PTA Issues SMS Based Perception Survey Results for Celcos

Like we reported before, PTA earlier in September/October 2011 had launched this SMS based consumer perception survey for cellular companies to measure consumer’s perception about services of five mobile phone operators.

PTA is issuing the results for the said survey tomorrow morning through full page supplements (paid textual content that is published in papers; usually at the end). But we are going to bring you those results before time, thanks to a generous tip from a source who obviously wanted us not to name him.

According to details that we do have, this survey system was designed in a way that it could randomly send SMS to mobile phone users to invite them to participate in the survey by replying the SMS with score ranging from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) as per his/her perception about his/her respective mobile operator.

Without mentioning the number of responses or the demographics of participants, PTA in it’s results has said that Mobilink was ranked as excellent by 30 percent users, while Warid was termed as excellent by 29 percent of it’s customers. 22.5 percent customers of Telenor marked it as excellent. Zong managed to get 20 percent votes for excellent rating while Ufone could convince 16 percent customers to rate it as excellent service.

On other hands for poor service rating Zong topped with 44 percent votes, Ufone stood at 42.5 percent, Telenor at 40 percent, Mobilink at 26 percent and Warid at 25 percent.

PTA didn’t rank the companies comparatively but just mentioned the feedback in percentages.

Check below graph to have a detailed look at customers’ feedback for all five operators:


In addition to SMS survey results, PTA will also highlighted some other survey results (from past) in the supplement – but we aren’t discussing them here (just because we have already covered those in the past), but you can get full version of supplement below including messages from PTA top officials.

On a side note, after going through all the content, this supplement didn’t make much sense to me, just because this is a usual (valuable though) news information that papers should have published without such an arrangement. But again, printing a news against cellular companies is like axing your publishing business. I will write on this some other time.

You can go ahead with the supplement for now:


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  • When Zong is lowering their SMS packages rate, they are very expensive.

    This survey by PTA is showing true results. Ufone and Zong must improve their standards.

  • Although I believe the results have been shared honestly by PTA, one thing that I cannot believe however is that the correct methodology was used for doing this survey. Simply put, how can you compare the survey of an opco with 10 mil customers with a opco with 33 mil cusotmers. Was any curving done to marginalise the results?

    Also what areas or demographics were used? How many customers of each opco were surveyed? I mean you cannot base perception of 25 million by surveying 2500 people of one particular area..

  • So clear result is that Warid is the best operator in PK.
    Again Warid topped the quality chart. Hats off for Warid

    • Wrong conclusion. The result is that Warid users THINK that Warid is the best operator.

      And since you cannot obviously read, it says Mobilink topped the quality chart. Telenor is highest for SMS service reliablity and Mobilink is fastest for SMS delivery. Call completion, call connection time: both Mobilink.

      • Wrong conclusion. Maybe you should read between the lines. Mobilink subscribers also THINK their network is the best. Please take consumer feedback positively.

        This rating clearly defines how users perceive their service quality. Overall percentage of satisfied users is highest for Warid.

  • This is result of compromising quality all the time. And this is answer of your marketing compaign. A company cannot be elevated by marketing only. It depends what it is giving to its customers and internal customers (employees). Dissatisfied employees would yield least like this !!!!

  • I totally agree with report , Zong has worst coverage in all and Ufone has always signals problems in my area.Telenor has very Good signal strength and warid is good too, but they all need to full fill the demands and expectation of general public and bring some latest technology and try to if not compete with Americas at least bring technology before it gets obsolete.Mobile networks are competing for money not to facilitate the public fully,Coming with lame packages all the time . There shouldn’t be more than 2 or 3 packages in every category(SmS,Call,Internet etc) .A lot to say but who listens and cares.

  • I also think that PTA is representing the true results as per as rules. But there is a problem that PTA should be strict in taking action against fake callers that caught any villager by saying that you won a lottery of 5Lac etc. Its thinking point for all of us especially for PTA. Please take strict action against.

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