Open Letter From Mobilink Franchisees to VP Sales

With tightening competition, we understand, franchises of cellular companies are bearing the pressure inserted by top management. However, at times, in order to make the balance sheets look pretty – this pressure leads to unjust practices.

We know that franchises of almost all the cellular companies aren’t happy with their management, Telenor franchises, in fact, have dragged the company into court for alleged misconduct.

In connection to Mobilink, we received following open letter, written by Mobilink franchises from Multan (central three region) to Mr. Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Sales at Mobilink.

Letter details alleged irregularities at managerial level, causing damages to franchises. We have confirmed with at least three franchises in Multan region about the letter – and they confirmed that some anonymous franchisee sent out this letter.

We are presenting the letter as it is, however, we have omitted certain parts from the letter for reasons we deem necessary.



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