Open Letter From Mobilink Franchisees to VP Sales

With tightening competition, we understand, franchises of cellular companies are bearing the pressure inserted by top management. However, at times, in order to make the balance sheets look pretty – this pressure leads to unjust practices.

We know that franchises of almost all the cellular companies aren’t happy with their management, Telenor franchises, in fact, have dragged the company into court for alleged misconduct.

In connection to Mobilink, we received following open letter, written by Mobilink franchises from Multan (central three region) to Mr. Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Sales at Mobilink.

Letter details alleged irregularities at managerial level, causing damages to franchises. We have confirmed with at least three franchises in Multan region about the letter – and they confirmed that some anonymous franchisee sent out this letter.

We are presenting the letter as it is, however, we have omitted certain parts from the letter for reasons we deem necessary.



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  • Mobilink service is getting bad day ba day,
    and when we call to Customer service or visit its franchises they seems to be a govt officers,
    even some time they are so rude to customer that customer compelled to MNP their SIMS.

  • I know about the Bahawalpur Franchise and he is saying absolutely right.

    Mobilink k franchisee k sath bohat bura salook hota hai or target pora karwany k liye in k sath bohat bura salook hota hai….

    • Not a laugh at all..
      It just points out the reality behind the wall.
      and it happens in almost all the telecom companies…

  • Every open letter comes from Multan & in same language structure… I think Multanis have found a good urdu writer & have a made permanent contract with him :P

  • its real story and lot of such issues are thrown in dustbins due to these iben ul waqat employees. if these r fired company can save a lot of money and can work more smothly towerds sustained growth instead of these sigzag graphs to justify the reason they sit in these companies.


  • Dear All, It is a Bull Ship System… there is no respect of Investor/business partner… All time pressures and pressures. You are very lucky that you left the fleet and doing something else.. Lot of in the investment you was working with Telenor, you may run your own business without any routine pressure and can get more then Telenor’s earning…

    TSSs are always use words that Dhansooo… and some words that Yeah ho Jayega, Yeah honaywala ha< woh ho jayega woh honay wala ha… Profits ki baat karo tou company New products more profit k liye add karti ha… but kia us product ma investment add nae karti?

    Ajeeb sa pagal bnaya hua ha… All know the example of lizard… Niglo tou marro, or Nikalo tou marro…. They always blackmail us, agar plan ho jaan churany ka tou 550000 security and liquid assets u have only…. other investments are Dead….. HSSE ki policies ma franchisee ki kahin koi Care nae… He is an Investor Donckey and is is of special kind because they feel that franchisee has no family no Belly….

  • WOW.. Mind Blowing Story goin on here… i thought only the END User is payin the price. Jus realized from comments & OPEN LETTER even franchisees are havin worst.

    Its better to put a “Puri Halwa & Smosa Shop” than to be a brand franchisee.

  • Dont think these franchisee are angles ….. I know personally many of these YELLOW HIGHLITED names as well as Franchise owners … ISS TIME FRANCHISE KU KHANAI KU KAM MIL RAHA HAI, DATS Y THEY ARE COMPLAINING …..
    dONT FORGET YAHI FRANCHISE HAIN, JINHU NAI voter pe Sims activate ki thee….. 1 cnic pai 50/100 sims yahi loug active kertai thai … bottomline is jesa kero gai, wesa bhro gai …..
    mobilink has been sold to VIMPELCOM ab new management o january 2010 mai takeover se pahle kuch tu profit sow kerna hai in bewakoofoun ne

  • hamain be Vp sale aur president se ye request ha,ke jamil khan RM N2 ko is uhde se hataya jaye,
    jab tak ye mobilink me rahe ga,company barbad se barbad hogi.

  • Boundle of thanks dear main abhi frenchise lyne ka soch raha tha mobilink ki… shame on you moblink employe

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