PTCL Increases EVO Prices

PTCL EVOPTCL has increased the monthly rental for its EVO and EVO WiFi services by Rs 100 per month.

A notice published on PTCL website said that unlimited package for PTCL EVO and EVO WiFi will now cost Rs. 2,100 per month for all prepaid and postpaid customers, which was earlier charged at Rs. 2,000 per month.

Notice on PTCL website reads:

PTCL Management has decided to revise the monthly charges of “EVO Unlimited Package” for its valued existing and new EVO subscribers.

PTCL EVO Offers the most fabulous packages ever including the only truly unlimited wireless broadband now at Rs.2,100 monthly

New monthly rental of Rs. 2,100 will be applicable from tomorrow, i.e. August 1st, 2012.

All other packages for PTCL EVO will remain same. You can keep reading to know the details.

Revised PTCL EVO Price Plans:

  • EVO Unlimited (Unlimited downloads): Rs. 2,100 per month (Prepaid/postpaid)
  • EVO GO (5 GB Limit): Rs. 899 per month – Rs. 0.10/Mb for additional usage
  • EVO Lite (10 GB Limit) Rs. 1,199 per month – Rs. 0.10/Mb for additional usage
  • EVO Day Pass (1 GB data limit for 24 Hour): Rs. 100 per day

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price increase of Unlimited Package is applicable to all Evo customers currently paying Rs.2, 000 monthly charges for Postpaid or Prepaid Evo Max Package.
  • Price is being increased by Rs.100 monthly to Rs. 2,100 monthly W.E.F 1st August 2012.
  • Price increase is applicable to Evo USB and Evo Wi-Fi Cloud devices.
  • Price increase will not be applicable for customers who have already paid advance line rent on promotional bundle packages of Evo USB and Evo Wi-Fi Cloud during the duration of the promotional bundle.
  • Price increase will be applicable on promotional bundle packages after expiry of the bundle duration (4th month onwards for Evo USB and 5th month onwards for Evo Wi-Fi Cloud customers).
  • All other terms & conditions will remain the same.

  • khan

    will it be applicable on student package as well?

    • Pakistan Classified Ads

      No Student Package is offered on EVO. :)

      • It is offered in several universities !

        • Can you please tell me monthly charges of EVO Student package ??

          Also is it unlimited or are there any cap on this package ?


          • Student package is truly unlimited and its price is about Rs.1500/month not sure but first it was Rs.1200/month

            • for GCU lahore students, EVO 3G Unlimited for Rs 1000

              • khan

                its 1000 per month on student package.

            • bilal

              me paying 1300/- for unlimited..

              • mein ne apne dost se device lee hai, how do i know weather im on student package or not ?

      • Zohaib

        Yeah its 1000/month. truely unlimited until now but not sure about future

        • and whats the price of EVO Device ??

          • khan

            i got it a week back, device charges are Rs 3000



    • Ahmad

      yeah it has discount for several uni, students i also hve this in Rs.1400/motnh wid unlimited but i dont use it since a year

  • Zaki


    • Shahid Saleem

      So use Worldcall EVO, instead.

    • Salman Abbas

      I dont think they have a monopoly in wireless internet?

  • Its a Ramadan Gift from ptcl and maybe on eid they cut down on normal charges as a gift for eid. Lolz

  • Ahmad

    Dimagh khrab ho gya hy itni ghatya service ke itne ziada charges
    Wateen is much much better in Rs. 1550
    U torrent downloading Minimum speed 100/kbps & maximum 150/kbps on wateen & On Evo its just 0.5/mbps

    • Ali

      0.5 mbps is greater speed than 150kbps

    • i totaly agrred with you

    • I am using Broadband and got 0.8 speed on
      And on torrent I have 0.5…
      it also depends on area for Evo where u get signals or not…:)

    • khan

      wateen service sucks big time.i used it for about a was quite good in start but now its getting pathetic as their number of users increased.

      • Ahmad

        2,3 yrs ago i use wateen its running not good then i convert to evo its run good just for 2 months after that its deadly slow in 100% signals strength.
        after wateen relaunch i bought wateen again & now im using this from oct 2011 now Im fully setisfied from its speed

  • Zain

    well i have recharged my ptcl evo device earlier this month of july with 2000…. would i have to pay 2100 again on 1st of august… kindly tell me.. thank you!!

  • farhan

    can any one tell they got full speed like 3mb speed because my maximum speed connecting is 1.4mb or some time only mostly its going from 100kb to 700kb ……
    now use Qubee the best….

  • enjoying evo in 50% discount rate :X

  • Shahid

    @Abdul Qadoos

    how and where?

  • PTCL is largest broadband, but they should not increase the rates further more. I was thinking to buy EVO for my self

  • Muhammad Anas

    At one hand they are decreasing EVO nitro device monthly rental by RS/ 1000 (on evo nitro monthly line rent which was RS 3000 previously )

    and at the other end increasing the price of their less valued service by RS/ 100.
    I really cant understand this.

  • Faisal

    It seems like EVO is running on petrol. EVO price increases with increase in petrol price :-)

  • Ly Dus Aye ki gal hoe

  • Salman Abbas

    I was expecting it kion ke Pakistani Rupee ki value bohat ghat gai hai.

  • Sorry guys at student pakage 7 gb of fup applied now….Forget abour unlimited….I hate this act of PTCL for Students………..

  • sohail

    agar ptcl walay device ki 1 year money back guarantee dete to accha hota yani agar kabhi koi problem aaye to banda ptcl jaye unke mun par usb mare aur apne paise unse wapis lele (:

  • Ahmed

    speed kam hay aur raqam berhaty ja tahy hain……

  • Rashid

    Now there is a Fair usage policy of 100GB over it
    So there is actually no “truly unlimited” connection in Pakistan

  • mumtaz

    agar koi black EVO seal kar rah ha to ……….. tell me at facebook [email protected]

    only Rwp and Islamabad

  • maria

    i have evo 3g 3.1Mbps and have daily package but get the satisfying speed as it is 3.1Mbps so i must have to get 1Mbps and evo gives me only 200Kbps. why? can any tell me plzzzzzzz…… :(

    • hamzahammmad

      you should attach an antina with usb

    • Usama

      this is Pakistan Maria…just see & wait….:)

  • kashia

    hy me kashia mujhe apni usb sale karni hai ager kisi ko chahye to wo mujhse le le plzzzz

  • M.Faizan

    Mi ne EVO10GB package leya hi, kestarah pata chalay ga keh mi ne ketna istemal kia aur ketna baqi hi.? Agar kesi ko tareeqa malom ho to plz bata dejeye. thnx

  • salman

    i’m Using Docter Package at 50 %..Not much for me