Block (Prepaid) SIMs, Wrap Up Businesses and Go Back Home [Part 1]

25IN_REHMAN_MALIK_34218eThat’s what Mr. Rehman Malik was actually trying to imply when the other day he commented that blockade of cellular services in Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Quettra on Eid Day went successful and government is now considering to completely ban prepaid SIMs in Pakistan in order to attain better law and order situation in the country.

Let me quote Express Tribune here, following is what Mr. Malik exactly said:

Blockade of mobile phone services in different areas of Pakistan on Eid-ul-Fitr was of benefit.

Mobile phones have become the biggest weapon of terrorists in the country, and the blockade of prepaid services is being reviewed.

Mr. Rahman Malik’s satirical performance has amused many in the past, but his this technological stunt (an area which is beyond his abilities) has actually astonished the industry which now fears that the man is capable of doing anything to prove his mental incapability.

Telecom experts, that we have spoken with so far, believe that this banning of prepaid SIMs is impossible. No country in the world would allow the business slaughter of this magnitude, given the country head is not a mad man.

They said it is valiant of Mr. Malik to even issue such a statement, ill-advised though but a valiant statement, that could eventually axe billions of dollars floating in the country in addition to hundred of thousands of jobs that keep millions of kitchens running.

It merits mentioning here that out of 118 million mobile phone subscribers in the country, there are hardly one million postpaid subscribers, which means if ever imposed such a ban it will leave the telecom industry with one million subscribers in whole or 250,000 subscribers for each operator (Telenor, for instance, had approximately 326,000 postpaid subscribers at the end of second quarter 2012) to start the play again.

We have confirmed with cellular companies, they were neither communicated of this possible prepaid ban before nor they were consulted on the issue in advance.

Cellular companies are in fact in state of shock, when they hadn’t recovered from previous trauma of cellular shut down in four major cities during prime time of the year.

If not to ban prepaid SIMs, then what is the solution?

Before we talk of solution, many of us who aren’t even aware of the problem, let me describe the problem.

One word: Un-registered SIMs.

Terrorists/culprits use un-registered SIMs for misdeeds, leaving no way for law enforcement agencies to track the numbers.

We, here at ProPakistani, will give Mr. Rahman Malik a viable and working solution of the whole situation that too without banning prepaid SIMs. But since we are doing this post in parts, we will propose our solution in next part tomorrow morning, inshAllah.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK