NA Committee Calls for Complete Ban on Prepaid SIMs

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93365914-2National Assembly’s select committee, which is finalizing the draft for Prevention of Electronic Crime bill, has recommended for complete elimination of pre-paid mobile phone SIMs and asked the telecom companies to convert to post-paid SIMs mechanism and help the entire nation tackle the crimes being committed through misuse of these illegal SIMs.

“These SIMs are being used as a weapon and criminals are communicating with innocent citizens through these illegal mobile phone SIMs, give threats and even get ransoms”, noted the select committee and saying that banning the prepaid SIMs is probably the only option left to save the nation.

This is not the first time when someone has voiced the ban on prepaid SIMs. Earlier, Mr. Rehman Malik had thrown away similar thoughts, which he took back when his statement backfired.

Experts opined that political leadership has gone brainsick, and they are throwing absolutely un-doable ideas of no match in the whole world. They said that instead of rectifying their own mistakes, they are making an industry (worth over USD 15 billion) to bear the brunt.

Telecom industry isn’t happy, rather they are furious and tired of these statements by political leadership. Officials of cellular companies now even mock such statements instead of taking them seriously.

An official of telecom company said that if government is indeed serious about illegal SIMs then they should start eliminating the Chinese handsets, which come with same IMEI numbers. He said that there is one Chinese Brand which heavily advertises on TV has one single IMEI for its entire handset stock.

Official said that infrastructure of telecom companies has been upgraded and tracking of SIMs used by the criminals and mobile sets with IMEI numbers can be traced with this up-gradation of infrastructure. However, cellular companies can’t track anything when thousands of handsets with same IMEI numbers come into play.

Telecom officials said they are open to work with the government to completely eliminate the issue of illegal SIMs, however, what government is demanding here (for a ban on prepaid SIMs) doesn’t make any sense.

Official agreed that there were mistakes made by everyone, including telecom operators, due to which we have illegal SIMs today in our country. For which, re-verification of entire customer base is one option they can agree with, which will guarantee the complete elimination of illegal SIMs.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • 99 percent of Subscribers (of all sorts) don’t like to go into obligatory contracts. They want a control over their spending. They want to prepay, use the service without any future obligation.

      They might spend Rs. 1000 in one month and nothing in next month. That’s why prepaid as prevailed over postpaid in all global markets.

      Decision makers need to understand that its not the paying model that is flawed, instead its the documentation. Straighten it and current model will be as good as anything.

  • Is there any such Unethical ban implemented in any other democratic Country? Are we out of our mind OR out of this World? Shame on such proposal, and such limited minds.

      • You can’t blame an entire network for few culprits.
        کالی بھیڑیں ہر جگہ اور ادارے میں ہوتی ہیں ۔ لیکن اس کا یہ مطلب نہیں ہوتا کہ بجائے اسے بہتر بناے کے اس ادارے کو یا سہولت کو ہی ختم کیا جائے ۔
        Instead of ordering a simple word Ban, the right way is to find these culprits (Illegal SIM sellers in this case) and eliminate them as much as possible. and if this is mission impossible then it’s simply called Incompetency.

  • More unemployment to open flood gates of misery on the almost dead economy in Pakistan.Many cellular companies will lay off thousands of its employees and some will just close down. Mobil link and Telenor will be the first to topple over.

  • One thing I must say that the writer has improved his skills of writing over the past year or so.

    The people who head these committees are quite stupid I must say. Ban the prepaid and then see the tax earning decline. Is government trying to revive PTCL by doing this?

    • I think you are right they are trying to revive PTCL. Mr Malik recently brought huge infrastructure to cater long distance calls and give cheep minutes (doing business) so that Govt increase call rates of LD calls and Mr Malik are making Golds with the bill. I think its his strategy to increase his business. You are calling them dumb no they are not, they are bloody geniuses and know how to snatch food from the nation to fill there pockets. Bloody s**t Fa**rs

  • shouldn’t out lawing guns be a better start, cancelling licenses and moving towards a weapons free state ??? as cars kill lets ban all cars, fertilizer can be used as an agent in explosives so why not ban fertilizer and well oxygen helps burn so lets all stop breathing … dumb idiots

    • No one is rich like you to. As the writer said everyone one want their control over their spendings.

        • Thts utter mad statement . Its same like to reduce traffic ban all small car upto 1300CC .. Only those who can 1.3Million can run the car rest all use public transport..and do remember mobile is now a necessity you can not live without it..(if not, Try life without mobile for 1 year..)

          • This is because we are so much addicted to mobile phones like no one in other countries. As we discuss past there are so much phone booths in the different areas as PCO but mobile phone has closed all these PCOs. But in Developed or other Countries there are so much PCOs or Phone booths to get rid of Alarming And extremely Dangerous Cell Phones.

        • You are right, there is no need for everyone to have cell phones as they are so much dangerous for human health, Cell Phones are also dangerous for The reproductive system as well as Cardiovascular System.

      • Bills can be easily control in Postpaid.

        There will be notification of cost of call & total bill.

        There must be ZERO line rent.

  • Don’t know what they well propose next. May be shutting down Cellular Networks. Ya Khuda hume is Government se bacha aur PPP ki government kabi wapas nae aye.

    • Mobile Networks will never go out. They are making billions & Pakistani market is very profitable market for them. They are just blackmailing the govt. I am not with PPP, but it’s true that mobile must be Postpaid only.

      Did someone ever use his/her PTCL Landline for anything wrong? Ofcourse NOT

  • This is horse sh*t… thing they will ban motorbikes for they are used in terrorist attacks and as get away vehicles..

    • agreed. Major of the crime (70-80%) are done through bike.. Why not to ban it having petrol from pump…Who cares about poor when every minister need security to keep them alive..

      • Petrol bhi property ko jalanay k liay use hota hai. kyun na petrol ka beechna hi band krdia jae.

    • No, There is a huge difference between Mobile & Bike. You cannot compare both thing :P

      This way, Govt. will ban on giving birth as there will be a chance that kid will be a criminal :) :) :)

      • In China there is a policy of having two children only, and china is one and only country having this ban, but if Pakistan Will apply this policy then may be there are chances of spreading this policy to all other countries simultaneously.

  • I am willing to propose a brilliant idea which i am sure will 100% be DOABLE and SENSIBLE as well , but MR REHMAN MALIK has other plans i guess , now bunch of GEEKS have gone mad and proposing to ban ALL , you better die nerds

  • Postpaid sims with no line rent should be great.

    I am 101% sure that most of the crimes will be control in days, prepaid sims are available very easily without any verification, if you have contact in Franchise, you can get activation without any hassle.

    In postpaid, when bills will come to your houses, teenagers will be well monitored by their guardians

  • These ignorant/jahil so called leaders are just gone insane. We are already on bottom of world despite our man power, talent and natural resources. Not they are committed to take away whatever we have.

  • yes mobile just postpaid hona chahye, iske kafi faiday hongay, sab se bara faida ye hoga ke hamari society me mobile ka galat istamaal bohat kam ho jayega. aur just needy people hi mobile use karenge.

    • Yes you are 100% Right. Postpaid are best, Our society are so Changed as media deliver Vulgarity in people and there are many youth which are misusing cell phones.

  • hahaha…this is next to impossible situation for the committes, elsewehere everybudy knows about the work of committes in pakistan……………lazy peoples……..

  • to sake the secure future of our this is the best option but it will b with zero line rent

  • All politician should ban and cancel all weapon license and implement ISLAMIC LAW then there can be peace else forget it. Banning Prepaid SIM is not for control crime but for earn haram money because terrorist not use it they have most advanced technology which even USA cannot control here one example Every child should only study Quran and Hadith till 10 Year age then other study so they will know what is responsibility of them and what is haram and halal and how to perform own duty properly. It is the only way and choice and we all should united for it. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

  • I dont agree with the proposal of post-paid SIMs. What did Mr. Rehman Malik during the past years in controlling the law and order? Why NOT action against wrong-doers? If there are illegal SIMs in the market or else where in Pakistan then who is responsible? He should be brought to justice and NOT all the public. NA committees do NOT have positive thoughts for the benefits of Pakistanis?

  • This would be a great help for our nation. Where all the terrorism and illegal activities are performed with the prepaid sim cards

  • Prepaid must be Post Paid, Bills should be issued to Subscribers & they pay ZERO (0) Line rent as package. this is good for both. OPerator & Subscriber.

  • WTF
    wht hak is this? they can’t provide security we don’t want that kind of action

  • ‘A holes’ like them can propose anything anytime. Stop funding ‘those’ (you know them?!) terrorist organizations and we’ll see peace and if they don’t do that we’ll see ‘pieces’ everywhere no matter what you can do to avoid that.

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