Breaking: Mobilink to Impose Call Setup Charges on Every Call

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Mobilink_logoAs part of new year celebrations, Mobilink has decided to gift its customer with yet another extra-charge which they have named as “Call Setup Charges” – something new in the telecom history of Pakistan.

According to the information we have got, Mobilink will deduct 10 paisas, as call setup charges, on every call made by Mobilink customers after January 1st, 2013.

This charge of 10 paisas will be deducted for each call and will be applied to all Mobilink customers.

Just to mention, call setup charges are per call charges and not per-min charges. Call setup charges will apply for answered calls only, even if they last for just one second.

For example, if your usual call rate is 70 paisas per 30 second then after this new “Call Setup Charges” your call rate will become 80 paisas per 30 second for first thirty seconds and 70 paisas per 30 seconds after initial 30 seconds.

All operators are already charging 7 percent extra fee – by naming it maintenance fee, admin fee or operational fee – on every card reload. Similarly, charges on balance inquiry and paid helplines were also imposed by one operator after another.

In view of past record of Pakistani cellular industry, it is believed that other networks will follow the suite by imposing call setup charges. Hence, the customers of all networks should remain prepared to pay extra for each call they will make in coming time.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is likely to not to hinder the decision, as it had once explicitly said that cellular operators are free to impost charges on the services they offer.

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  • Really can’t blame them. I’m surprised they still have this much low call rates even in these economic conditions. Call rates kept coming down when prices of almost everything else was rising.

  • It’s worth mentioning here that, in the past times these companies have already suffered with a business loss on account of security issues. I believe, these type of charges will be now levied to overcome that operational loss.

  • bohat he bariya.. .. hr new implementation pe banda yehi sochta hey k .. ye to aakhri hogeya.. per hr baar aik nae he chz aa jati hey market mey

  • Well, I’m seriously thinking about using my Mobilink connection for receiving calls only. It has been my permanent and primary number for last 7 years. But now… :-(

  • I see it as a great idea from greed point of view. Sooner or later rest of the Telecom giants will come up with non-sense charges! But i don’t think implementing unnecessary tariffs is going to hurt their business since we all are addicted to cell phones now :(

      • Issue 10Paisa ka nahi, its a policy issue. Companies claim lowest charges but not include these charges on call rates. These saervices should be free and increase call charges. Kis ne roka hai call charges barhane se. Pehle b ye log barha chuke hain but awam ko pata nahi chalta

  • dear mobilink ko stop karnay say kiya hoga telenor is also plainng this … and will apply after 2 month of mobilink

  • Pakistan ke companies zayada he laadli ho chuki hain aur is government nay bhi in companies say zayada he laad ker lia hay, shayad leni deni teh pa gai ho. had he ho gai is govt ki, neend main masrof.

    khud investment karnay ke bajayay her aik kharcha customers say batora ja raha hay. is kay ult dosray mamalik main companies customers ko free services day ker khush karti hain aur yahan to balance checking, delivery reports tak free nahi rahin. ab miss call denay per bhi charges? incoming calls per kab charges lagain gay?

    internet aur telecom companies apni alternative energy sources per investment karnay ki bajayay customers say paisay bator rahi hain. is kay ilawa aur kai kisam kay customers say EXTRA CHARGES batoray ja rahay hain laiken wo he nakammi quality ki services aur networks, wo he parani nakammi customer care services.

    internet freedom aur dosray freedom kay waqt protests karnay walay burger bachon ko chahiyay in companies kay khalaf bhi protests karain.
    Laiken kia hay keh unko sirf wo he cheez buri lagti hay jiske khud kami mehsos ho baki sab darust hay. companies ko 46rs+ taxes main diyay jain gay laiken gandi sites block per cheekh uthat’tay hain.

  • Coming Soon at Propakistani

    “Breaking! Moblink to impose charges on miscalls”


    “Breaking! Moblink to impose charges on incoming calls”

    Even more

    “Breaking! Moblink to impose charges on receiving sms”

    Keep up the good work Moblink!

    • I used work for a vendor which provides charging solution to Mobilink. I can confirm miss call charging is something which they asked us to provide solution for. So you are right in near future there will be miss call charges. Same goes for receiving SMS charges. It is not implemented at the moment as the protocol which Mobilink uses doesn’t have provision to charge termination SMS, who knows after the network swap it is come into the network. :)

  • This is the worst example of looting,

    And since their is a cartel set between these Telcos, the trend will likely to be followed by others.

  • time to make use of MNP. gone are the days when mobilink used to have large coverage blah blah. other operaters are equally competing now

  • I think the call setup charge will be applicable on missed calls too, as call setup occurs before call is answered. Mobilink might be implementing this to make money out of missed calls

  • Excellent step. all other companies should take step simultaneously to eliminate effect of competition. Call setup charges should also be applied to miscall ., Press call button and charges should be deducted. and please increase maintenance charges to 100% upload amount. Telecom industry is fool, they must act like friends and increase profitability to 100% of cost. i wonder Jab CNG kama rahe ha yeh peehcy koun hain? :S

  • Tamam Companies say ye Ikhtyar Cheen Lain Chahiye Aur Ye Kaam Kisi new
    Idaray Ya PTA k Supurd Kr dain Chahiye Jo Awam K numaindaon Say B
    mushawararat ho,Agar Aisa Na kia Gay To Wo Din Dor nahi Jub 100Rs Per
    50Rs Aya Kray Ga.

    Dosra hul ye he hai k Mobile Phone Service he Khatam Kr Dain Pakistan
    main Waisay B koi Faida nahi Awam Ko Lootnay k new bahanay hain ye Alag
    Alag Charges Aur Taxes Koi B Awam ki Saho lut K liye nahi sochta Bus
    Jaib Bhro Aur Services Bnd Kr k Ye Log Bhag Jain Gay

  • mobilink To Waisay B Loot Khasoot krta hai IS say Pehlay JazzAddvance Ki Service Khud He Actiate Krdi Logon K Numbers Per Jis K Sath Service Charges B Kaat Tay Bohat Say Log Jo Bichara mzdoor Ya Wo jin ko Msg Parhna Tk nahi aata Un K Numbers Per jaaz Advance Khol K Logon Ko loota Carooron Rupee Banyae oi Pochnay Wala nahi In Say :(

  • Now we should contact with The Supreme Court about this issue as these companies are robbing with both the hands. Soon the case will be presented in The Supreme Court. My Email ID, if anyone wants to contact me, is [email protected]

  • My comment is not beeing published by the pro pakistani website admin, I have record of this and I will present it in the Supreme Court. These companies are robbing the innocent peoples of this country very badly.

  • Coming Soon at Propakistani

    “Breaking! Moblink to impose charges on miscalls”


    “Breaking! Moblink to impose charges on incoming calls”

    Even more

    “Breaking! Moblink to impose charges on receiving sms”

    Keep up the good work Moblink!

  • iska wahid ilaaj use kum se kum karen – agar aap ye kur saktay hain to yaqeen janen saray telecom operators sudhar jain gay .

  • ALL IS GOING VERY VERY NICE ( ALL IS WELL) wow when our countrymen think
    what,s going on for our life better ness OR SPEEDY Poisoning to worthily LIFE…

  • Charges should also be applied to calls which are not answered, since, this is also using network resources and a complete channel is allocated to calling party.

  • finally telcos are taking revenge from the people of Pakistan. Yaar hum ney thori band ki hain sim sale channels. Don Rehman Malik par dalo charges.

  • My all dear Pakistani all multinational companies have got chief executives and all of them have the same Degree of “PHD IN CRIMINOLOGY” The way of crime may be different but they always attack and avail the opportunities provided by the Govt. exchequers. I am living in KSA and found extremely highest humiliating local call charges in this country in spite of the fact that it is a tax free economy subsequently the burden will always be on the Users the customers you and I. This is the way of becoming Chief Executive what we always call talented, professional, self starter, profit Oriented, and have professional edge.

  • dunya bhar main I.T products and Telecom services k pay koi taxes nahe apply hotay par yeh hamara mulk ajeeb he hai .. no foregin investment balkay jo apnay ghar main hai wo he loot loot k khatam kardayn gay .. finally pakistan will be dissolved …

  • The Issue is which Extra Service they are providing now and Charging ob Each Call……………I am Using Mobilink Number from last ten years….. Now Their service is worst than ever……………….Then It matters a lot when their is no service but Extra Service Charges

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