Omar Manzur Moved Back to PR Department of Mobilink

Omar-ManzurOmar Manzur, the director at a recently formed HR Department of Mobilink, is moved back to his old job to again head the public relation department of the company, the one he formed from scratch eight years ago, we have confirmed this officially.

In the view of recent ups and downs in telecom industry (concerning issues such as tax evasion, attachment of bank accounts, blockade of cellular services on Eid and possible ban on prepaid SIMs), it is told that Omar Manzur, along with heading PR and CSR department as Director, will be given additional roles to manage.

Omar Manzur is reportedly asked by top management to put a special focus on image building of company during these tough times, and the work has apparently already begun with the launch of “I am a Mobilinker” video – an employer branding initiative for web audience that speaks of Mobilinkers and their everyday life at the company.

Omar is likely to add more team members in PR department, one of which is being finalized as I am writing this post.

Omar had decided to move to HR department (in the same company) in March this year after serving as PR professional for eight years. During this time Hussain Ali Talib headed the department.

It won’t be out of place to mention that PR department reported to Jehanzeb Taj when Omar had moved to HR department. However, due to a managerial reshuffle at Mobilink in July this year, PR department is now back again under Bilal Munir Sheikh, the CCO at Mobilink.

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  • I don’t know if someone at Mobilink has noticed this or not but ‘I am a Mobilinker’ video has at least 2 people who now work for Warid……lol
    Well done PR department :-/

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