Why You Should not Buy Chinese Tablets?

chinaWe have seen a lot of people talking in favor of the Chinese tablets which come at a modest price and can be bought by anyone, even those with very limited budget.

However, it must be taken into consideration that these tablets are not reliable and should be bought only when you are on an extremely strict budget.

Below listed drawbacks are valid for not only the tablets but for cheaper Chinese Smartphones too. Let’s go straight away to the reasons, why these tablets are not worth buying:

Illegal unlicensed software

To start off, many of these tablets come without official, licensed software from Google which means they are made illegally. This means that their software is vulnerable to more viruses and of course, going to face performance issues and lagginess.

The software issues will definitely increase and the device gets even more laggy in the future, since software updates are usually hard to find,

Cheap build quality, unreliability & stolen design

Most of these tablets come with poor build quality so get ready to bid farewell to them incase you’ve dropped them. Their designs are similar and stolen especially from the iPad (I’ve already seen so many of them). They don’t usually come with warranties and after sale support so chances are narrowed that you’ll be able to repair or exchange them in case of any hardware issues.

No software updates or access to Play Store

Since the companies making these tablets do all this just for financial gain, they never ‘waste’ money on software updates to fix issues or updating the software. And because of the stolen & unlicensed software, they usually don’t have access to the Play Store for downloading apps so downloading your favorite apps will definitely become a headache.

Though you can download APKs for various apps, but again, that’s not legal.

Bad specifications

This was expected, wasn’t it? Because of no access to application stores, poor cameras and only limited pre-installed apps, these tablets will bore you soon. Those ports you see on them might just be there just for the purpose of show-offing.

Performance issues, display & touch input

This is possibly the biggest drawback. To save manufacturing costs, these tablets have low RAMs and aged & underpowered processors. This will cause the tablet to have performance issues which will only worsen with time. Battery life isn’t that great either. Their displays are usually washed out and touchscreens are usually resistive so they actually promise to make your user-experience ‘memorable’.

Low resale value

After a year or two, these products will most probably be rendered unusable so on reselling them, you’ll only get a fraction of your money back as no-one would like to spend their fortunes on a cheap, unreliable and used device.


And all these reasons apply not only to Chinese tablets, but also to all the other cheap Chinese devices too. This article is only scratching the surface and listing the most important points, but you’ll learn about even more trade-offs as you’ll progress in your journey with the tablet.

Its always recommended that you save some more money and buy a good, reliable and branded tablet from a well-known company (like Google Nexus 7). Although not all of the Chinese tablets are like this, but most of them are so why not save your money and make a sensible decision?

  • While this holds true for most of the devices in the market, one may get the MIPS tablets from http://www.ainovo.com. Though the device display doesn’t match to that of higher-end/expensive devices, the performance you get for this price surpasses other tablets in the market.

    • I invite the author and all you people to buy Chinese Quality tabs from us and simply learn more about chinese tablets before commenting about them.
      Survey with atleast 100 people before passing such a statement.WE HAVE BEEN SELLING THEM FOR QUITE SOME TIME AND DEFECT RATE IS ONLY 3% .We Offer FREE CASH ON DELIVERY ACROSS PAKISTAN

  • 1. You are quite right, I bought an android from CHINA brand and was able to use only for 20 to 30 days.

    2. The question is that “Google Nexus 7” is not available for our country (Pakistan), so what to do? Please ask Badar Khushnood (Google Consultant) to arrange availability of Google Nexus 7 tablet in Pakistan

  • I own a chinese tablet and pretty happy with it. I recommend Ainol Elf or Mars, priced at 10k to 12k, pretty good for the price. I think most of the things you have mentioned are way exaggerated. Let me go through them…

    – Illegal unlicensed software
    This is not true. It doesn’t include any propriety stuff. Simple Google open source software (AOSP). Updates are pretty frequent too, if your device is current generation.

    – Cheap build quality, unreliability & stolen design
    True. Not sure about unreliability though.

    – No software updates or access to Play Store
    This is again because of AOSP. Perhaps you know that CyanogenMod doesn’t come with any Google stuff as well. Installing Google Apps is no problem though. Multiple packages are available online that make installing a breeze.

    Bad specifications
    – This is again an impression that if something is chinese it should have bad specifications. Just look for AllWinner A10 chipset specifications on the internet, and you will see how powerful it is. It is even more powerful that Galaxy SII CPU/GPU. Besides it offers FullHDx2 HDMI output, USB host mode (even the most expensive devices don’t offer USB host mode), USB Mass Storage, etc.

    – Performance issues, display & touch input
    Performance is upto the mark as I mentioned above. Display and touch have some issues. Agreed. Again see the price :)

    – Low resale value
    When you buy something for 10k-12k, what do you think to resale it at?? :)

    In summary, I see this tablet for Kids / Grandparents, who don’t have access to any computing platform. This offers them the complete internet / media experience at a very low price. Ofcourse these gadgets won’t appeal to youth though :)

    • A very good reply indeed. You reply is way better than the blog itself. I seriously was thinking the same thing. The blog seems kinda biased.

    • pataykhan well said, Azeem Ullah Hassan does,nt know anything about open source, he has,nt even do research before posting, pro pakistani needs to have some standards as to whose articles it posts

    • i think the author know nothing about tablets and the current boom in Chinese technology, they have become far superior now , built quality and design has become outstanding ,not only this big companies like asus, lenovo , acer and other are now started using Chinese made processors in their tablets that are now made in china , so all n all Chinese tablets rocks “if” you know the technology and have a sense of buying the correct one by specs , i my self using a Chinese tablet for over an year and have no issue with it and built quality is very good.

  • Not the Fact!
    Chinese Tablets like Ainol Novo, Hero Tab are very cool design, software updates, better screen results.
    Only cameras are not so sophisticated.
    But in 1/4th or 1/3rd of the price of ipad, Htc or samsung these tabs are much affordable and I think better.

  • Ainol Novo 7 Aurora is the best China Tablet to date, Lots of custom Roms and Mods, Rooting, Unrooting, Cyanogen Mod – Man everything is available for this tablet on the Internet, and yes its a Chinese Tablet. :D

  • My colleague has bought Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II. lemme tell you it’s wonderful in every aspect. Reliability may be the reason but it’s come with 1 year warranty.
    Only problem so far faced is wifi signal reception, tablet fails to catch poor signals. Otherwise it’s a quality product.

  • I guess people should wait for google nexus tablet that is quiet good and cheap .. only 200 to 250$ ..

  • For everyone commenting that this post is not right, I wrote in the very last line that ‘not all of the Chinese tablets are like this’ and by that I meant that some tablets like Ainol etc. are good too. And if you’ll buy them online, you can get replacement warranty too. I never criticised EVERY Chinese tablet in the market.

  • If something that one thinks worth in limited amount of money then why not one should buy it.

    • Of course. In the end it all depends on the user. But my advice is that people should save some more money and buy a refined product, instead of wasting everything. But the users have to decide whats right for them and what they want.

  • the author iss telling crap…
    there are a lot of excellent chineeses tablets now available and the issues author mentioned are just bullshit i own one and its excellent

  • Here is my personal Experience. Please Note that I am writing this with my Real Name, and Location as a proof of my Identity and NOT with a fake Nick:

    Few days ago I bought a QMobile, E995 Knight. Now I am feeling that perhaps I traded my Rs.8800. for NOTHING. The touch screen is poor in response. I visited the official website of Qmobile for Application & Games Download but simply got NOTHING. Now, what I have in my hand is a piece of “GARBAGE” which is not even worth few hundreds.

    So, my advise to the all people is, “Sasta Rulaai baar baar, mehinga rulaai 1 baar”

  • Woooooo Ainol Novo 7 Aurora this tablet rocks in specs. Beats ipad in both price and specs gonna buy a used One lol

  • I think you should write this post 8 months back, Now Chinese Tablets like Ainol GEMEI and few others are awesome price ranges from 10k to 22k

  • The writer hit the entire china product industry without realizing that only some products fall in the categories he mentioned.

    Chinese products are of every quality, even Apple devices are made in China. It’s upto a consumer which quality grade he choses.

    For illegal softwares, I dis-agree. I haven’t come across any single chinese device that has illegal software. They always use open source software, which are perfectly legal to use in any way one wants to.

    sorry to say, but disappointed in the author and his research. Seems he had some bad experience or some one was discussing these things in corridor. He just picked up and wrote without doing any real research.

      • Unfortunately, you generalized, which is a wrong approach.

        like I said, many manufacturing products are Chinese and are of high quality. The problem is that, if standards are not enforced in our country, then we cannot blame chinese products for that.

        It’ll be nice if you can show statistics as how many products are made by chinese companies and how many of them are ‘useless’ as you say.

        I would ask you that how many products you tested yourself?

        It’s just that you may knew 10-15 products in this category and you tagged the whole chinese product industry with low quality products, which is unfortunate.

        Moreover, chinese never claim these products to be of high quality, so even if they are not good quality, China at least mentioned it’s quality grade etc.

        I personally think this article shouldn’t have been written this way.

        If it would have written to suggest people what to consider while buying chinese products, that would have added value.

  • I dont agree with this. Because i bought Chinees Tablet from China at a very cheap price. It has been almost a year im using it, playing games, watching HD video and its working wounderfully well and even if after some tym it creats any problem i’ll think my money is paid off. As for as unofficial firmware usage is concerned, Let me tell u one thing in most of the android handsets Official Firmware sucks and i had been using customized firmware which worked absolutly well with increased performance and also give u option to customized ur set way you want by roming ur handset. So the moral of the story is Official and un-official is just a matter of words or we can say legal and illegal also just words. Its my personal experience because im hardcore user of android and symbian devices.

  • You are right Jawed Zaib!! The writer doesn’t have any idea about the Chinese tab market and just wrote out against it.
    I bought cherry challenger tablet PC from Symbios online shop. And I am pretty much satisfied about the money I spent on purchasing Cherry challenger. It’s not necessary that we buy Chinese gadgets when we have budget constraints, but the thing is when we can buy quality and competitive specifications in a quality gadget like cherry challenger then why to go for expensive gadgets?
    As far as Illegal unlicensed softwares are concerned, in cherry challenger I got android Ice cream Sandwich which is nowadays considered the top selling software plus not virus supported at all. This supports Google play store applications as well. In addition, cherry.pk is offering various supportive softwares.
    Coming to the Specifications of cherry challenger. It is loaded with 1.2 GHz of processor and Micro SD card supportive, up to 32 GB plus also supports skype video calling.
    As far as anyone is happy with such gadgets, why should to sell this gadget to check its resale value? Why do spend lot of money when product like cherry is satisfying my requirements.

  • Ainol Novo products are exclusively availble by the sole distributor in Pakistan by http://www.Shopnshop.pk

    They provide 3 months replacement warranty for around rupee 2000 extra to let the buyer have peace of mind.

    Ainol Aurora II and ELF II , are the best products I have seen so far. Their built Quality is fantastic in terms of durability and portability.

    One can get these tablets at home by Ordering online and contact the wholesale distributor.

    Contact information is available on website and they will deliver the product using TCS and you have to make the payment at doorstep.


    1. Ainol products are available in two prices. One without warranty and other with 3 months replacement and 6 months service warranty.

    2. Only Different between Aurora and ELF versions is their Scree. Though ELF got really got contrast and responsive screen but Aurora got LG IPS Screen. Its the same screen used in iPAD/iPhone. So I recommend to get Aurora II

  • Another addition to previous post

    Aurora and ELF products are both holding DUAL Core processors and seperate GPU processor to play Movies and Games at highest possible level.

  • azeem bhai many points (wich you mention above) also apply on well known brand product wich you are recommending.
    cheap and built quality.look at Samsung built quality plastics toys
    stolen design”Samsung also known as copy cat.
    bad spec” many well known company release their device with horrible specs and with high price tag.
    software update” if you buying high price and well known device its not mean you will get software update look at android’s big boy Samsung galaxy s never get ics update
    low resale value “who told you that well known companies product have very good resale value only those devices wich are famous(samsung galaxy s2 etc) have good resale value other get a** kick

  • 100% agreed that author wrote this post without even experiencing any chinese tablet himself, he was just envious that now people who can’t afford high end expensive mobiles, tablets have the chinese tablets with specs better than the branded ones.
    Delete this post you idiot…………

    • i totally agree with the phrase “envious that now people who can’t afford high end expensive mobiles, tablets have the chinese tablets with specs better than the branded ones”
      perfectly suits the brand concious people.
      But man be polite tough :)

  • Either the author has difficulty expressing himself in English or he does not know the market reality.

    The term “Chinese Tablets” is TRUE for almost all tables. Be it Samsung, Asus, Ipad or no name brands.

    The author should not buy any tablet because thay are all Chinese.

    If the tablet has Android then there is NO question of illegal software becasue Android is opensource.

    If you are going to buy crap chinese, american or japanese then bad things are going to happen with anything. There are some good chinese brands like Ainol that even sell in the western world.

    So, please don’t listen to the article. He seriously needs education in Technology and Market realities.

  • the chines markets is now stable on the world, and he making different qualities for any country, and he will make a 3rd class quality for us, therefor i think the regional things should be arranging like Nokia N9,

  • I must agree with the author of this article. In the past year I bought two, said to be good quality, tablets from China, and both ended up either broken or flawed in various ways.

    People here mention the Ainol Aurora Novo 7: Go to the forum of this tablet’s users and you will see 50% positive, and 50% negative comments including problems with overheating, poor wi-fi etc. For some it is fixed, for others not. And the fixing itself requires work from the user end – this type of product is definitely better for the computer-savvy types, not the general public who know little about ROMs and things.

    I agree: Why buy cheap? Why not save a little more and buy quality at a higher price, but know it will be more stable and have a better warranty, including having better customer support.

    • Go to the users of famous brand names. You’ll see complaints.

      Sometimes there are so many complaints from well established brands that they have recall their product. But that happens in the west.

      It’s just that established brands spend huge amounts of money to train your mind to like them.

      Dude, there is something called “defect rate” ALL, i say that again, ALL Factories in the world belonging to ANY brand have defect rate.

      Quality companies have lower defect rate than others.

      Every 1000 products made by Sony Japan will have few that will not work at all, some will have minor defects.

      Please learn about market realities. Become a savvy consumer.

      I am not with Ainol but I know they have 3 months replacement warranty. If it does not work in those three months get a new one from Ainol Pakistan.

  • my mummy says, it depend on your back pocket, if you wanna buy iphone on Rs5000 than what would you expect!:)

  • Why isn’t there any bluetooth in Chinese tablets, how do people with Chinese tablets transfer data from their friends etc.

    Any solutions

    • Forget about bluetooth little guy .. It’s the era of white tooth ,,, lol ,, each chinese laptop is wifi enabled ,, Use this

  • Mein kahan se is tarah ka tablet khareed skta hun lahore se? aur kis brand ka kharedna chahye. in range of 12k.

  • i dont agree with the draw backs of chinese tablets …they are right but for most people these dont advantages dont matter…. for example i use tabblet to read books and specially pdf books and i use android tablet which i purchased in 8000 rs with usb key board and i am more than happy

  • Dear author
    after wasting a lot of time on the article i was wishing to see the data on which you based the results but is see nothing.. so without any data any name of Chinese tablet manufacturer how are you saying so many things with such a confidence ?
    btw u seem to be an apple guy ? i LMAO at u saying they copied ipad designs..
    kid don’t write again .. u are seriously ill informed and ill acceptable to write on such a good blog…

  • it is true and as mobile phones have mastered our market which are of low quality same will be the case with those tablets

  • i bought Samsung galaxy tab from thailand… its china phone. and my brother is using actual galaxy note but he cant make difference of performance… no touch issues … no display or anyother issue.

    the software it uses is android it self and we can access to play store and other apps same as in note and tablet. i forgot to mention i already have Samsung tablet. and i m pretty much satisfied with chinese note. its not lagging or anything

    We should not only say it wont be good just bcaz its chinese …

  • PTCL’s GIS program stood out amongst more than 100,000 others worldwide programs for its outstanding use of GIS technology in the existing network.

    This is complete bullshit. I have had several Chinese Tablets and found them to be at par with Apple. there is no problem with software. I am sure he has never purchased one rupee worth software himself and talks of stolen soft ware and lack of support.
    This article is a disgrace.



  • 20 words.

    the whole story is a complete crap…. so guys don’t worry and don’t listen to this person, go for China made tablet PC’s,,,, they are awesome, the author of this article is MAD……

  • Its just a matter of cost vs benefits.
    If you are spending 60k+ only for browsing or playing casual games, in the name of branded apple, think again…

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