Block (Prepaid) SIMs, Wrap Up Businesses and Go Back Home [Part 1]

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25IN_REHMAN_MALIK_34218eThat’s what Mr. Rehman Malik was actually trying to imply when the other day he commented that blockade of cellular services in Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Quettra on Eid Day went successful and government is now considering to completely ban prepaid SIMs in Pakistan in order to attain better law and order situation in the country.

Let me quote Express Tribune here, following is what Mr. Malik exactly said:

Blockade of mobile phone services in different areas of Pakistan on Eid-ul-Fitr was of benefit.

Mobile phones have become the biggest weapon of terrorists in the country, and the blockade of prepaid services is being reviewed.

Mr. Rahman Malik’s satirical performance has amused many in the past, but his this technological stunt (an area which is beyond his abilities) has actually astonished the industry which now fears that the man is capable of doing anything to prove his mental incapability.

Telecom experts, that we have spoken with so far, believe that this banning of prepaid SIMs is impossible. No country in the world would allow the business slaughter of this magnitude, given the country head is not a mad man.

They said it is valiant of Mr. Malik to even issue such a statement, ill-advised though but a valiant statement, that could eventually axe billions of dollars floating in the country in addition to hundred of thousands of jobs that keep millions of kitchens running.

It merits mentioning here that out of 118 million mobile phone subscribers in the country, there are hardly one million postpaid subscribers, which means if ever imposed such a ban it will leave the telecom industry with one million subscribers in whole or 250,000 subscribers for each operator (Telenor, for instance, had approximately 326,000 postpaid subscribers at the end of second quarter 2012) to start the play again.

We have confirmed with cellular companies, they were neither communicated of this possible prepaid ban before nor they were consulted on the issue in advance.

Cellular companies are in fact in state of shock, when they hadn’t recovered from previous trauma of cellular shut down in four major cities during prime time of the year.

If not to ban prepaid SIMs, then what is the solution?

Before we talk of solution, many of us who aren’t even aware of the problem, let me describe the problem.

One word: Un-registered SIMs.

Terrorists/culprits use un-registered SIMs for misdeeds, leaving no way for law enforcement agencies to track the numbers.

We, here at ProPakistani, will give Mr. Rahman Malik a viable and working solution of the whole situation that too without banning prepaid SIMs. But since we are doing this post in parts, we will propose our solution in next part tomorrow morning, inshAllah.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • On an additional note, banning prepaid SIM doesn’t seem impossible, for a Minister who can shut down cellular services in four major cities of country on Eid day.

      • The Law and Peace of our country is in bad condition, only because of the incompetence, corruption (Swiss Bank Accounts) and selfishness of the ruling class, who badly failed to deliver anything good to the people of Pakistan during their last 4 years of power.

        This whole drama has only ONE real basis, “They are very much afraid from the Power of SMS which has emerged as a new TOOL of Expressing Public Opinion Against the Corrupt and Incompetent Rulers”

        In Civilized Countries and Societies, A Government or Its Minister IMMEDIATELY RESIGNS if there is any type of Failure. Even in India the Minister was changed when there was power failure for just a few days.

        Our LoadShadding is on its peak. Our rulers changed our power Minister, but didnot lower his status but upgraded it as he is now the Prime Minister.

        The problem is not with the Prepaid or any technology. These Corrupt rulers want to push the people back to the “Prehistoric Stone Age Times of PTV”. They are uncomfortable with EVERYTHING which EXPOSES their Corruption, be it Independant News TV Channels or Expression of Public Opinion through SMS.

        Is Rehman Malik the Only Competent Person to be the Interior Minister? Is there NO any person more Competent than him in the whole 18 crore people?

        • Is it a rocket science to verify the antecedents of mobile sim owners? NOT at ALL, if there is a REAL WILL to DO so. Even this can be done easily within six (6) months. Simply, All existing mobile sim owners should be asked to personally appear before their nearest NADRA offices, submit a list of their mobile phone numbers on a prescribed form, and the data so collected by NADRA may be sent to the PTA. After the expiry of six (6) months period, all unverified sims must be blocked till these are verified through this way.

    • problem can be solved if they put leash on their extortionist, which they have no plan of doing.

  • its very very easy to verify ownership of sims through different processes to make sure that its not misused but govt. has gone mad after kamra attacks. tukkay maar rahay hain sab

  • Telcos have failed to solve the problem of “Un-registered SIMs” in 3 years so what do you expect? I’ll go for “close businesses” :p

  • I was waiting for this post from 2-3 days. But might be pp was busy in celebrating Eid. Not all facts and opinions are discussed. Hopefully be discussed in next part/parts. I request pp please translate this post in Urdu on Priority. So that people like me also able to get the complete context. Thanks.

  • Clarification: According to a story carried by today’s Jang newspaper, the prepaid SIMs are to be blocked in phases but will be resumed after thorough verification of each customer. Which is still crazy but well, a little less crazy than what he sounds in the post above.

  • These are all means to attain other goals. The all tainted chairman PTA farooq awan has already called a meeting on this matter according to the news.

    Farooq Awan’s appointment was in itself a very big stain on the whole process. I am un able to understand why propk is silent on this..

  • aur support karo in military walay losers ko. tum awam say har cheez cheen jaey gi. magar dehshatgardi khatm nahi ho gi.
    waja jab dil main mout ka darr aur dunya ki muhabbatt(plots,jobs,AC,facilities) paida ho aey tou yehi hota hai.aur hamari fauj in sab ki aadi ho chuki hai

  • Mr. Malik & His Failed Govt. Need Handsome Commission at the end of their Tenure, so their Think Tanks Suggest them to make an issue of un-issue things.
    I hope this time Political thugs point a gun on Cellular Thugs…
    Enjoy new stupid issue who is created by Mr. Malik and his Leaders.

  • Terrorists drink water, stop water supply, they will die of thurst

    Terrorists use MotorBikes,Cars,Trucks ban all of them and u will have SECURE PAKISTAN

    • hahahahaha…this is the point…apni ineligibility ko hide krna easy ha by providing headache to public

    • Agreed. Why not ban wearing cloths? Terrorists wear Cloths also. Why not ban cloths so that Suicide Bombers may not be able to hide anything under their dress?

      Already poor, below poverty line society ONLY because of Corruption and Incompetence of Rulers. Let’s have a NAKED society. This will also help Government in saving face on the issue of high price of clothing

  • Just want to clear this, you said “which means if ever imposed such a ban it will leave the telecom industry with one million subscribers in whole” BUT if prepaid sims are blocked people will start using postpaid services and the number of post paid subscribers will not remain one million only. you dont think that in that way the number of postpaid subscribers will also increase and may be with in some time you will have 118 million post paid subscribers subscribers.

    • If ever imposed, it will change the market dynamics. All operators will have to start over again from Zero – giving a competitive disadvantage to larger/older operators and advantage to smaller/newer operators.

  • Rehman malik just want to destroy all businesses running in pakistan. he is infact biggest terrorist destroying pakistan’s economically.

  • This SOB is the tycoon of telecom business in UK I think he is preparing grounds launch his company in pak.

  • I know!!!

    Terrorists use improperly or illegally registered CNIC cards! The government has failed to prevent this for about ten years. Therefore, let us shut down the government.

  • I think they want some butha tax from the companies by threatening them.
    I but i am in favour of closing prepaid sim

  • They just want to destroy pakistan stuppid and illiterate leaders we have. Its our mistake not them because we elect them by giving vote. jaag pakistani jaag

  • AMIR bhai I think he is talking about ban on new prepaid sim connections. Existing connections will not be effected.

  • if PTA stop doing Lazy work un-Registered SIMs can be registered in very short period of time, Telecom companies are also responsible , they are just crazy about increasing their customer lists without worrying about any thing…

    Rehman Baba is mad ..even the head of State is mad so any thing is possible in Banana Republic !!

  • Well , Blockage of prepaid sims or simply blockage or any active user will be a huge loss for GSM operators. There are very precise solution that can be suggested to government. I can suggest many good solutions that are implemented in some other mulitnation organizations.
    One of the solution in my mind is to have expiry of SIMs just like ATM cards and new SIMs to be posted at customers home address thus will verify his identify and sim will also be in safe hands.
    2nd PTA help line need to be more active to monitor all unused, unregistered sims and all fake sms/calls. Currently PTA help line doesnt seems to be working even.


  • The really funny thing about this is that countries in the West, even ones with problems with terrorism, let you buy prepaid sims (with our without phones) without giving anyone a name or id card. Just pay cash, you have it.

  • i have one solution for that ,, issue only one sim per cnic, sell sims to 18+ of age people only mother cnic number should be necessary for sim activation.

  • When you know nothing about Telecom, you make stupid decisions like this and make fun of yourself.

  • terrorists p*ty bhi kartey hain hamla karney se pehle , _______ karney pe pabandi laga do , na wo p*ty karein gay aur na hamla kar sakein gay tension se….

    problem solved rahman baba

  • I guess we should not take this news seriously. As Mr.Malik said we ARE THINKING to do so, let him think akhri din chal rahay hain govt k :).

    Suggestion: To get rid of un-registered sim cellular providers can apply this solution as well. They can send a letter with a PIN code to registered users home address. The user will have to send that PIN code to any specific short code in this way the address will be confirmed of the registered user. Cellular providers can block SIMs of unverified home address. This way moneybookers, paypal and other transactional companies verifies the addresses.

  • This ________ is running himself telcom company and giant operator of Gray traffic he wanted to terminate business of major telcom operator and get major junk of gray traffic

  • The Gov can block all the prepaid sims if they want to, But yes a step towards it may results in revenue loss in shape of taxes.

  • I dont understand what is wrong with this PPP govt, i have lived in europe & mid east for most part of my life, ppl in europe are basically living in fear becoz of some stupid agenda but their interior minister doesnt stand up & shouts that ban this ban that, we are already facing internet censorship in pakistan & now mobile banning is on its way, whats next BANNING LIFE n general, rehman malik is nuts plain & simple doesn’t think before he barks.
    What country in the world slaughters their own telecom sector, & most surprising of all our MEDIA is following this news like a flock of sheep, i mean come on where is the COMMON SENSE.
    PTA cant block unregistered sims in PAK how will they overcome this blunder i wonder.
    Mr rehman baba aka bodyguard should focus on equipping our intelligence & security agencies with the latest technology & trainings & should emphasize on making the intelligence network stronger, our enemy is far smarter then we think they will find other ways to harm us, so in the end we have to reply on our agencies to counter them, nobody is focusing on the role of our security agencies & how we can make their performance even better.

  • In my opinion, keeping in view the security hazard associated with unregistered SIM’s which we all are aware of, all Operators should start blocking more than 1 SIM on Single CNIC. For customers having a connection on 1 CNIC in more than 1 Network should be sent an SMS in 2nd Phase to choose which network he prefers and the rest should be blocked.

    Then the customer who wishes to have that 1 connection should be asked to visit the Franchise/ Service center and provide a proper verifiable address against his Prepaid SIM number.

    Only after the Address is verified properly should the customer’s SIM be allowed to work on that network. For new Prepaid connections, same address verification procedure, as is mandatory for getting a postpaid connection should be applicable and the SIM should be delivered at that given Postal Address.

    MNP should have the same strict process and all Pre Active SIM’s in the market should be banned.

  • it means Rehman Malik has saved 2.6 billion rupees of a poor country… it is permitted this amount has gone to pocket of rich companies… Rehman sahib we are with you and we can do everything for the sake beloved pakistan…it is no problem if 2.6 billion became loss to cellular companies just to save the lives of pakistani people… money is no compareision against loss of lives…. Allah Hafiz… jeye pakistan

  • A very funny idea to shift the responsibility from their own shoudlers. The idea of blocking prepaid SIM is not workable as in Pakistan, we have large prepaid subscriber base as opposed to postpaid which is a favourable model in view to economic and demographic condition of this country. This ideal also validate the fact that the are unable to monitor the telecom traffic the way other countries do despite the fact that they have the lastest technologies deployed here in Pakistan.

  • The Indians are coming.. Destroy local businesses and industry so that Indians, Chinese and rest of the world can have no local competition, at all.

  • it’s not a solution to a problem. My mobile got snatch during ban on pillion riding by two snatchers on two different bikes, similarly, there would be some another nasty way for terrorist even after banning prepaid sim.

  • Excellent Step by Government and Rehman Malik…. All prepaid must be closed with immediate effects, this not only reduce security risk but also one of the big step to stop sexual activities, phone sex and many other bad taboos.

    Keep it going… I am in favor of this step.

    • Yes, i am also infavour of this good step. pre-paid sim must be closed soon. post-paid is much better option for the solution….

    • If you are so worried about phone sex and other “sexual activities”, why do you think switching to postpaid will fix any of that???

      think man think!

  • Malik just want these Operators to shut down their names(because they are not willing for 3G), and new Operators come on board (just for the license fee) :(


    Pee-Pee-Pee’s every minister cause real damage to almost all sectors in Pakistan why Telecom sector is is left behind? So Rehman Malik is paying his all attentions towards telecom sector rather than improving security measures.

    My Middle Finger Salutes these kind of security measures!

  • Un-Registered Sims is two words :D:D
    Mr. Malik is the epicenter of all the worlds’ stupidity, idoitotcity and a retardicity.

  • Well somehow its a good idea still companies dont have actual identity of users of sims so if only postpaid works only that person will use the sim who will pay the bill of his name lol
    i will go with close business :P

  • Okay! Let me ask something to you Mr. Malik!If there are unregistered SIMs being used for criminal activities then why did’nt you take any action when these sims are being registered????? Way you wake up just now??? dont you think its too early??? I mean its only 4.5 year of your stupid government and I’m sure you are the most stupid minister that this government can have.

    Terrorists activities in Pakistan are not new. It has been happening since the start of your government and is at peak right now. if there are flaws in registering prepaid sims than its your mistake, isnt it so????? Should’nt you imply the new procedure of SIMs registeration before???

    Simply speaking you are not capable of handling the law and order situation in the country and you are only passing the time by giving the statements of this kind.

  • the best way in increasing unemployment…yeh shaitan malik pakistan khaa k rahy ga,pahly log unemployment ki waja say mulk chor k ja rhy hain,prepaid ban honay k baad kia hoga,when i was in pakistan.postpaid sim le the aur itni expensive the k afford karna door ki baat hai jis waja say main prepaid pe agya tha…Ya-Allah humary Pakistan ka in begarat logo say peecha churwa ameen

  • completely ban prepaid SIMs in Pakistan in order to attain better law and order situation in the country. IM VERY HAPPY AND AGREED WITH GOVT

    • Only 1 child allowed to 1 family.
      Only 1 tv allowed to 1 household.
      Only 1 pen allowed to 1 person.
      Only 1 wife allowed to 1 man.
      Only 1 t-shirt allowed to 1 person.

      I am sure all the above will help you attain better law and order situation!!!

  • Dear All,

    I just want to say that many of 1000 Young Girls, Boys was not able talk, meet & evil not worked on Chand Raat this time.

    Think how much peoples was not able to make Gunnah.

    our New generation is going bad & bad due to these SMS packages.

    I urge Govt not to BAN SIM, better BAN SMS Packages, Late night packages, Free Minutes, Gup Shup Corners, Income Calls (Receiving party pay small Amount) Calling party pay Rs. 4 to 5 Rupees per minute.

    this is the best solution. Govt will get big revenue, Taxes & no one will suffer.

  • Eid pe mobile servic bnd krny ki wajh srf ye thi k rahman malik ko cellular companies ne EIDI (u can say bhata) deny se inkar kia tha, haan bhai 3 mnths rah gae hain is govt ko apny 5 yers pory krny m kch kama to len :p fir nxt govt m to in ka chance he nhe hai minister bun-ny ka.

  • Bohat acha iqdaam hai, is se yeah hoga kay aap ki har call aur sms ka bill ayega jis se companies ka fraud bhi pakra jaye ga, kyun kay companies paisay paisay ka fraud karti rehti hain customers se, bila waja extra charging bhi hojati haiu, kai baat jab hum koi offer subscribe karte hain to baaz aukaat charges lag jate hain aur baad mein msg ata hai yeah offer is package per dastiab nahi hai. specially Telenor wale aisa bohat karte hain.

  • I wonder what all this fuss is about? There is NO way Prepaid subscribers will be converted onto Postpaid. There is not a single operator/ country in the world which uses this model.
    The only option would be closure of illegal SIM’s and proper verification of already Active prepaid numbers.
    New prepaids should be activated by the same verification process as is done when purchasing Postpaid or getting a Credit Card. SIM should be “Couriered” on the given postal address for further verification.
    It should be illegal to carry more than 1 SIM on a CNIC. One SIM One Operator. The thinking should be changed, owning a Mobile Phone means one will use it for important purposes like business, work etc. Teenagers, and youngsters should be discouraged by discontinuing bundle packages and free offers. SMS rates should be increased by mutual understanding between operators and a benchmark on voice calls be set and no operator be allowed to go below it.
    PTA has to play its part.

  • i think the best option is to recognise a new authorizing process for issuing pre paid connections.
    and use to update few necessary details from customer on regular interval basis. So that they might sure that the exact owner of the referred connection is using the connection personally or his/her family.
    Poor citizens of Pakistan can’t afford post paid sim cards.
    They have to pay a due bill of nearly 200 Rs per month even if they don’t make calls.
    That,s really unfair.
    PTA need a better control system , not a restrict the connection.

  • we need the security first so we will accept any solution to make our country a save place to live but a good solution should be implemented

    • So explain to me how so many countries that DO have terrorism problems, some even worse than Pakistan. Why those countries DO NOT turn off mobile phones? What is special about OUR problem that we need to do that?

      There is NO SENSE behind this solution. But the government is always willing to do it because chamchas like you support such measures.

  • The loot and plunder by mobile operators has caused this security problems and thousands of human lives in this troubled country. How come saudi Arabia & UAE with its vast mobile networks.STC,Mobily & Itesalat are making billions of dollars in their own countries with un imaginable number of subscribers. Stick to rules and regulations and every one
    Will be benefited. But unfortunately every one wants to make fast buck in this country without thinking about others or country. So close them all please. Let them go home which they will never. At least we will in peace in our country. PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE CLOSE THEM ALL !!!

  • We are with you ( Govt of Paksitan ) pls apply this suggestion and block pre paid connections immly not for temporary but for always.

    That’s great that pre paid numbers are going finish. It is helpful for our security as well as helpful for our youth people which are going in to wrong track. Gob bless you Mr. Rehman Malik you will also get more sawab when young peoples stop his ill-mannered activities behind his parents eyes

  • in ko chahye sab se pehlay mulq se corruption door keren jo k in ma b ha aur in k idaaron ma .. jahan tak prepaid sims ki bat ha jin ki proper registered nai han un ki keren na bnd… bijli gas sab cheen lia in begerat hukmaraano ne aur ab mobile b.. achi repo bana rahay han ye pakistan ki k pakistan ko log is bat se janen k pakistan wo mulq ha jahan kabi lafht nai hoti kabi gas nai aur ab cell phone b nai !! yeh hukmaraan qaimath k din kabhi b nai bakhshay ja saktay

  • This 1st good plan of this Govt. & Rehman Malik. This is good thinking. Mobile connection would be proper regularized & address verified. This is only way to address verification of consumers.

  • He should convert his incompetancy into real competancy and should surf his skills to overcome his such ill mannerd aproach.If the energy of Mr.Malik shifts towards a positive change it would be better fo him n all.Blocking prepaid sims means “Shut the Only Industry Who,s giving the most high revenues”

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