to come in lahore ?!? its really upsetting that there are many tech enthusiasts who want to attend such events from lahore, but alas big tech events are not organized in lahore

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