Wateen to Start Service in Pakpattan

Wateen-Telecom-New-LogoWateen Telecom has announced to start its service in Pakpattan, which is an addition to Wateen’s WiMax network and came as part of Wateen’s collaboration with the Universal Services Fund (USF).

Through the USF, Wateen offers discounts to subscribers in areas where internet penetration is extremely low.

Wateen is already working with USF on four broadband and three optical fibre projects in underserved areas of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab, with subsidies worth a total of Rs 2.8 billion.

With the addition of Pakpattan, Wateen now serves a total of 25 cities, with 960 WiMAX sites nationwide, making the company the largest WiMAX service provider in the country.

Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, stated on this occasion, “The addition of Pakpattan to our WiMax network is part of Wateen’s mission to provide internet connectivity to every single Pakistani. We will continue to add more cities – as well as previously unconnected areas – to our network until we are confident that all Pakistanis have easy and affordable access to the internet.”

Wateen is the pioneer in bringing wireless broadband technology to the country and the first in the world to roll-out a WiMax network on a nationwide scale. Over the last year, Wateen has invested heavily in improving and expanding its network,workforce, systems and processes to ensure delivery of an outstanding customer experience in the future.

  • Xahid

    Wateen lol,
    I hope, they will hire their staff on merit basis instead of “parchi or safarish”, too bad for them, those untalented employees of wateen destroyed the image of company and of course the base of Wateen failure…

  • Zaki Uddin

    they are so slow D:

    • Waqas

      internal process of whole Abu Dhabi group is slow even it is Warid Wateen and Bank Alfalah.
      It will take time to change culture but they are changing again very slow

  • Welcome to Pakpattan Wateen, we were eagerly waiting for you here, hope you cover the whole district of Pakpattan and not just the city.

  • zain


  • atoz

    @Xahid.. it is not the employees who lack talent because employees is a BIG word.. it is the management of Wateen which has destroyed wateen and still on the same track… secondly i totally agree that f&f culture is the main root cause and that wateen top nosh should make sure that the rights and dues of all the employees is duly saved and addressed. btw congrats on the new city to wateen.

  • K. Shahzad

    Wateen going to Pakpatan and other under served areas is good thing but they must also improve their service in Urban areas. I.e. I live in RWP Cantt. the signal strength in my home is like wateen only runs on the second floor thats also open area of 2nd floor and only one room.

    So they need to make coverage even in cities first then can move further.

  • Anwer Ali Baloch, Hub city, Balochistan.

    And I can assure you all that even in far future there will be no WATEEN presence here in Hub city Balochistan, which just a seven (7) Kilometers North-West of Karachi.

  • Zohaib Rauf

    I hope that before expanding they should consider their broadband speed, its pathetic for those who dont know. And they pay no heed to it. Seems like they prefer quantity over quality.

  • Faridul Haq

    We want Wateen to start service in Chitral, as there is a dire need for an an alternate service provider specially wireless broadband, as PTCL has utterly failed to deliver acceptable service in this internet user rich town of Chitral. 90 percent users of PTCL will immediately switch over to Wateen, guaranteed.