Punjab Bans Mobile Phones in Schools / Colleges

cheating_student_mobile_phonePunjab Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution banning the use of mobile phones in schools and colleges, which may result into a blanket ban of mobile phone devices in campuses throughout the province.

The resolution was moved by Raheela Khadim Hussain, a PML-N MPA from Lahore, and was passed unanimously in the House.

Provincial Assembly pressed Punjab Government to restrict girls and boys from using mobile phones in their schools and colleges.

Raheela Khadim Hussain maintained mobile phone is a necessity but students remain busy in texting their friends during classes and hence don’t concentrate on their studies.

Raheela Hussain told the house that there is already a law in the country regarding the ban of mobile phones in educational institutes, which is not being implemented. She said that she moved the bill to make sure that already available law is implemented at least in province of Punjab.

Students, especially in urban areas, largely use mobile phones and are often found utilizing SMS and hourly call packages.

It is unclear so far when this directive will be issued to educational institutes of the province. We are yet to ascertain the penalties, if any, for violation of this ban.

A mixed reaction is expected from portents while students will evidently protest the decision.

It maybe recalled that for the better future of youth, Punjab and KPK Assemblies had demanded federal government to ban night packages, which federal government never listened to.

  • MoMoo

    Very Good Step.

    i appreciate it.

    • Students Representative

      this will do no good…..this will only make students more desperate for the use of mobile!!!! think as a student!

    • naveed khan

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  • A for Apple

    About time! good step!

    • Students Representative

      think as a student!

      • MoMoo

        think as sensible……………

      • A for Apple

        I am not really sure what do you mean by “think as a student”, If I start thinking like one, I have to focus on my studies, dont have to skip classes, try to attain good grades and build exposure/experience … let me see what else, oh yes! I need cell phone to call…. let me see…. uh… still thinking like a student….. let me get back to you.

        • SR

          think about this…..how will u contact your parent or driver after the school is dismissed?

  • There should be a strict Ban in Carrying Mobile Phones by students in Schools !! A good step indeed!!

    • Students Representative

      banning cell phones will not make us Albert Einstein or Newton!!!!! think as a student!

  • AsadGhumman

    Very good step

    • Students Representative

      give me one reason why?

      “think as a student!”

      • Yasmeen(student)

        Ku k ap log class ma beth kar apni ami jan ko sms jo karte ho Acha kiya jo School / Collage ma mobile phone par pabandi laga di.

        • MoMoo

          Chappair to Student Representative

          • Lala Musa

            Another Chappair. Hun Araam ee?

        • SR

          this will only make matter worse!

  • Pakiii

    a lot will depend on parents and school administration for implementation of law, also there should be some awareness abt new law via media

  • Why

    Get a life, they have nothing better to do. They should focus on bigger issues for now, gas, security, power, unemployment etc.

    • Davis

      Very true!

  • just students ? not other staff ?

  • netizen

    the main concern should be to educate the students to respect the boundaries of institutions rather than banning such tools of communication.. we should learn the ethics of using these gadgets.. a ban in exams is somewhat understandable…

  • this step was needed since long ago but its good that anyone has paid attention to it

  • Copper

    Can’t ban any communication device nowadays. Who will impose that?

    • MoMoo

      Mobile Jammers……….. dont’ think that knowledge has ended up to you.

  • thats a good article. .

    mobile phone must be banned in all the school and colleges in pakistan
    in order to maintain good level of studies
    and to divert concentration of students in studies

  • its a very good step ..
    pak govt should stop mobile use in pakistan

    • Students representative

      think as a student …..! wat would they say abt it….

  • Davis

    What our country is going through right now needs to be concentrated on rather than such stupid passing of bills. I, myself am a student and I feel such a thing varies from person to person. If not texting, then something else shall distract ones attention. What has to happen will happen, in one way or the other.
    These politicians should get their selves to other, rather more important issues of saving their nation and sparing them from all the hardships they’re going through right now. May Allah show them the right paths and get them to buy a fresh pair of brain!

  • Thanks Allah. Very good move.

    Also ban hourly,unlimited calls packages as every third youth can be found wasting time on phone while looking for girl/boy friend and making wrong number calls to disturb others.

    • Students Representative

      banning will not make it any better but make it worse….! think as a student!!!!!!

      • Vicky

        @Students Representative:
        I’m a student….and I say VERY GOOD STEP !!!

        • SR

          @Vicky ….u r student of?

          • Vicky

            Electronics Engineering

      • As a student yeah it will make sad for first few days and contact problems with family etc. But see, students playing with phones in class, giving numbers to females, cutting classes and wasting time talking to girls at phone for hours etc. when there is phone in student pocket he always thinks “When teacher will go out and I start reading texts”

        • SR

          cutting class…in my school u cant miss a class without being informed to ur parent n a fine of 200 per miss!
          how can u talk to girls for hours if we only hv a break of 30 minutes!
          we give female number…..well no offense but we can do this activity at home too.
          taking phones will make us more desperate …”when will this damn school will end n i will read my text”
          it seems u r putting blame on boys only!!!! think about it sir!

          • Ahsan

            taking phones will make us more desperate …”when will this damn school will end n i will read my text”

            just for the first few days.
            then you will get used to it :)

        • Vicky

          Vicky agrees with Sacha Kaka !

  • Surely a great step taken by the Government of Punjab against the illegal use of mobile phones for passing several examinations.

  • Sialkoteez

    Great step. Govt should ban night packages and sms packages. Increase sms prices as well. So young generation could take some breath.
    Annoying forward messages and reply must msgs, etc etc.

    • Students Representative

      if u r tired of forward msgs than ask ur friends to stop sending u …..n dont read forward msgs…!
      think better n think as a student!!!!!

  • Sumair

    oh thank God only in schools and colleges, not universities!!! :D

  • Zafar

    get a life man we are living in 21 century.

  • Moz

    This ban ain’t gonna work, as with any other ban. Pakistanis are obsessed with banning things leaving no room for people to breath.

  • Shaan

    Shame on this government, they don’t have time and courage to solve the basic problems like inflation, corruption, jobs etc. Instead they come up with such a stupid banning ideas to make new generation’s life more miserable. Now its time to show them the real power and throw them from their power at once.

    • MoMoo

      you are right the govt. should allow cocain, alcohal, champaign etc. becoz that will help us to attain our goals, only putting the ban couldn’t help this out.

  • Student

    I am also a student ….and …in my point of view its very very good step…for the student future..i can live without a cell phone…i can study without cell phone very well…i appreciate this step from Punjab Government…!!!

  • MA

    This is a good step but i also agree with Shaan that Government, punjab or federal, should start thing about to control the basic problems of the people of Pakistan.

    People of Pakistan is also responsible of these issues because we are selfish. We never think about the growth of Pakistan. Why students need mobile phone for chat etc. Mobile operators are generating the revenues at the cost of basic tradiion of Pakistan and Islam by giving night package, free sms etc. Think like are responsible citizen of this Country. Thing what is your direct contibution for positive grown of PAKISTAN.

  • insight

    Good step indeed. This step should have been taken quite time back. I am a student and fully support this ban.

  • Lala Musa

    They should also ban it to use by on-duty traffic wardens… just Sayin!

  • raza

    this is bad step
    Mobile phone is basic necessity it depend on people who use it as bad or good

  • Raheel

    Next step will be to take away toys from babies

  • Saqi

    Absolute ban is a great step. People who are against made mobile as part of their diet which is absolutely ridiculous. why you need mobile in class. Songs, facebook, sms that’s you come to school for. Schools should fine.

  • www.facebook.com/Zafar24

    old thinking. People cannot stop using cell phone because of some small minded peoples. Again this is 21 century. World is going fast but We Pakistani are slow. Just reading islamic stories.

  • Tariq

    Stupid policies come from stupid people … only.

  • Usman

    Sounds great. good step