Zong Shifts its Marketing Strategy to Contradict its Own Vision

Back in May 2008, just after the launch, the first thing that Zong made an impression with was with a talky ad. In fact the very first dialogue of Zong’s launch TVC was:

Yaar aik baat tu batayain…

Yeh naach naach kay hi mobile connections bechna kyun zarori hay?

If you can’t recall, let’s have a look at Zong’s first TVC, which earned huge reputation (despite the fact that it was a ripped off version of a European TVC).

And you will have to agree with me that Zong did well without all those dancing TVCs and jingles that other operators were so vigorously following in those days. Unlike Telenor and Mobilink, Zong capitalized on talky ads to clearly and effectively convey the message.

Zong’s MNP TVCs are super example of the talky TVCs that not only brought them million of MNP subscriptions but such TVCs actually helped the general user in understanding MNP in real. Their talky ads were soon replicated by other sectors including banks and FMCGs.

Zong remained to the point, well focused and look at their performance in yester years, they outshined every other operator in terms of new sales, MNP acquisitions and what not. Zong in fact surpassed Warid to become number four operator in Pakistan in February 2012.

Now, after achieving 17 million customers, Zong this week aired a TVC which contradicts their own vision and mission statement. I can tell you that Zong didn’t look well by deviating from their own saying. What you think?

Before you share your thoughts, let’s have a look at their Dancing TVC:

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  • Network to kabhi use nahi kia zong ka :)
    Video editing mazay ki hai :P

  • Saad

    I fail to understand what every marketing idea needs to be “inspired” by something else or a badly ripped version of something already out there (gangnam style in this case). What Zong needs is a highly professional marketing and creative team like Ufone so that ads are interesting, to the point and funny !

  • Fazal Ashfaq

    This ad was such a bad ripoff of the Gangham Style video. Made me cringe!

  • Ammar Kasbati

    jo chalta hai woh bekta hai…

    • Deeds

      gud one


    exactly my point….plus they totally ruined the song…

  • Adil Nizamani

    Wow… It is one of THE WORST ripoffs I have ever seen O_o

    Zong can really go to hell… It’s coverage quality is shitty and stupidest customer care staff. They have gone down hill.

  • MMJ

    The costumer care centers and call centers of ZonG r terrible~!

  • Ali Baqar

    Ufone adverts are getting boring day by day, i think their creative team has no more ideas that why they made use of SAAEIN song, koi orginal kaam ker lo yar!

  • yes i agree they are completely getting out of there vision!

  • Asad

    Yaar ab itni jaldi, 1 week mei to aisi hi naqal utarr sakti hai na :D…. Ufone ne nigga style ka rap song banaya, inhon ne b bana lia 1 week mei..

  • mohammad ali

    terrible add (2nd 0ne) i like talky ads

  • Stone

    By my count, Zong has had the worst streak of ads from the start…..always taunting others and being the waddi phuppo of the telcom world

  • Waqas

    This ad is stupid as hell. I am sure customer will leave zong network after watching this horrible ad.

    • waqas sahab ad ko dekh k koi network kyo chory ga, by the way main zong pichly 3 saal sy use kar raha hn and trust me mujy koi problem nahi hoi kabi, na internet main, na calls main, na he texting main, sab se barh kar Zong k pakges main koi hidden charges aur daily charges nahi like ufone and telenor..

    • Muhammad Anas Zafar


  • Salman Abbas

    Loved it and found it funny!

    • Salman Abbas

      And I want more of internet stuff on Pakistani TV channels :)

    • Salman Abbas

      One more thing: grow up guys! its great that mobile networks are recognizing us, the internet community. stop thinking so negatively.

  • Rabia Khan

    Good for laughing :D

  • well they did change their marketing strategy but to their vision i don’t think so they have deviated from it.
    Their vision mentioned on the website
    “We shall be an indispensable digital-life partner by becoming words, eyes and ears of the people”
    Whatever might be their marketing strategy, it is a part of their functional strategy which is still backing their corporate vision.

    Irrelevant article from my point of view.

    • Fahad

      I agree Arslan, i think the author of the article does not have any idea what a company vision is and one what grounds is it based on. What zong has done right now is known as evolving with time. It is the same way brands like Cocacola and Nike evolve, according to time. There is a big difference of the times and in the audience of 2008 and 2012. I think it is a brave move and this will get zong a good top of the mind score amongst people. The aurthor of the article should consider aquiring some advertising strategy knowledge before publishing such stuff. This has nothing to do with the vision of the company and vision of the business. Agreed with you on this Arslan.

    • ntg

      but you have to admit that video was awful

  • TPSstar

    Now this one is the most rubbish ad i’ve ever seen

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    I cant translate it to English but I’ll be happy if anyone can? Just Remember this saying;
    “Kawaa Chlal hans ki chal; apni bhi chal bhol gaya”

    That’s all I can say about this new zong’s TVC.

  • hahahah,,,, kia point pakra hai :D

  • pai admin Aamir sahab mujy yeh to btao k mery last comment main kya esa galat tha jo mera comment remove kar dea hai?
    lagta hat tm log zong k against ho tabi to jo comment zong ki favor main hota hai usy hta dete ho…

    • aamir7

      Bahi, comments ki moderation abb automatic hoti hay. Agar koi user app ka comment vote down karta hay tu woh automatically remove ho jata hay.

      Him saray comments daikhtay rehtay hain, aur agar koi bila-waja comment remove howa ho tu uss ko re-approve kar daitay hain.

      App Tasali rakhain k humari taraf say kabhi koi comment remove nahi kiya jaye ga, unless uss main abusive language na use hoi ho. Baki jo merzi app dil khol k kahain :-)

  • اسدعلی

    یہ بھی دوسری موبائل کمپنیوں کی طرح چھریا بن گیے۔ ہاہاہاہا۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔زونگ۔۔۔اب بنے گامارکیٹنگ چھریا!۔

  • educationplusjob

    I think Zong now have realized that naach naach k baichna zaroori hai.. LOL

  • Ravian

    crap article

  • Saad Durrani

    Kuch saal pehle ap bhi Facebook k shadeed khilaf thay. Aj ek ‘like’ ka button apki website pe hai. Waqt ek jesa nai rehta. A marketing strategy that was made in 2008 may not be good for 2012.

    • imran

      agreed. pro pakistani team, please dudes, grow the hell up. if you dont have anything to report, get some volunteer reporters but puh-leez stop posting your useless ideas and imposing them on us. would be much better if you actually post something relevant to the everyday IT user in pakistan instead of marketing strategies and breaking news abt vp’s of telecom companies changing. what happened to you???

  • jzeek

    i thinks the first ad was simple and meaningful but the new ad is glamorous and senseless…

  • adnan

    i am sorry to say but hum loog abhi bhi face book aur you tube use kar rahey hain videos sharing ky liyee …

    kya humarey pass koee aur video sharing website nahi hai … ProPakistani ???
    App tu at-least koee aur video sharing website ko use kar saktey ho .. aur uss ko promote kar saktey hoo … TRY TO SET A NEW PATH & WE WILL FOLLOW YOU ..

  • Sab Miraasi hain Saale

  • Even this Ad is the ditto copy of famous Malaysian song Gangnum Style got famous 3 months back in Malaysia. Look here http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xu4qwd_psy-gangnam-style_music

    • Rameez

      its a korean song , and not a ripoff but just a fun parody of it

    • imran

      lighten up bhaijan, is tarah atif ka aik gana bhi “copied” hai this is just an ad, ads portray such famous events all the time.

  • zee

    The author doesnt know different between vision, mission and tactics. second, in this ever changing world, where nothing is consistent even for few minutes, I think its fine if a company changes its marketing company 4 years down the line. And network’s growth speaks volume about its performance.

    • imran

      agreed. seems like pp is running out of things to write about. looks like a paid attack.

  • imran

    First of all kudos to Aamir Attaa for a pathetic article. Please for God’s sake, if you dont have anything to report, just keep quiet. And if you, of all people, cant come up with tech news get some volunteers to do reviews and report the news that really matter to everyday IT users in Pakistan, not “breaking” news about marketing strategies or which vp of which telecom company got changed.

    coming to this post, sadly, I think the Chinese have also now figured out that “Pakistanion ki attention k liye un k samne gana, bajana aur nachna zaruri hai”. Like some 2 year old jingle something colorful and loud infront of us and we start drooling.

  • kashifazizawan

    very poooor ads…!!!
    service going down..

  • Are you guys stupid? There ad is something called a parody of a world famous music video. Youtube bannd hein tu demag bhi nahi vhal raha haina? There have been many parodies made of the world wide viral sensation. This ad just showed how attentive zong is to such things and it made me and tons of other people laugh who got the joke. Those who didnt get the joke are thinking to much and need to relax and laugh.

  • soup

    perhaps b/c the then marketing head, salman wasay, is in ufone now!

  • Wireless Internet Services

    ad buri hai lekin zong ki service tu achi hai

  • Nasir Malik

    Both the ads are impressive.

  • Asim

    Zong Shamefully copies Gangnam Style video: produces
    worst TV ad


  • very poooor ads…!!! service going down..
    I think Zong now have realized that naach naach k baichna zaroori hai.. LOL

  • Seems like Omung Lassi marketing staff got a new task : Pathetic dance, pathetically conveyed a hell simple message..

  • ntg

    That was sickening

  • Deeds

    the ad was awful.. but i think the advertisement of M( was superb i think they should continue with that strategy

    • deeds

      M9 sorry guys

  • arshad

    Zong ki management change ho gaye hai kafi.. ab kuch loug telenor se aa gay hain toh dance nahi chalay ga toh aur kia chalay ga..