Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Becomes Minister IT and Telecom

RajaPervezAshraf700Raja Pervaiz Asharaf, architect of defunct rental power projects, has been given the charge of Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) in the recent expansion of federal cabinet.

It is an interesting development and must be amazing and shocking for many in IT and Telecom industry in particularly and for masses in general, while most of them believe that it is better to be a ministry without a minister or run by bureaucrats and technocrats rather than Raja Pervaiz as federal minister of IT and Telecom.

The appointment of Pervaiz Ashraf, the main character of the infamous rental power project scam, raised eyebrows of many people as the apex court has already directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to take action against him on power rental case.

But he will be serving as Minister IT and Telecom when industry is awaiting 3G license auction, which is likely to bring billions of rupees in the national kitty and Mr. Ashraf who will be directly involved is accused of corruption.

And if the government in principle decides to hold auction process of 3G in the current year then what best can we expect from Mr. Pervaiz Ashraf who is also notorious for giving unmet deadlines to end load-shedding several times in the past as Minister of Power and Water.

People in industry are anticipating that he will keep giving auction dates with postponed plans while repetitive delays will leave no chance for bringing 3G in the country.

Pervaiz Ashraf will be the fifth person who assumed the office of Ministry of IT and Telecommunication in less than four year of the present government.

Earlier, Sardar Latif Khosa, the present Governor Punjab, Sardar Assef (now joined PTI), Babar Awan, former law minister were also designated in MoITT. Besides Prime Minister who himself served for long as Minister-In-charge and chaired couple of meetings in nearly three years.

ProPakistan earlier forecasted that PM was likely to be leave the MoITT if he would be convicted in the contempt of court case however he has quit the ministry himself in order to appoint a new in-charge in his place.

For readers, think again Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Minister of IT and Telecom – kya ye khola tayzad nahee.

  • Thats so unfortunate for Pakistan and for all IT Professionals

    • BabaJi

      we’re so doomed.
      جہاں منسٹر ایسے سلیکٹ ھوں، جنکا منسٹری سے دور دور تک کویِی تعلق نہیں ہوتا، وہ ملک پاکستان جیسی ترقی ہی کریگا۔ سب بندر بانٹ ہے،

      جیے بھٹو
      تباہ ہو پاکستان

    • Munawwar Hussain

      Is it surprising? whats MOIT, while whole country is being ransacked by all these criminals starting from top to bottom.
      But reality is this nation deserves to be screwed as it is now for being so wise in voting, if you see the MPs seems thy handpicked every possible crook and randian from heera mandi to be leaders of this nation, I personally fell ashamed that what a government as a nation we have voted for…I have no hope for Pakistan now, feel we were far better under British than these thugs and one we had before them since 1947

    • Yar aap ne tu Raja sahib ka directly dil hi torr dia. May be he comes round as the fortunate for Pakistan & IT. Watch out for his DECEMBERS!!!!

  • Mani

    Rental 3G coming soon :)

    What a joke with the biggest tax paying sector of Pakistan … lets see how long can the telcos save the USF and R&D fund from him

    • babaji

      i chuckled at *rental 3g* . powered by raja rental and mr 10%.

      جیے بھٹو
      مریں پاکستانی

      • Safeer Aman

        You forgot the most famous and most meaningful slogan i.e. Pakistan Khappe!! quite interestingly I learnt the meanings a couple of hours ago over a cup of tea from a friend hailing from Sindh. Khappe has two meanings:
        1) to want; like in case of kids asking their parents for something in supermarket.
        2) to sell!
        Don’t you think Mr. President is a man of his words!!!



  • Saeed

    Now give another task for going Corruption in 3G.

  • hasan

    now be ready for the load shedding of Internet. And surely internet will be charged at double rates after 6PM till 12:00.
    I wonder whats the criteria of his selection. I guess it would have been better if they appointed a middle pass guy with some IT experience under his belt. Anyways, Still wishing him best of luck ….Huh!
    May Allah bless Pakistan. Amen

  • abdul

    very very yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad

  • Mansoor

    He just there to ensure that no money goes to ‘waste’ and is diverted to politicians who will buy mansions and apartments overseas. Then we keep wondering why are Pakistan’s ratings falling in IT sector. Anyway we voted for them so I guess we deserve this.

  • hassan00107

    ohh no i can’t see this. after destroyed power and water management now well come in IT

  • Muhammad Tufail

    Very unfortunate to have such an impotent person in this gr8 sector.

    this may be a prep for 3G loot out.

  • Kamal Asif

    Ab lagta hai SMS aur calls ki loadshedding bhi shru ho jaaye gi.

    Din mai sirf 4 ghantay networks available hoan gay, jis ne jo communication karni hai, issi doaran karay.

    Phir Raja Sahib is ko solve karnay kay liay Rental Mobile Networks import karain gay.

  • Amjad Iqbal

    See the other side of picture might be the power sector is ameliorated after his quit, and with reduced load sheding ppl will enjoy more and more internet and IT ;)

  • Muhammad Saad

    Damn, iss jahil ko tu email bhi check krna nhn ati hogi, how can be he on this seat? ALLAH rehm kry hum py ab.

    • Ejaz Alam

      You are perfectly right Saad, ye property dealer type log is sector mein aa ker gund hi dalein ge.

  • Rafaeel Akbar

    Now Pakistan will outsource its IT Projects instead of doing outsourced projects.

    • Waqas Ahmad

      Mubarkain, Chill, Guru or chotay kay 10 10 walay card dobara ajaein gay

  • Riaz

    Chalooo, IT ka bhi bera gharak hoonay laga hai.

  • hassan

    OMG. . .ok. . . .we r ready for internet loadshading. . .

  • Xahid

    All I can say “WTF” ?

  • Shahzad

    IT industries has biggest budget so kahin tu kharch karna tha, is lye tu in sahab ko laye hain..
    Ab IT k lye koi rental project aye ga… Rental Internet type ki koi chez aye gi jis tarah Rental Power Project aya tha… ho sakta hai 3G ko Rental kar dia jaye…
    khappe khappe corruption khappe…

  • waqas

    Khuda Apna karam ker dey is Quom par

  • Muhammad Saad

    Sorry but I can’t stop myself sharing this, just designed =D


  • Saad malik

    i wish abusing someone wasn’t banned on Propakistani… ufff

    • admin

      I wish the same. The rule of PPP has gone so low that I feel like crying over what we are undergoing now.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Don’t worry, maybe he’ll promote the national filtering system so that no one can complain about him online!

        • Multan

          What If ‘Tens of Thousands’ YOUNG protests in front of parliament only related person can be a Minister, I think Raja Pervaiz can go in one day, but We will not. We can just criticize the Shahid Saleem or admin, nothing else.

          Khuda Na badlay ga Us qoum ki halaat,
          Na ho jissy Ap apna bandalny ka!!!


          • JNextus

            Aap ko in sahab kay F-8 walay ghar kee gali may to koi janay nahi day ga… Aap ayhtijaj kahan kurain gay

        • mani..

          BETWEEN i tried too much to control myself for these funkey a**es but still whenever i hit propakistani and view the link literally sar jatii ha…

          and remmember its not funkey **** :)

  • maham

    dont worry ye puri koshish karega k 3G launch hojay 1 arab dollar jo lootna hai. logon meri apeal hai aap se aap k ghar walon sab se k PTI ko vote dena chahe family se fight hi karna pare force karo network banao chain reaction karo in jahil shaitan sifat se jaan churao chahe kuch bh karna pare. plz

  • zain

    chalo Jee

    ALLAH HAFIZ then
    take care IT :P

  • umer daraz

    Bad man inter in good industri

  • Ahmad

    Lo g telcom industry ki b shamatt aa gai ab,

  • zeeshan

    ab to pakistan main 3G nahe ayga

  • Now lets c that how this corrupt and fraud person destroy telecom industry.3g should be hold till election.otherwise raja sb will fill his pocket and will give resighn saying innocently that he was nt given chance to do his work properly.

  • anonymous

    since the departure of CEO USF Mr. Pervaiz iftikhar. There has been no maj program launched by the USF. All these politicians see is the huge amount of money funded by the private sector. it will be a shame if the money is wasted on unproductive projects.

  • AA

    Does he knows IT stands for what? :(

  • Hassaan

    Now IT & Telecom Sector is going to hell just like Wapda :( Very Bad News……

  • Ali

    O mubaarkan mere Gujar Khanay Nay Praon tay Pehnon. Hun saray Gujar Khan Tay Mandra ich broadband tay blue band ho jasee nay. Jiyo Raja jee *pun intended*

  • mani..

    i thnk few ppl should be sent to US with no return visa and no calls/connection possible to Pakistan including zardarii,Rehman malik,RP Ashraf, Shrif bros, Pervaz Ehlai, and the one and only Altaf Bahi.. litterly Pakistan kee adeee gandagii saf ho jaya geee………………………………..

    MY Question iz Y isi don;t hijack these shit _______ Y all the time they hijak ppl belonging to poor families………………….

    And the reason Y i say send these to US coz jo itni badao ka bad b na mara us ka matlab ALLAH b nahi chata ka in ko jahum ma jaga dain… better transfer our gandagiii to the country thy love… :)

    • MOON


    • ayaz

      You named some people but I consider it a class that is looting and robbing the rest of the pakistan

      Anyone entering in this system would become corrupt, the only solution is changing the system that allows robbing people and then failed to prosecute and punish

      • misa

        100% agreed

      • maniii…

        Dude.. you ma b right.. but you know agar poorri kom ko theek karna ha tu atleast kuch kee balii dani ho gaeee… aur class ma tu bohat kuch a jata ha :(

      • maniii…

        and whenever 1 talk like that my personal feeling says he don;t wanted to do anything coz.. yeah batain sab kartain hain magar kam koi.. nahi karta.. kasam sa agar ma power ma hota alittle bit… aik ko choak par khara kar ka mara sab kud ba kud theek ho jayain ga.. agar class ka socho ga tu kud kharab ho jao ga…

        • maniii…

          Gandagiii saf karna sa saf hotii ha agar measure karo ga tu phir tu ALLAH hee hafiz..

  • Uamir

    Oh My God!

    Mr. Raja looted Wapda with his son in law as the front man.

    Now he is going to rob this nation once again.

    What an Azaab!

  • Fawaz

    What is wrong with u people.We must do something.We can’t just sit and see these politicians rob our country like we have been doing till now.We must must do something.Admin do u agree with me.?

  • Faridul Haq

    God save IT and Tele Com, as “whats there for me man comes in”.

  • Qmr Ali


  • ayaz

    Pakistani IT professionals should expect the growth as we witnessed in loadshedding, LOL

    Raja Pervez’s appointment as IT minister is joke of the year

  • just want to say…HAHAHAHA

  • Ali

    It really adds to disgrace of IT Industry to have such a dumb man. I wonder if he knows that what does 3G stands for. Pity!!!!

  • sameer

    Jis bandy ko Computer chalana nani ata IT minister bna diya
    ya hy GOVT

  • misa

    Now Ali Baba & fourty thieves want to make money from this sector in thier last year of goverment.
    They were right in saying “Democray is the best revenge” (From People).
    May allah save PTA, PTCL, U-fone & NTC as these are gov organisation from raja rental.

    Zardari Khupay, Zardai Khupay Zardari Khupay

  • Azi

    this is only happen in Pakistan .. ministry can be assign to whom don’t know ABC of that ministry… what you think guys Pervaiz Ashraf know about IT..?

    • S Zaidi

      Please check the list of ministers of india and all devloped nations and then with draw your comment

  • Qaisar

    Ab telecom aur IT ka Allah Hafiz

  • mohammad danish

    dear all i am shocking that regardless of all these issue specially,majority of people still supporting PPPP

  • atif

    Astagfar Astagfar…. Now we can safely say “goodbye” to telecom sector of Pakistan… i am SHOCKED to see this move and i seriously want to know is there any criteria of selecting ministers??? because this guy is among the most LAME people i have come to know… such a bullshit move by a crappy govt.

    • Shahid Saleem

      When elections come, I hope you can convince people not to vote for these jokers.

      But I am sure it won’t be easy. They’ll vote for them anyway.

  • Osama

    Now GOD take care of IT in pakistan………..

  • waqar

    Huh-very shocking news for IT and telecom sector,it is a new target of robbers team. telecom ,IT sector khhappay.

  • S Zaidi

    Raja is a seasoned politician and very popular in his constituency.He has done nothing wrong in so called rental power scam.All the nation will back him if he probe the illegal sale of PTCL and dig out the massive corruption going on in PTCL since its illegal privatisation.If he will be successful in getting back $2.0 billion($1.2under table+$0.800face balance)to Pakistan from Etisalat and then kick them out,all the nation will salute him

    • misa

      dear please live in real world. now arab & raja rental will combine destroy pycl.

    • atif

      hahahahahahaha.. oo man.. Mr. Zaidi sorry for being rude but i think you have a GIFT called “hallucination”.. because whatever you are claiming above, ain’t gonna happen in REAL WORLD because in real world this raja thing is extremely corrupt person and knows nothing about anything.. he screwed billions nd infrastructure when he was minister of power and now he will screw telecom.

    • Copper

      “$1.2under table”, yes that he can do! he is the “Raja Rental”

  • guloo

    pehle se mobile balance pe high percentage kat te hai paise.. ab janab raja pervez sahib aaye hai .. lagta hai ab yay IT sector bhi dooba denge yay .. ..

  • Usman

    Corruption Khappy

  • Zaki

    Why don’t we protest against this decision ???


  • SWA

    Now wait for his fu..king Gaplasss,

  • tiku

    I miss Awais Laghari for IT Minister

  • Nadeem

    I wonder for what purpose we need ministers! Why not technocrats

  • Ab to december tak IT IT ho jay gi hahahah

  • Asim Arif

    Lakh di Laaanat minister tey vi tey minister banana walaya te vi, Also who voted for them. Lakh di Laanat.

  • Farooq

    Does Mr. Raja know any thing abt IT. for Example Let see the basic. How to power on a computer, or how to spell the word ” Information Technology” BIG LOL :)

  • Farooq

    I wonder how do these ineligible people run this country !!!

  • Kashif

    Ya mere Allah kya hamare gunah itne ziada ho gae hen

  • Halaqu Khan/Changgez Khan

    When the head of a country is ALIBABA then what can we expect in his cabinet. Long long time ago there has been an ALIBABA who shares partners were only 40 (thieves) but this ALIBABA has uncountable shares partners (noe thieves becomes the robbers) and its expansions are increasing shirply in every moment. The Prime-Minister is part of ALIBABA where his son is named by SC as illegal drug trafficker. ALIBABA who killed his wife just to become the head of the country and utilise his power for the safeguard of his illegal trillions of dollars black money savings inside and outside the country. Higher parts of dollars money that he is receiving or baging from US, Europe or other countries in the name of donations or service charges going illegally to the account of ALIBABA. He named and appointed his son as Charimain of his party just for shake and to bear his all kinds of expenses from the party fund. Millions of EURO money expenses are to be beared in securities and debauchees (Ayyashion) of this uncrowned prince inside and outside the countries.

    Actually this is not the real fault of ALIBABA. This is the fault of nation who are voting for them to become Head of the State. Why do we vote to them whom we know very well that they have black real stories behind them. Dakoo (Rober) newly appointed IT and Telecommunication Minister is a black listed figure who has robbed billions of Rupees in previous ministries has honoured a ministry where more chances exists to graft (Khurdburd) government’s granted funds.

    I hope that keeping in view of the past and present of the ALIBABA and his cabinets we must avoid voting them to provide another chance for becming in power. We should also avoid voting them too who has been in power and grafted the countries wealth. We should have to bring in power a man and his followers who have never been in power in our countries history. We must take a risk instead revoting them who has been in power in their past history.

    I’m with them, those who are in favour that a Ministery without a Minister is better than a Minister like (Daku)Pervez Ashraf.

  • Mazhar


    He is adept in lutting and corruption in Water and Power Ministery, so now its MOIT turn, hired on skill set…
    See his face like a Forest PIG…..

    Soay Raho Pakistanioooo…. All is Well….

  • 123

    PLEASE DO” mind.. Now he is gonna f**k the IT and Telecom too

  • haseeb

    it is goneeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • yasir

    every home will have 4G know


    Lo ab I.T ki tabahi ka waqt aa gaya… aise logon ko agar govt ko piyar ha to enko ghar mein bitha corruption ka hissa de de kiyun logon ko zaleel karte hn yeh log

  • ITPro

    I think i m better candidate for this post than this guy …

  • rehan

    Pakistani IT Industry ka khuda hi hafiz.

    @ IT Guys: please be quick to switch your career path as “Raja Rental” is going to be “Raja IT” soon……hope you understand what I meant.

  • Naeemilyas

    Aab Allah he raham karay IT or Telecom pay, ….
    Raja Sab nay phailay koi kam haramipana kya hay jo ab in ko IT bhe day dia hay.

  • Abdul Mateen

    Aamir Bhai IT and Telecom ka Minister to Aap ko Ban’na Chahiye tha.. Raja Sahib ko banana Fazool he… Good Luck Aamir Bhai

  • m khan

    sir ap ptcl ki workar ko pay skel dalwan or ncpg staff ko reguler kawan
    pm ki elan py empliment karwin

  • Amjed Khjan


  • Naeemilyas

    Aab IT ki Bari kay, Haaa Haaaa



  • Farooq Memon