Vote Verification Service will Have Polling Station Info in SMS as well


Check and Find Out Your Polling Station Details Through 8300

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has announced that it will include name of polling station in service reply (as SMS) specifically launched for verification of vote status.

Though it didn’t clarify on when the information about polling status in verification SMS will be included.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in collaboration with NADRA and mobile phone operators had launched the world’s biggest SMS service for 83.2 million Pakistani voters, besides displaying new electoral rolls across the country.

Name of polling station would also be included in SMS reply in future, so that a voter can have the knowledge where he/she would cast vote.

Critiques are opining that NADRA and ECP should have included this (polling station) information at the launch of the service, as customers will have to repay for vote verification SMS service to know about their polling station.

How to Check your Vote Status?

  • Simply send your CNIC (without dashes) to 8300
  • Example: Send “3740541882200” to 8300

You will soon receive a reply with following information:

  • Your CNIC Number
  • Polling Station name, with. District, Tehsil and city/town/village
  • Block Code
  • Serial Number


  • Rs. 2 plus tax per SMS

Note: Reply message is likely to have words in Urdu (unicode). You may not be able to read the text message if your phone doesn’t support unicode.

Election Commission said that it has purposefully not included the voters’ name and home address to avoid any privacy violations. Still, according to some, inclusion of polling station information can pose risk on privacy of individuals.

Service has been used by more than 6 million subscribers in Pakistan, since its launch last month. Those with any objections in voters’ status can contact 50,000 display centers, specifically established for corrections.

NADRA revealed that Mobilink’s share in total SMS utilized for the purpose is 31.17 percent. Telenor is second as far as using the particular service is concerned. Its share is 28 percent. Ufone is third in a row with 22 percent in total SMS, Warid with 10 percent and Zong with 9 percent in total SMS share.

    • Do all of us have at least one permanent mobile number on which government can contact? This is not the case, 2nd ECP doesn’t has permanent cell phone number (in permanent use) of that voter. In that case how can you make such demands? What would have you done if you were at their place?

      Government should advise citizens to have one permanent number on which he/she can be reached for info/service etc. All Government service updates should reach to that number of individual.

      • We have to promote the use of technology and should make a simple/reliable verification process, the initiate and sponsorship has to come from the state.
        I wish electoral rolls could made online, this will help many to verify their voter listing.

  • Let’s Milk more money from the people. Why it was not included in the first place?

    Welcome to Jungle-Pakistan, where the law is being run by a specie called Human.

  • its the first of its kind service in the whole world

    @ asim and @ hassan

    no one is compelling you to text nadra. its on your own if you dont want so dont text.

    otherwise spend some money on a bike or rikshaw and go to the concerned office to see your vote and polling station.

    is mulk k awaam k lye kuch bhi krdo they dont satisfiy. maximum 5 rupy lagain gay aik text per.

    even then you people are crying for that

    in short dont use this service if you thnk tht they are chargin toooooooooooo much

    • +1
      Actually most of crying ducks don’t even go out to cast a vote on the day of General Elections. They just cry before and after elections.

    • @Ahmed,
      Awam already paying taxes,what the government offering them inreturn and its not the matter of two/five ruppee, the state responsibility.

  • EC must arrange this SMS service on the charges of Rs 0.50 per SMS, keeping in view the higher rate of poverty in the country.
    The rate of inquiries will drastically increased if SMS charges are lowered.

  • i’m sending my msg to 8300 but i am not receiving any reply. kindly can anyone guide me, how i can check my information via some website

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