Ufone: 500 SMS, 500 MMS, 5 MB Internet for Rs. 5

5 ka puchUfone has bundled SMS, MMS and Mobile Internet services in one pack to offer its customers at a daily charge of Rs. 5 (including taxes).

Ufone customers can now send as many as 500 text messages, 500 Multimedia messages and use 5 MB of mobile internet at a daily charge of Rs. 5 including taxes.

Customers will have to re-subscribe the service after 24 hours, i.e. it is not auto subscription offer.

All Ufone prepaid customers can avail the offer.

How to Subscribe:

All U need to do is dial 100 or send ‘SUB’ as an SMS to 5505 or dial *5505# and start enjoying the power of 5 on Ufone.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Paanch ka Punch Bucket will be available to all prepaid customers
  • Bucket will be offered on a Limited Time Basis only
  • Customer will be able to subscribe to Bucket by sending SMS sub on 5505 or dialing *5505#
  • Customer will be able to check free remaining SMS/MMS/GPRS by dialing *706#
  • Paanch ka Punch does not include Premium/International SMS or MMS
  • SMS Notifications will be received in case customer consumes allowed SMS, MMS or GPRS within 24 Hours from activation
  • 1 MMS will be charged as 300KB while GPRS Chunk Size will be 50 KB
  • Bucket will not be on auto subscription
  • SMS, MMS will be onnet & offnet
  • All 3 Bonus Accounts (SMS, MMS, GPRS) will expire 24 Hours from activation
  • Charges are inclusive of Tax

  • RizwanYaqoob

    That’s what we call a Solid Offer =D

  • Askani

    WOW,,,,,, Wonderful package, simply love it……..

  • Rehan Ahmad

    Bombaaaaaaaat Package

  • m4

    WOW sab ko peechay choor diya

  • Just want to get rid of Ufone Now!
    I hate their services.

    • super

      tu phir tum telenor pe chaley jao jo 3mb internet 4RS main dey rahay hain lol,jis se sirf 1 website hi khol askti hai 1 dafa main lol hahahaha.

  • kamal Ashraf

    wao, amazing offer, ab maza aaye ga. yaqeen nahe ho raha, ufone ne ye kaam kiya hai. :)

  • Usama Siddiqui

    SMS and MMS sahe diay hain. Baqi 5 mb ka net 1 ghanta bhe nhe chalta. Overall ek acha package hai.

  • Finally ufone ny customers friendly bucket offer ker di hy.
    it’s very nice offer by ufone.
    lkn mms k point of view se zong ka bucket filhal tak nisbattan cheap he.
    lkn ufone ne bucket mein 5mb gprs fram ker ky kici had tak customers ko mutmaein ker deya.
    thanx ufone.

    • khurram

      Ufone charge you 1 MMS under this offer with the maximum data size of 300KB, which i guess no one is offering in Pakistan…thats why it called a Punch…zooor ka jhatka aur zoor say lagay….

  • Azi

    Amazing yar… i wish k ufone ka net ki speed telenor jasi ho gaye tu sab yahe package use karn

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    yes yaqeenn hn aa raha k ufone ne ye kaam jagtay main kia hai k sotay main :)

  • nice pakage. thats really we wanted.

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    5 mb is enough for chat on nimbuzz or whatsAPP

  • Ali

    Fittt offer !!!! Ufone is the bestttt!!!! im sure all other companies will COPY this too :P

  • Ahmed

    We love Ufone

  • Faraz Ahmed

    I suspect evil intentions of Ufone behind its apparent user friendly offer. They always keep a glitch (as in this case there is no auto subscritption and there lies the possiblity of service being used without data bucket thereby consuming the balance swiftly) to rob its users if he makes mistakes.

    • khurram

      customer can check the same via *706# further on his consumption user will be notified by Ufone.

  • Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

    I agree somewhat with Faraz Ahmed that they might misuse this way

  • kumar

    sms and mms together is good pakage
    net speed is slow in ufone
    but this pakage is good for peoples who like todo mms ans sms
    and i m using internet on my mobile using wifi
    so this pakage is good
    in 4 rupees u can have 150 mms by adding 1 rupee more u r getting 350 mms and 500 sms
    so this pakage is good

  • kumar

    u can subscribe to this pakage … Pakage is panch ka panch

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    they also offer to check the remaining balance(s) FREE ! so i think we just need to remember the time of our bucket subscription and nothing else !

  • Faraz Ahmed

    Yes, they are. But I expressed what I have obeserved in numerous their previous gprs related pks. Whats the logic in making this package non-auto subscriptive?

  • pow

    telenor aur mobilink walo tum bhi kuch seekho ufone walo se.

  • Muhammad Anas

    OMG! It seems Ufone has started a new war in telco in bundled.
    I should say its the best of all that Ufone offered before provided they dont increase its charges or lower SMS/MMS/GPRS limit in near future as they did with their Special Internet Bundle which was 1st offered at .99 then 2.99 and finally stabled at 4.99.

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    Ok To some extent its a nice offer, but who is gonna subscribe to it on daily basis.

  • Rafaqat Ali Ranjha

    Subscribe nahi ho raha definitely ab ye pkg without intimation khatam ho jata ha aur phr standard rate lagtay hain aur balance finish
    It should be autosubscribed.

  • NN

    Resubscription is auto. Not too sure about others but at least this is what has happened with me.

  • zahid

    hey, plz anyone tell me hw to unsub dis package..?

  • Aqeelzam

    Dear Zahid, you can unsubscribe from this package by sending “unsub” to 6505.

  • 6505 pe to keh ta hai k you r not subscribed to this offer???

  • fazilat

    mera tu u se net chalta hi nae jab net use karna ho tu teli nor ki sim dhalni parhti he me kea kr

  • vijjuu

    i love ufone tum he to ho