Google’s New Doodle Celebrates Pakistan’s 65th Independence Day

google doodle pakistan

Just like last year, Google has again displayed today a brilliant independence day doodle at its Google Pakistan page.

Unlike last year’s doodle where a crescent and a star was displayed above the second ‘g’ and a Minar-e-Pakistan was placed in place of ‘l’ (and the color changed to green, of course) this years doodle has got a complete make over and instead features a traditional design and artwork (similar to the artworks you see on lorries everyday!).

This is a remarkable way to celebrate the 65th independence anniversary of our motherland and something that we people deserve as Google Pakistan is among Pakistan’s most-visited websites. So to all the Pakistanis living both in abroad and in Pakistan, a very happy 65th independence day to you.

  • Ahmad Awais

    Yes I noticed it. Last year one was very beautiful. This one depict handicrafts and truck design culture.

  • Happy Independence Day to you Azeem. Thanks for the great post.

  • Saima

    Yes Google always ahead Thanx for sharing

  • SeaShore


  • MMM

    Looking good.

  • A

    This one is also very good.

  • A

    Also, I noticed also showing this doodle does it mean it is visible at and being display to all visitors not just limited to can someone confirm

    • No its only available in

    • Ali

      Ya same question. Admin can you confirm it please!

    • Zaigham

      No, its not “Global” as Google call it. It will only be served to the requests originating from Pakistan.

    • It’s appearing for those only how are visiting from Pakistan. I’ve tested it on an anonymous site, and it displayed Google’s own logo.

    • farah awan

      i want to add something here, last year the doodle was only displayed on which according to my information is maintained and controlled by Pakistan but this year the doodle is displayed on as well…. yeyyyYYYyyy \m/

      • Shahid Saleem

        — last year the doodle was only displayed on which according to my information is maintained and controlled by Pakistan

        Wrong, Pakistan has no control over

    • Nope

      It is not, you can confirm it using a vpn or a proxy site here you go:

    • Saad Durrani

      It is for Pakistan only!

    • Shahzad

      No, here in switzerland and France is not displaying it. I guess it is just limited to plus if you access it from Pakistan.

  • beautiful but green color required Moore.


    Thanks team google

  • Fakhre alam

    @A ….. Only limited to Even if u type u will be redirected to

  • Azfar Ansari

    I love google, geway geway Pakistan.
    | ! (* ;
    Abi tk chimti han zanjeren gulami ki
    Din aa jata ha azadi ka azadi nahi ati


  • D

    No, its not visible worldwide. Only People who are accessing the internet from inside Pakistan can see it.

  • MMM

    no it’s not showing on

  • Hayat Khan

    the most useful and looking very good.

  • Shahzad

    By the way, Happy independence day to you all

  • Yes,,It is visible at also.

  • D

    Dear non techy people, its not global. Google is displaying that doodle through the originating ip. If you are accessing the internet from inside Pakistan then the content that is displayed on or is always gonna be Pakistan related. In short, people of other countries are not gonna see it.

  • danish

    | ! (* ;

    Great going Google.You rocks!! Pakistan Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad. dekho site should also be given an applause for promoting Pakistani products a head of other products