Historic Win: Social Media Beats Corrupt Media


Revolution, probably the most used word as a catch-line by the politicians of all eras in Pakistan, seemed like a nearing reality today when a video of off-air conversation between Mubashir Luqman and Mehr Bukhari interviewing Malik Riaz, the real-estate tycoon went loose on internet.

Malik Riaz is a party of suo moto case in Supreme Court, termed as Family Gate and Behria Gate, in which Mr. Riaz has alleged Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar, the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan for blackmailing him and his family members.

Malik Riaz last night did an exclusive interview with Mubashir Luqman and Mehr Bukhari on Dunya TV, in which he tried to defend his case over the media. The very next day i.e. today the off-air conversation between both the anchors and Malik Riaz was leaked on Youtube.

The video has been shared by millions of internet users over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in less than just 10 hours.

The video shows that the whole interview was planted in which both the anchors got instructions for not interrupting Malik Riaz during the interview while Malik Riaz helped the anchors in preparing the questions.

Express Tribune already did a detailed review of the conversation here.

We are of course not going to drag your attention to what was discussed in this leaked video, or what political and economical impacts this activity is going to make. Rather, I will focus on unleashing power the social media has gained over the years.

Today’s incident is the true depiction of the change that Social Media can bring in societies, especially where all other pillars of society are either corrupt or not trust worthy. If united and focused, Social Media community of Pakistan can undress the shameless and corrupt characters of the country.

With over 6 million Facebook users and 25 million overall internet users in Pakistan, this roaring digital community has all sufficient muscles to bring down the empires and tycoons that like Malik Riaz or Mubashir Luqman.

This is what exactly happened in fact, just if you don’t know, Mubashir Luqman has already been dismissed for off-the script conversation while Malik Riaz would be feeling like a doomed king.

For those who were of the view that social media “in the air” community that shouldn’t be counted in as a real or ground level force would have to change their opinion at least. This is the precisely the way change started to pop up in Egypt, Tunisia and other middle eastern countries.

Today print and other conventional media would be mourning its suicidal death, while social media is uprising with new spirit and courage.

Today it were “You” who brought the truth in front of the world. It will be “You” bringing the change in Pakistan.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Its not just Lucman – its the prevailing mentality among media companies.

      They are selling truth in return of advertisements. Malik Riaz is name of just one institutions.

      Many other corporations are involved in corruptions of different scales

    • “spreading Qadiyani religion!!”

      and here we go again with the Ahmedi-bashing again.

      when all else fails, call Ahmedis ‘kafirs’ and you are the “best true mard-e-musalman Pakistani” there is.

      seriously, is that your best argument??!!!

    • Baat kahan ki ho rahi hai, Aur Ap ney kahan sy aa kr Qadiyani madhab ki taang aRa Di… I’m sure, Qadiyan-ism ziyada Ein ky programs nahi balky ap logon ky molviyun ky ‘Qatl kr do – maar do’ ky fatwon sy ziyada spread hua hoga.

    • what the hell is wrong with you people bringing in religion into everything ? I just hate people like you because of which this nation will always suffer from ethnic and religious violence.

      • Yes,why bring religion into this context. Be relevant and don’t try to indulge in sectarianism. This is a different issue. Also be informed that no anchor/journalist can do anything without the approval of their employers/owners of media houses.
        It’s unfortunate anyway

    • qadiyani fitna hai .ye loog Huzoor Muhammad salala ho wa alihi wasalam ko AKHRI nabi nahi maantey aur is k bawajood apnay aap ko MUSALMAN kehtay hain agar ye apney aap ko kafir kahey aur musalman nahi kahey tu kisi ko koi eitraaz nahi ho ga.aamir bhai plzz is comment ko censor nahi karna.musalmano ka EMAAN mahfooz is liye loogo ko batana chaiye ye loog mirza ghulam qadiyani ko nabi mantey hain Huzoor Muhammad salala ho wa alihi wasalam ko nahi.

      • zara aap ja kar 1954 ki Justice Munir report ko bhi zara parhna gawara karain, nah keh har XYZ k fatway ka ratta lagakar.

    • @Handsome
      bro firstly where the heck this Qadyani came here from ? Secondly, if he is doing so, thats his right. The constitution of PAK gives this right to him (ever bothered to read it ? )

      3rdly , Mubashir might be corrupt but his belief is no one’s business, certainly not yours. So mind your own and let others mind their own.

      As for the list of journalists, it was a fake one. Please bother to read this as Bahria Town has itself clarified. The letter head had no stamp, dates, signatures so any Judge would obviously throw it into dustbin anyhow :

  • It was into full knowledge of Dunya Channel administration. Firing Mubasher Lucman doesn’t spare them

  • Poor people do not understand. Dunya News is broadcasting this program again at 8:00 pm on 14th June.

    If social media is powerful, then why this fake program is live again? Question to millions of facebook,twitter users?

    You are not powerful enough to stop it through facebook and twitter till now.

    • I agree. This was a deliberate stunt by Dunya TV, and was NOT something “revolutionary” about it.

  • While the sharing phenomenon is a direct result of the social media, one shouldnt forget that one person (or a group of persons) dared to smuggle the video out and took the risk by publishing it. It is as physical an act as publishing scandalous material via any other media outlet.

    • its not secret. in every program the cams keep recording the whole time. someone from inside dunyatv leaked the video. someone who loves pakistan. someone who need our prayers. someone who care for our country. May Allah bless him and his/her family

      • Yar paison ki game hay. Jiss nay be leak ki hay he got his money. He is not a lover of Pakistan. This is the game of money nothing else.

        • So you are saying someone PAID him to leak the TRUTH? Are you saying it is false or something? I don’t understand your viewpoint.

          Regardless of whether the leaker made money (of which I am 100% sure you have no evidence), he revealed the truth.

  • My very dear Brother Amir Atta,

    Your are living in a city where brother of Nawaz Khokhar i.e. Tajji Khokhar is Don of the city with his all criminal force gathered from jails all over the country, these people work for Malik Riaz openly. Did you see Nawaz Khokhar present with Riaz in every occasion? Tajji Khokhar is mafia of twin city & they now gather entry and exit tax in some socities in Rawalpindi around Bahria town.

    I really am worried for you as these people can harm you as they have harmed thousands of other people who never had courage like you to speak the truth but to bare with what these people did. They are hired assasins and mafia, and their “castle” can be seen on service road parellel to Islamabad Highway, it looks like an Army unit.

  • First off open yr eyes
    The guy did everything was needed to work in pakistan
    If u think u have the balls then try getting your consingment cleared without paying bride or using influence

    Most of the people on this page are not aware what a business man has to do in order to run a firm theres not a single firm who can proudly say i did everything written in books without paying bribes
    Honestly speaking if u believe this guy is a cheat then everyone is, hes nothing but a businessman and he did what was necesary to save his empire

    About mr choudary it has been obvs for years that hes the most corrupt man in pakistan balke no let me correct myself hes the second the top scores in lies and corruption is the beloved leader with the slogan “change chahiye humein ” i.e pti’s leader imran khan
    N i havent seen the video but i dont really care if i was in that position i would have done the samw thing, y should i try to justify myself when i can simply buy justice

    Theres nothing as judiciary or justice in this country its just how fat your pocket is n what u can buy

    • What rubbish and nosense u r talking about imran khan, just get in senses otherwise your empty skull needs to be blown away like shit…….

  • N jahan tak baat hai revolution ki tu lol dude stop living under the rock
    Only a handful people in pakistan use internet half of our population cant even buy food themselves let alone being a part of the revolution of anykind yes pakistan has progressed over the years but its still ruled by mainstream media which currently has only one objective Money
    So forget about revolution nothing would change in this country we are nothing but fools and goons who are extremely emotional and never want to learn from our past
    Our exsistance is a burden on earth but luckily we are situated in such a strategical location that without pakistan world wont survive

  • I was shocked to see this video, this means we dont have any true patriot in media, they all have taken bribe in one way or another. They all are Puppets.

  • It was a good piece of original work though intrigue to anchors and Duniya channel, thanks to technology which has now reached to common man.Just one planted camera and microphone spoiled the planted program. I think God has started looking into Pakistan’s affairs and miracles have started to happen.Be it Arsalan or the media exposure. Let destiny take its course and let us pray.

    • Agreed Bro.
      Tallat Klasra and Moeez Pirzada are the gem of a journalist so far. As goes the corruption and blackmailing by anchor persons, I think without any doubt that GEO is the breeding ground of such stuff.
      With big mouths they hardly care about ethics of journalism. Their assigned job is to frustrate the common man and mint money. With watching GEO, you can hardly sleep. Despite this unfortunate episode, I still beleive, DUNYA is the better news channel.

  • and now comes the list with the names of many journalists taking bribes from Malik Riaz. Can we believe anyone in the media??? if you havent check the list yet, visit my blog and you will find the list containing names of all these _______.

    • Where did you get the list from, and how do you know it is legitimate?

      I can make a list, too.

  • The foremost objective of almost all the talk shows on all channles is to make thrill in people minds. Nothing can be changed in this way.
    Even the video is leaked and its obvious now that its a government plan against the judiciary but be relaxes bcoz you wont hear anything about this video after a month or so bcoz the media will find another spicy scandle to promote its buisness.
    Its all about Money & Business.

  • Dear All…. please tell me where is the difference between Mehar n Luqman leaked vdo and the interviews of Nawaz Sharif, Shebaz Sharif and Zardari…. where these ugly people decide wat anchor gona asks….. there is nuthing new in this progrm….. and for MR if he buys the air time, no chanel would refuse, even if it is BBC world hoo… yaa GEO…. dont u guys remember the time when Geo started promoting Malik Riaz n Bahriya Projects????

    i dont say DunyaTV is not a culprit here but all the chanels does the same it is not new…. it hapened everywhr and mehar is almost very right in her clarification…..

    this was the planted but along side this program… evry program which included the heavy dutty politicial or business figure are planted as well….

    so nuthing new has happened we have to move…. bet GEo and Dunya it is only for Point scoring game

  • Riaz Malik is a hero because he perfectly represents the whole dirt and filth of Pakistani society. Generals are on his payrolls, who proudly claims that he passed Matric with 332 marks.

  • Agree with the article.
    But being educated citizen of Pakistan we must be sharp enough to see the good and bad sides of both the Medias

  • Though I do not have the details of what actually transpired in off the record video but I have enough faith in Mubashir Luqman. I would not condemn him without having all the details.This is a strange country where Malik Riaz’s buying power is all bad and Nawaz Shareef’s buying power is praise worthy though the later has done the greatest harm to the country which manifests itself in provincialism, ethnic ism,and sectarianism.Both the anchors belong to Punjab but the lady has all but sold her soul to the Beelzebub and her turncoat husband while gentleman is paying the price for always presenting a balanced view.As regards buying power nothing in Pakistan moves without silver/golden wheels.We can not adopt holier than thou attitude indulging in the same practice at appropriate level every day of our life.We as a nation are corrupt and have to reform ourselves before pointing finger on others.

  • Mubashar is speaking truth. Lets stand shoulder to shoulder with him to promote TRUE journalism in Pakistan to fight against conspiracies planted by corrupt journalists like Hamid Mir & his so called corrupt & black mailer channel, GEO TV.
    The evil nature & policies of GEO TV & JANG GROUP are in favour of US propaganda against Pakistan.
    GEO TV network & JANG GROUP is ANTI-PAKISTAN group.
    Mubashar, we are with you. Never stop speaking truth, no matter what are the situations. You are the ONLY hope.

  • Innocent Public should not waste their time by
    seeing programs of corrupt media and corrupt ankers who are on payroll of
    PML-N. They ask loaded and prefeeded questions, false analysis to misguide
    innocent citizens instead of discussing
    real issues of public. Anchors better called as actors and actresses are Talat
    Hussain (Black Sheep), Kashif Abbasi(Black Sheep), Wasim Badami, Hamid Mir
    (Belong to traitors like mir jafar-mir sadiq), Osama, mazahar abbas, mehar
    bukhari(Black Sheep), asama shirazi(Black Sheep), salim safi(Black Sheep),
    nazir naji(Black Sheep), p.j mir (Another mir jafar-mir sadiq), kamran khan(Black
    Sheep), Freeha Idrees, shahzeb khanzada, ibsar alam(Double Black Sheep), javaid
    chaudhry-gujjar (master of sycophancy, Sabir Shakir(Double Black Sheep),
    Mujibur rehman Shami(Black Sheep), Saeed Ilahi((Black Sheep planted by PML-N in
    din news and one hour time purchased for propaganda in fanour of PML-N and to
    befool public ) and many others. They are “bikao mal” and exert as much as they
    are feeded rupees and dollars. They are a curse for nation.

  • PTI
    and other parties should file petitions in court of law against those TV
    channels and anchors who ridicule their leader Imran Khan and others like in
    dummy museum or by Sohail ahmad as “azizi” by adopting other nefarious tactics
    on name of laughter-Geo is most corrupt (Indian channel-as its major shares are
    owned by a hindu) –corrupt media like dunya news, express news is paid handsome
    amount by PML-N for ridiculing their opponents.

  • Mubshar Luqman agent of Qadianes vary very olds time lf you remembers his old cements during TV . Debating,

  • close