Mobilink Showcased Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Meetab

Mobilink organized a meetup for the bloggers in Islamabad to preview the new Samsung Galax 10.1 called the ‘Meetab’

The Meetab, attended by over 50 bloggers from Islamabad, was a fun-packed social gathering with interesting talks on the impact of social media, the new jazz bananas and features of the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab, the first ever dual-core smart tablet to hit Pakistan.

The bloggers also took part in various activities such as a quiz, a space invaders game and the most interesting of all – The Tweetathon.

The Tweetathon was an activity where bloggers had to generate maximum number of mentions with the hashtag #Meetab in a limited frame of time. Pakistani twittersphere was soon flooded with #Meetab hashtag, which of coursed offended some users.

Eventually Ehtisham Khan won the Tweetathon by generating over 200+ tweets and won the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab.

Mobilink affirms that it will continue the tradition of having various blogger meetups around various parts of Pakistan in the future too.


  • LOL 200 tweets :P and a galaxy tab i missed that chance. If there any tweet Olympic then invite me i will show u how to generate tweets :D

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