Telcos Challenge Ban on Night Packages in High Court

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Night PackagesThe cellular phone operators have challenged the order of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to stop all night call package in the Islamabad High Court (IHC), reported Daily Times.

Paper says that all operators jointly submitted a writ petition in Islamabad High Court, saying that there is no telecom law that regulate content on telephony services.

They said that cellular phone companies have offered many packages to customers, which could not be abandoned as many of them are useful to customers as against cited reasons of morality concerns.

Cellular phone companies can’t end all packages particularly those which are greatly in the use of customers for positive purposes, an official said. There is no such law in the country that imposes censorship on the conversation of two individuals or callers.

IHC has asked PTA to submit a response against the petition on November 26.

PTA recently issued orders to all cellular phone companies to end all night call packages and chat room services with immediate effect as these services are not suitable for social norms and considered immoral in our society.

  • yaar acha pakage tha night k banda apna close friends sa baat ker lia kerta tha. zaroori to nahi k sirf larkio sa hi baat ki jae. over efficiency shown by PTA.

  • baat toh woi reh jati hay na… ye night packages zyada tar youngsters use karte hain matlab ghalata istemaal 90% aur theak 10%…… ab 10% k liye toh nai allow kar sakte. telcos walay toh apne profit loss ko dekh k petition karaahay hain. mulk ky youth ka bera gharq kardia hy in pkgs ny, mein toh kehta hun sms pkgs b limited karlo. vote up if i am right

  • they are entitled and licensed to do business and earn … the morals rest with individuals and thats the way it should be … parents have the responsibility what happens in the home, workers call home late night, relatives call relatives after putting children to sleep and list goes on.

    for all who say 90% right or wrong whatever, please share research, stats of users, age, city and other details based on which they are saying this … this is a ridiculous hypothesis nothing else.

  • This is good, telcos must standup against all unfair bans which are placed on the name of stopping terror but only ruin economy and bring doubts in minds of future investors. Go PPP go, you don’t know how to run country, just spare us.

  • This is parents responsibility to:
    1- Call their kids numbers once a while after 11PM, if it is switched off (possibility of using another SIM) or busy.
    2- Check numbers of SIMs issued on their kids’ CNIC.
    3- Even check their phones if they feel they might get into trouble for any suspecious activity.
    This is parents responsibility & right to keep a check, as may be their kid is in trouble or might put himself/herself in trouble for their activities that we usually don’t expect only from a mature person.

    • telcos should provide an option for the parents to lock the package selection on their offspring’s numbers.

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  • shame on u sheitan malik. such a loser & duffer person. her chez band kerne ko phir ra ha pakistan ma ya banda.

  • youth looks at their elders for role models, not at telecom companies. As with any other device or technology, we can use it for reasons good and bad. Limiting the freedom of choice and the ability to do business is illegal as well as immoral.

    Furthermore, there are no new adverts promoting ‘late night packages’ as the rates of calls have come down considerably and there is practically no difference between day rates and night rates.

    Lastly, these packages are not being used by youth alone so there argument is flawed. And banning the packages won’t mean that people can’t communicate at night – they will still do so, but perhaps have to pay more. So now we are only safeguarding the morals of the richer youth :)

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