Pakistan Blocked 13,000 Adult Websites: Official

PTA ban adult websitesGovernment of Pakistan has blocked the access to around or over 13,000 websites in the country which were of obscene or adult in nature, reported Express Tribune citing parliamentary Secretary for Information Technology, Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan.

Paper said that parliamentary secretary said this while responding to a calling attention notice in National Assembly.

It merits mentioning here that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had ordered Pakistani internet service providers to block a list of websites – without revealing the total count of to be blocked websites – which it thought were of obscene in nature.

This order is largely considered as a result of hacking attempts on PTA and supreme court of Pakistan websites, just a week before PTA’s determination; hacker had demanded ban on adult sites in Pakistan.

Calling attention notice asked government about the obscene websites and how it is going to tackle such material which is easily available on the internet.

“It is a serious issue and we are trying to address it,” said the IT parliamentary secretary, adding that the government was mindful of the situation.

Expressing concern over the rapid increase in obscene websites, IT parliamentary secretary proposed the formation of a Ministerial Committee and a sub-committee to look into the matter.

“At present the government has no mechanism to block all of these websites and are trying to devise a mechanism, however, we take action on complaints”, secretary noted.

He quoted the example of China and India who have installed a costly Automated Filtration System, which could also block anti-government websites, but clarified that that this system, if installed, would still be unable to block all obscene websites.

Via Express Tribune

  • great

  • shakeel

    yarr asa ni ho skta k awam ko bhi iss main shamil kia jaye ta k jo website opan nazar aye oss ki nishan dahi kar k foran block karwa dy jai

    • MA

      I agree with Shakil, its a good option. I think we should send this massage to PTA as well.

      • shen

        means we have to search and watch adult websites for this:D lolz… not a good idea!

        • But Sahab

          I always open tube site which i browse ofter, no blockage for that one. thanks ptcl to exclude my Fav site from the list.

  • Ali

    Its good to hear, such steps will definitely contribute positively!

  • Khan

    appreciated. If I am not wrong PTA has also blocked proxy website.

    • shen

      no they didnt.

      • UmeRonaldo

        yes the didnt

  • Great work. In islamic state it is necessary to block this type of adult websites. If u need education news plz chk link

  • Xahid

    Good to hear that, but I am not sure if they really implement it or not !
    as I earlier mentioned, they need to block p2p network too, most of the Porn data is shifted to p2p network ie torrents, and they don’t need to order the ISP’s to block, they can just use the filtration method at Pi gateway !

  • Muhammad BASIT

    Dear …. ! Esi Wabsite kabhi nahin band ho skti …. Bcoz boht C proxy wali wabsite se har site open ho jati hai or hotspot se to koi site block nahin rahti har site open ho ja ti hai

  • khan

    ohh good for children but not for adult

  • UzEE

    This is exactly what I was afraid of. Where is the list of all the websites which were blocked? There is absolutely no transparency in the process.

    We have blindly given our governments right to block anything they want without any accountability whatsoever. They’ll just say it was obscene or something.

  • Hamid

    Nothing is blocked on wi-tribe. However, sites are blocked on PTCL.

    • MoMoo


      ha ha ha

    • umair

      sites are blocked on worldcall too good step

  • darkstar

    PTA has already blocked and which do not host Adult Content and now you are asking them to block p2p network I do not know for what purposes you use p2p network but I get most of e-books and Video training from them, by blocking them they are also banning Educational Material

    • Bilal Hashim

      filestube has a video section where adult content is available…thats why they’ve blocked it.

  • Billabadmash

    I read couple of comments regarding blocking issue and people say there is no use we can open any site using different techniques , Yea they can, but this step is not for the people who are so desperate to see that sh*t. Its to prevent an amateur mind who can be the victim if provided the stuff easily so this step is real good and there should be more sites which are still not added to the list but the process is good should keep the sh*t banned.

  • Researcher

    well all the porn sites are easily accesible on mobile internet. Means to say a person can watch all the material via gprs browsing. What about this?

  • Ashraf

    Bhai kuch bund nai hoa abhi sub sites open hai aur pakistan mai kuch bhi bund nai hosakta

  • Hassan

    it is gud but they should ban sites like in uae or sudia they also have blocked the methods of ip hide!!!

  • Boht Acha Kiya hai WellDone :)

  • Jamal

    duniya ray duniya very good very good pta aur is ban ko support karnay waalay very bad very bad :)

  • Moz

    Hey PTA, how about we ban cars, to avoid accidents? How about we actually ban humans, because they do horrible things? Lets ban everything that exists, that way no harm will be done. In Pakistan, people are so horney, so pathetic, so sexually starved, and this way we will solve the problem. Believe me, the moment you start censoring and banning things, you actually begin the destruction of that industry.

  • John Smith

    Oh yeah, jitne ziada pedophiles aur rapists utne ache.

    • There is nothing to back this claim of yours. Just look at the number or rapes in Pakistan before and after the proliferation of internet+cable, statistics show exponential increase. That excuse that rapists/pedophiles are limited by watching porn is ridiculous one.

      Read statistics of USA and UK, when 12 to 16 year olds are doing gang rapes then your eyes will open up! Porn has destroyed their societies and it will destroy our too.

      • Bilal Hashim

        true true.

      • Shahid Saleem

        — Just look at the number or rapes in Pakistan before and after the proliferation of internet+cable, statistics show exponential increase.

        WHAT STATISTICS? I don’t believe one word you say until you produce link to government’s statistics.

        The funny thing is our government does a terrible job of registring rape cases. It is and HAS ALWAYS BEEN an underreported crime.

        • clone

          so if ppl will jerk off they will not have the energy to possibly rape someone..?is that what you are saying?if you wanna change something first change yourself,stop blaming others and do something about it except preaching and doing nothing.jaisi awaam wesa hukmaraan!it’s in our religion…

  • Filestube

    Why have they blocked filestube which is just a file sharing website?!

  • bilal

    Every thing can be opened using lot of proxy servers..
    just to mention the fact.. not to support such sites…

    • proxy servers aren’t that fast to stream videos :p

  • Sabeena Kiran

    Oh nooooooo…. we used to watch porn during lecture in class… PTCL you’re so bad…. i hate youuuuuu.

    • zia

      do practical

  • great job

  • Greak work.My opinion is that “Please Block all Adult website on Internet in Pakistan”.

  • Hamid

    Everything is still open on Wi-Tribe —

  • why the hell they are blocking other websiteS? and filestube :S

    • Bilal Hashim

      filestube has a video section with adult content also available…thats why they’ve blocked it.

  • guas

    they are out of bandwidth .. that y they are blocking websites .. well this is good step .. but there are lot of alternatives to open these sites easily ..

  • Perfect!

  • Great news

  • Mr. thrkii

    callgirls ki demand barh jaye gi :D

  • Excuse me

    I am very glad but there is many more website which is still open.

  • Athar

    There were people who never visited those sites while they were open; there are people who still strive to see those sites even they are blocked. This means, problem is not blocking or unblocking, its our inner side and our ‘self’ which is good or bad…

  • they should have done long ago… but i don’t understand why they blocked ?

  • muneeb

    to late for us . but very good effort for our next generations . atleast they get healthy invirnment

  • Asim

    well,yai websites kholi ja sakti hain but experts can do that ,i think the intention behind this was that teenagers or o common man couldnt watch this .and i agree bohat si website ab bhi open hain i think tube based sites band hain but images are still on .

  • Arslan

    They should also ban Internet in Pakistan.

  • this is a adult website
    please block this website

  • This is bullshit, they’re blocking whatever website they want, they’ve blocked numerous hacking websites and even various educational websites too, its pathetic!!
    Where is the fucking BAN LIST??
    Where is the transparency??

    PTA is in the hands of a bunch of gays!!

  • zain

    congrats to as well. they raised their voice on many occasions about this issues

  • faisal khan

    very nice. i m thankful to pta.

  • clone

    well don’t give me that bullshit of freedom of speech and shit,in pakistan we need this kind of stuff in order to save our remaining youth,and for those who think they have right to use whatever they want,may be at first they had to spread the awareness not only to them but to everyone in pakistan,ppl here are not aware and you are too proud egoistic narcissistic retard to positively spread the awareness about everything to anyone.they better start blocking remaining sites,may be there have to be blog or forum where you can report explicit sites

  • very good post. thanks for sharing

  • nomi

    Wasi shah ko credit do us na geo ka program awam ki adalat mein yeh issue utaya tha

  • Guest

    ap se agar koi websites block karwa sakta hai meri ap se guzarish k mein ne 1 website dekhe hai ALLAH ki shan mein gushtahi ki gai plz ap us site ko block karwa de.

  • ap mein se agar koi website block karwa sakta hai to meri apse guzarish hai k mein ne 1 site dekhe hai jis mein ALLAH ki shan mein ghustakhi ki gai hai plz ap ose block kawa de.

  • Andrea B

    Living in Pakistan sometimes feels like living in a giant cage… at least from an Internet surfing point-of-view… I am now using a software I got from and it certainly beats proxies, check it out!

  • Danish Khan