wi-tribe Introduces New Unlimited Broadband Packages

wi-tribe-internetwi-tribe yesterday announced its new ‘unlimited internet’ packages. With exciting and affordable new rates, customers can now stay connected, browse, download and do much more online for as low as Rs. 999 per month.

Alongside lowered rates for 512 Kbps & 2 Mbps packages, wi-tribe has also introduced a new 1 Mbps package, providing customers with more options to select an experience that best suit their lifestyle & broadband requirements.

Existing users will continue to enjoy their unlimited packages at the new rates while new users can contact the wi-tribe customer care helpline to get new subscriptions.

Check below details for all available broadband packages with wi-tribe:

Unlimited Promotion Package

Speed Volume Price (In Rupees)
512 Kbps Unlimited 999
1 Mbps Unlimited 1,399
2 Mbps Unlimited 1,999

Fair Usage Policy for Unlimited Packages:

  • unlimited package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps and 1Mbps unlimited package & 40GB on 2Mbps unlimited package in any given month.

Basic Packages:

  Speed Volume Price (In Rupees)
Starter 256 Kbps 8 GB 650
Starter 512 Kbps 8 GB 750
Starter 1 Mbps 8 GB 950
Standard 1 Mbps 15 GB 1,200

Customized Packages

Package Details Price
Student Student Hours: 12AM to 6PM
Regular Hours: 6PM to 12 AM
Family Unlimited Round the Clock
Comes with Free Parental Control
Business Business Hours 9AM to 6PM
Regular Hours 6PM to 9AM

Fair Usage Police:

  • Family package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 40GB available in any given month.
  • Student package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 34GB available for use during student hours in any given month.
  • Business package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 50GB available for use during business hours in any given month.
  • unlimited package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps and 1Mbps unlimited package & 40GB on 2Mbps unlimited package in any given month.
  • Power Hours add-on will automatically expire upon consumption of 50GB

Other Things to Know:

  • Upon purchase of any device, you will be required to make an advance payment of refundable security deposit equal to your monthly charge, along with activation charges
  • Rs.50 monthly service charges applicable on all packages.
  • Excess usage will be charged at Rs. 0.10 per MB
  • For returned Desktop and Wi-Fi modems, Rs. 250 will be charged for missing adapters

  • Wateen offers unlimited services in real sense unlike wi-tribe who is offering unlimited with limited caps

    • Muhammad Khalid

      wateen is long gone, Qubee is going to aquire Wateen, soooon

      • rock star

        joke of the century :p come onn man

      • hahahahahahaha
        Qubee? hahahahaha

        • Rayan

          PTCL will have the following data rates for all its broadband existing and new customers with effect from July 15th 2010.

          1Mbps at Rs 1250

          2Mbps at Rs 1549

          4Mbps at Rs 2100

          8Mbps at Rs 7000

          12Mbps at Rs 9000

          16Mbps at Rs 11000

          ic sy achY pkG kOi dy sktW h????

          • no one

            Chutzpah… Ptcl hr Wqt to Bnd RehtA h

            • Usama Saeed

              yes you are right
              idol net connection of ptcl
              i’m using
              ptcl connection will disconnect several times in a day
              so i m decided to join wi-tribe connection
              i hope it will better than ptcl net connection

          • charles brown

            i use also ptcl 2 mb ka 2350 bill ata hai atna azafi bill hota hai fazol khty hai 1549 rupy my peta ni kya kya uper add kr kay 2200 ya 2300 bill ban jata hai

          • Usama Saeed

            idol net connection of ptcl
            i’m using
            ptcl connection will disconnect several times in a day
            so i m decided to join wi-tribe connection
            i hope it will better than ptcl net connection


      i need to check pl come to y house at edencottage new iqbal park cantt lahore

  • Raza

    World call still rules

  • gud…. unlimited is a jus a word to use to attract customers…. 30 gb for 512 kb ….

    • zee


  • These unlimited offers are looking same as mobilink infinity…
    but personally i prefer Witribe over infinity if both have same tariff…

  • Raza

    unlimited with 40 gb limit does anyone have sense in wi-tribe?

    • Qazzafi

      lol true, however where ever you go ulimited has a predefine life/units such as 10 years in Moltifoam as they clami life time as well, 40 GB in WiTrib for ulimited and even in tech co. like Cisco offers you life time warranty on their equipment but then they define the product life cycle such as 5 or 10 years life and there after warranty automatically expires.
      Hence you can say a market gimmik.

  • expensive as compare to ptcl

  • unlimited but limited what a joke now every company is doing this saying to innocent customers its unlimited then this fair usage policy sucks.

  • Rz

    lol joke of the year wi tribe..

  • nestlepakistan

    nothing is changed, Price for 512kb is still same with same bandwidth.

  • Hassan

    WI-tribe sucks bill shit unlimited

  • DaPakiGuy

    it sucks…. I am using PTCL EVO 3.1MB …Unlimited…for only 1000 rupees

    • Bilal

      I really love this EVO.. my long lasting device has given me true unlimited bandwidth and volume at any place with affordable price… what can anybody wish more than this… it really goes upto 2.5 Mbps or above during holidays giving me real enjoyment of internet…

    • Ravian

      ptcl is not offering unlimited for only 1000 rupees.

  • Saleh

    Though the user of wi-tribe, but I am convinced to say Qubee is the most affordable and their reward program rocks.

    • Muhammad Khalid

      i m using Qubee from April 2010 and its really good not like PTCL tht goes off every now and then

  • David Finchley

    why is it that whenever an ISP specifically calls its packages Unlimited there is a backlash from the internet users that Unlimited shouldn’t be limited and the bandwidth should not be shared? I’m an internet user myself a fairly regular user and a normal user. Now, for me 20GB is enough to last me a whole month, in fact it wont finish the way i use the internet. However, there are users who’s sole purpose on the internet is to download and they would go to any extent to achieve their high of downloads, ranging from blu-ray movies, songs, games – everything under the internet cloud is downloaded and the reason behind this “bandwidth leeching” is most of the times piracy or just showing off among friends and being declared the king of download. What these leechers don’t realize is that our downloading is actually ruining the internet experience for users like me – since with unlimited volume limit a user would put 20 items on download and go about his work all day long and by the time he returns home 80% of the downloads would be complete, on the other hand internet experience for the people within the leechers neighborhood using the same ISP would go drastically down.
    In order to keep the internet experience uniform for all its users ISPs implement Fair Usage Policies to limit the effect bandwidth leechers have on the network.
    Hope my explanation would help you guys in criticizing ISPs more constructively rather than ranting about like illiterate buffoons!!

  • dentist

    New Packages announced by WiShit. Same old, same old. I wish Yateem comes with something better…by the next century :D

  • Wimax user

    Only Wateen has the spectrum to offer truly unlimited bandwidth:
    Wateen = 42mhz spectrum
    Augere = 21mhz spectrum
    Witribe = 21mhz spectrum
    So now only if Augere and Witribe combine can they come close to giving offers for unlimited internet usage. Besides this if you buy witribe you are not going to get true broadband speeds.

  • Saqib

    Someone please tell the difference between unlimited and limited to their highly educated staff from reputable universities.( Parhay likhe jahil)

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    Qubee is using the same tactic since long; they call it AOL (Always Online).

  • Farhan Tahir

    Another Gem by Wi-Tribe. They are actually trying to Hide their Worst and 3rd class slow service by making such offers. Every month they are giving laptops and other gifts to people. Only those companies give such stupid offers, whose services them self are not stable.
    I would never recommend anyone to go for wi-tribe, its a waste of money and these people are fooling the innocent people by their Deceptive marketing strategies.

  • stupid limit :D ptcl is good 300gb is good even unlimited for all :) ptcl i love u

  • Wateen is truly unlimited <3
    satisfied with it for about 3 years now :)

    • Ahmed

      They block VoIP.

    • ahmed

      salaam n hi
      dear which connection is better and low cast.

  • Mi Muba

    Poor service for poor people; neither it has any quality nor customer care

  • ali

    Unlimit with a limit is a common bullshit by all cellcos & ISP’s….

  • rrrr

    i used wi-tribe 1 year ago same shitty net

  • according to download limit,ptcl is the best giving 300 gb’s limit.Isn’t that good even unlimited for 1 mb or if u r not a advanced user 2,4 and 6mb packages are also unlimited for u

  • sami

    device ke charges he isme?
    student package he isme?

  • butt

    dsl iz GoooooooooDDDDDDDD………

  • zee

    Boht he bakwas pakges aur us say b bakwas speed ha . 30 GB kon sa unlimited hota ha ?????


    i am interest to get 2mb package of wi.tribe. at new iqbal park near E den cottages cantt REQUEST TO THE CO to send theire rep pl send e.mail to get time before com..ID. [email protected]

  • Ar Rahma

    very utmost worst internet plans of PTCL & wi-tribe or any Paki internet plans i have ever seen in my life ……..

    i hate all of these ………

    one one of my bestee shown me her internet connection plans of her city ”Hyderabad, India” by which i impressed & shocked entirely & it was hard to believe for me …….

    the plans are i’m writing here in text & moreover i’m mentioning the website so you all of can check it & show it to your friends & your internet providers ……

    details are here ……

    these are two types of plans, 1st is for home ..2nd is for business … which are limited plans until your data finish & after that your speed will be decrease & then you can download unlimited with your decreased speed …….

    & how much the speed will decrease the details are mentioned……& if you choose 6 months or more than it then it will cost you very very very cheap, you can calculate ……

    Data PlanSpeedFUP LimitSpeed Post FUPMonthly6 Months12 Months24 MonthsIncredible 1999100 Mbps200 GB4 Mbps1999.0010995.0019990.0035985.00A-Max 129960 Mbps125 GB3 Mbps1299.007145.0012990.0023390.00A-Max 105040 Mbps100 GB3 Mbps1050.005776.0010500.0018904.00A-Max 65010 Mbps50 GB1 Mbps650.003575.006500.0011700.00A-Max 4101 Mbps35 GB512 Kbps410.002365.004500.00N/A

    ACT Fibernet PlansSpeedFUP LimitMonthlySpeed Post FUPBeam Fiber – 4000125 Mbps400 GB4,0008 MbpsBeam Fiber – 6000150 Mbps500 GB6,00010 MbpsBeam Fiber – 8000200 Mbps750 GB8,00010 MbpsBeam Fiber – 11000250 Mbps1 Tb11,00015 Mbps