oDesk Partially Inaccessible in Pakistan

We know that broadband service providers in Pakistan were asked to ban adult websites, and it is since then we have seen tons of website getting on the block list. However, the problem is that some of websites hitting the block list include those which are not adult and are instead legitimate and productive websites.

oDesk.com, a global marketplace for freelancers and where Pakistani freelancers are among the top contributors, is reportedly inaccessible on selected ISPs in Pakistan.

Here are two posts on oDesk fan page on Facebook where users from Pakistan are complaining for not able to connected with oDesk.com:

  • https://www.facebook.com/odesk/posts/10150569652034334
  • https://www.facebook.com/odesk/posts/10150570209039334

It appears that issue is with PTCL only, but upon contact they confirmed me that oDesk is not on the block list. However, if there is any accessibility issue then it will be addressed.


Just to add, oDesk is one example, there are other websites such as MGID (traffic exchange network), Pastebin and other major websites which have remained inaccessible in Pakistan.

PTA Should Maintain a Ban List 

We have always advocated the ban on inappropriate websites, however, the procedures for banning them need to be bettered. PTA probably needs to maintain an online list of websites it has ordered ISPs to ban/block, where it should also mention the reason for ban.

I am sure not all websites are banned under the head of pornography.

List should allow users to tip authority on banning those websites which they consider adult, or otherwise it should also allow users to report for those websites which are banned but they shouldn’t, just as in case of oDesk.

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  • I can confirm odesk is not accessible using PTCL evo.
    I just accessed it using my ISP and then my US proxy .. it worked with US proxy

  • this was the fear of people who where against the censorship to begin with. I will not be surprised when these telco will start blocking other sites as well

  • i think it must a very good job at pta headquarter watching porn all day then blocking it and taking regular breaks for prayers during all process

    • Because it has the “tube” in its name? Someone over there saw “tube” and thought this should be porn related, lets block it…..done. Yahooooo!!!

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