Ufone to Charge 2% Additional Maintenance Fee on Every Reload

Ufone-logo_all_about_uIn an effort to further exceed its customers expectation (that is how they are calling it), Ufone is going to charge its customers 2 percent maintenance fee plus tax on every load, reload, card load, Ushare, etc.

Earlier this maintenance fee was 1.1 percent of card reload value.

In simpler words, when you will load a Rs. 100 card next time, Rs. 2.39 will be deducted in addition to all deductions that were applicable already.

This new maintenance charge will be applicable from March 17th, 2012. Here’s what a notice appearing on Ufone website read:

Dear Customer, To further exceed your expectations, a maintenance charge of 2% will be applicable on every prepaid recharge from 17th March, 2012 along with government taxes.

This new wave of additional charges was started when Telenor announced 2 percent service charge (exactly one month ago) in addition to 5 percent charge it was already deducting.

It is likely that other operators will follow this and additional charges will be imposed, industry wide.

Even worse, PTA (through Dr. Muhammad Yasin, Chairman) officially told Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat last week that authority could not ask operators to fix service charges. Dr. Yasin said that setting a ceiling price is impossible because the cost of operators has gone up due to increase in power tariff.

Committee members had proposed PTA to fix a ceiling on account of service charges that cellular operators regularly impose on mobile phone customers. But it appears authority is siding the telecom companies, leaving behind its motto of protecting consumers.

After PTA’s this decision of not regulating service charges, Competition Commission of Pakistan is the only hope for consumers, which can restrict operators from imposing such charges at industry level.

It merits mentioning here that government is also considering to impose 2 % radio tax on every reload from July 2012.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Billabadmash

    I am not in favor of these unjustified charges but i want the increase in tariff or at least customer have to pay some charges to receive call keun kay whenever i see around kurian aur munday on gup shap packages and waste the time what they should invest in their studies,,,,,

    • err

      ye telenor walon ki waja se ho raha hai,wo hi sab ko ye rasta dekha rahay hain.

  • Asif Sajjad

    This sux… :'(

  • Anonymous

    if i m not mistaken, it was 1.1% maintainence charge that is now 2%? Am I right?

  • Hammad

    What could be worse than this. Other telecom operators specially Telenor and Mobilink will be first to impose this following Ufone

  • Mudassir

    Lutoooo awam ko or Lutoo :/

  • Rafay

    Have you seen the call rates they are rock bottom now so how do u expect a company to profit. If u r gonna fix ceiling prices for service charges then u have to put bottom prices for tariff too. But on the other side companies should improve their network quality cz its becoming worse now with these decrease in tariffs. Am using 3 sims at the moment
    Warid primary
    Zong n ufone on the other cell
    I can barely talk on zOng n ufone on the move i.e in car how pathetic z that.

  • Government SUCKS

    WTF……..! what they are doing us…. all are bullshit… sub zardari hain ______ KHOR…!

    • Ali

      Thats what I call a ‘real’ comment.

    • Vicky


      • telcom

        han tELENOR UFONE sab ZARDARI ney khareed li balkay TELENOR waley tu sab se 2 haath agay hain unhoney hi charges pe charges lagana shoru kiye

  • umer daraz

    ufone se be nahi raha gya.sham fo ufone

  • anonymous

    Since PTA is busy in everything else but protecting public of Pakistan. Of course, cellular service provider corporates are going to loot Pakistani public as much as they can.

    Thank you PTA and government of Pakistan. You are truly protector of our rights. We are obliged that you are doing your job so good. We, Pakistanis, have no complaint. Keep up the good word. Please charge millions of dollars in next auction for 3G licenses so that companies with 3G licenses can start looting Pakistani public too. And for general public’s rights? Who say we have any rights at all. Constitution of Pakistan doesn’t say anything about protection of rights of general public of Pakistan. However, Constitution of Pakistan do say about protection of rights of corporates. Great job, PTA.

    • Rizwan

      You are right.

  • kamolikah

    I think mobile companies in decent manner are following the foot steps of parchi mafia and bhata mafia in karachi.

    Mobile companies ka jo jee chahaay kartay pherain, mafia karay tou ‘ Sala character dheela hai ‘ :-)

  • Khan sahab

    Just 2% atleast 20% to lagatay.Ye awam kuch nae bolay gi bcoz in ko ab har koi * kr k chala jata hai.Qomay ghaflat

  • Rana

    Wow, Lagta hai Rs. 100 ke recharge par ab sirf 10 Rs hi milengay, baqi sab izzat mab zardari ke account mein.

    Waisay FED aur WHT dono ko combined kar ke 30% tax to lagta hi hai Rs. 100 mein se 10 gaye baqi 70, aur 2% + Radio tax 2% andaza kar lein g.

  • Ali

    Pathetic, so now I came to know that I have been banned from Ufone’s FB page. Reason?, Yes, because I made posts that made them annoyed regarding quality of their network. Its not just case of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, its something more than that, I have been Ufone user from last seven years [continuously]. If any Mr. Ufone is pokin’ his nose here then I have got three words for you:


  • it’s_me!

    This 2% charge is unjustified and should not be imposed. On other hand, mobile operators should increase call and sms charges to maintain their network and profit. Mobile Operators should cancel all SMS packages and Night packages to make profits, this will be also in favor of youth and Pakistan.

  • Azi

    hahaha dakhty jao hota kia ha

  • Asif Khan

    Telenor ka bicot karo ye us mulk wale hen jinho ne hazrat muhammad (PBUH) ki shan me sb se pehle toheen amez khake shaya kiye the. Aor hum inhi ko apne pese dete hen.

    • pakistan


  • Abdullah al Ghazi

    پی ٹی اے کی اگر یہ ذمہ داری نہیں ہے تو کم از کم پی ٹی اے تمام کمپنیوں کو اس بات کا پابند تو کر سکتا ہے کے وہ اپنا ٹیرف ایک ریٹ پر لے کر آئیں اور کوالٹی نیٹورک پر توجہ دیں۔ اس سے یہ ہو گا کے پاکستان کے جو علاقے کوریج سے مہروم ہیں وہاں بھی ٹیلی کام کی سروس ہو گی۔ اور کمپیٹیشن چلے گا صرف کوالٹی پر۔

  • ahmar


  • naz

    geo butto..raj k lutto.

  • Muhammad Anas

    What I think is they are trying to get as much money as they can before the upcoming 3G auction.
    The time is not so far when you load a RS / 100 card for making a single call.

  • Askani

    that day isn’t far when v would recharge a card of 100 and get only 50. in our area v r already purchasing cards at 110.

  • Imran

    lol @ everyone…

  • AZ

    Its simple rule of universe… it will press you until you don’t break if you don’t resist. :) agar bahi awam ko koi tension ni hai … koi bunda kisi company kay tower ko aag ni lagata kisi ka koi office ni torta tu tension not bhai g … phartay jao awam key aur nara lagaoo Jeeay Bhutto

  • UET student (Imran)

    Mobilink was first who implement these 2% additional Changes in November while Telenor Followed it last Month with same percentage and now at last UFONE is going to implement the same charges.
    Cost of Fuel, Power is getting high so I feel it is justified.
    Free calls against PKR7 is very good(UFone to Ufone, Ufone to PTCL and even)

    Mobilink is charging PKR 14.99 per day for free calls.
    Telenor is charging PKR 20.
    So I say it is jusified by Ufone at least.

  • Shabbir

    Asslam o alaikum dear sir i have info about your diesel theft from your towers i know every well to diesel theft from upone tower and every you security is invole in theft because i did have work with them together but i was left it job and evry checker of blitz security is who work with farmula one every checker is invol in theft with farmula one of loader and driver and i was have knowed to guard of your towers if you will join me in upone team and give the job i promis you i will catch to them very easy because i know very well to them of pretend where they are hide to the diesel and they are stolen the diesel 3 lakh or 4 lach at ever day its your gain my email address is [email protected]

    • AZ

      jani kyun Shakespeare key wakhian suja deen latain mar maaar ker.. bahi Urdu bol lay lalay key jan :)

      • ahmar

        hahah well said

  • joiyya

    پی ٹی اے کی اگر یہ ذمہ داری نہیں ہے تو کم از کم پی ٹی اے تمام کمپنیوں کو اس بات کا پابند تو کر سکتا ہے کے وہ اپنا ٹیرف ایک ریٹ پر لے کر آئیں اور کوالٹی نیٹورک پر توجہ دیں۔ اس سے یہ ہو گا کے پاکستان کے جو علاقے کوریج سے مہروم ہیں وہاں بھی ٹیلی کام کی سروس ہو گی۔ اور کمپیٹیشن چلے گا صرف کوالٹی پر۔

  • Loot hai Loot

    and this is how foriegn companies are ripping off Pakistani people, may it be automobile industry or telecom sector !

    as a matter of fact we don’t need these luxuries…all we need at the moment are basic life necessities (food/water, clothing and shelter)…for 180million people living in this country.

    * also the slogan of this present govt which has failed to do so

    anyhow the west is destorying us through our economy, and wiping out our core cultural values (i.e. Islamic and Pakistanis values)

    As a nation we need to set our priorities !

  • Shabbir

    Az ap kia bol rahy ho khud bhy kuch samjh ya yohien comment kar di

  • Bloody hell !!

  • Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

    Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

    I really curse this policy of imposing hidden charges on the customers. At one hand they claim to ofeer the cheapest call rates and on the other hand they are looting the innocent customer by applying Cheapest ways of imposing hidden charges.
    I condemn, curse and object this action of Celcos.

    Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

  • Marina Arif

    ** ZONG Says **

    Dear Customers, in order to further improve our services, from 10th April 2012, Operational Fee on all recharges is being increased from 1.5% to 2% (Govt taxes apply).

  • Marina Arif

    ** As per the TiCKER on Ufone.Com **

    *Attention Customers:
    As notified through press advertisements printed on March 10th, 2012 in Daily Khabrain and Express nationwide,
    Ufone is implementing revised maintenance charges.
    Effective May 30th 2012, maintenance charge of 2% +tax will be applicable on all prepaid recharges.
    This is to provide utmost quality of service to our customers.

    *Dear Customer,
    Ufone has always provided U with impeccable services and affordable rates.
    UAdvance/ULoan amount has been revised to Rs.15 at a service charge of Rs. 1.5+tax w.e.f 1st June, 2012.

    Is It ALL About U -OR- Us ??