Ufone Celebrates its 12th Anniversary with Great Fervour

Ufone Celebrates its 12th Anniversary
Abdul Aziz, President and CEO Ufone along with the senior management at the Cake Cutting ceremony on Ufone’s 12th anniversary at Ufone Tower in Islamabad

Ufone celebrated its 12th anniversary on January 29,2013 at the new Ufone Tower in Islamabad.

The event was attended by the management along with a large number of Ufone employees from the twin cities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

With this, Ufone has also moved to its new headoffice. New home of the happiest customers in the country, the “Ufone Tower” is interestingly the tallest building in the city.

The event started with a light show which brought the city to life and it was seen that people from all over stopped to see the interesting light and music show. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony and a musical performance to end the fun loving evening.

Here are few of the pictures from Anniversary Celebrations and Ufone Tower:







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  • no rewards for customers. I’m not happy anymore :S

    • Asad

      unlimited Spam SMS’ from ufone itself that blow up your inbox are the rewards that ufone customers get everyday from their beloved service provider. I know many people who left ufone just because of spam sms’, hidden call charges & forced call packages.

      • You can block Promotional Calls and SMS from Ufone by dialing 25625 and at-least I don’t have problems regarding over-deductions etc…

        • Asad

          No thanks. changing network is much easier than paying extra to block all that ****

          • Its Free. There are no charges to block promotional SMS and Calls from Ufone :)

            • Asad

              Yes & what about the call charges of your helpline which will then direct you to another number, the new number will cost 10+tax & will direct you to another number & that new number will drop your call during first 4-5 attempts while charging 5 or 10/min & then if you are lucky enough, your call will be connected & then you will be talking to a person who will further tell you another 2 numbers to send sms to unsubscribe from the spam sms service & the unsubscription sms will again cost you 5 or 10/sms & then the rerere-confirmation sms’ so on & so forth. And I assure you that even after going through all the above procedures, you will still be unsuccessful in getting rid of those sms’ untillllll you change your network…

          • Ramzan Khan

            change the network will never work try it :)

      • Ramzan Khan

        this is unfair on ur part just blaming one operator …

    • Lubna Jan

      rizwan why you are not happy … u forget rewards by ufone on different ocassions and discounts on festivals …

      • What happened to them on their ‘BIGG DAY’ (Anniversary) ? :S

  • Happy Customer

    @facebook-100003307957562:disqus sir gee poora saal rewards sirf Ufone hee ne diye thay, 14 Aug & 6 Sept par bhi shayed Ufone hee ne customers ko reward kiya tha. App shayad ghalat SIM ka istimall kar rahein hain, baray merhbani orange SIM istimaal kijiye :)

    • Zong ki Achi SIM to suni thi lekin UFONE ki Ghalat SIM kab i? (o_0)
      and where as I know Ufone ki Prepaid SIM orange hi hoti hai aur main wohi use kar raha hoon :)

    • Imrana Mirza

      i think he is using the purple sim, high rates and worst services with low signal strength.

  • Saima Sheerazi

    rizwan bhai birthday ya anniversary par gift liya nahin jata diya jata hai

    • We’re already giving them on every call we made and on every recharge in name of Tax and some maintenance charges!

      • Amir Sohail

        Rizwan please clear one thing that we are not paying taxes to operators we are paying taxes to govt kitty that is used by politicians for their govt Ayeshi ..

        • So what are those maintenance and call setup charges?

          P.S. Every recharge you made, some deductions are made in name of tax directly goes towards that telecom company. Its lame to say all those taxes ONLY goes towards government!

  • FrndsZone.com

    spam msgs k sath spam calls hain, per phr b teray sath hain UFONE 10 salon say :P

  • Ujala Rizwan

    Wow New Home of Ufone

  • Ramzan Khan

    Guys just blaming Ufone for spamming is not fare every operator is doing it ….

    we should have appreciated their initiatives for better quality of services …

  • Subhan

    Congrats Ufone…!!!! i m a happy Ufone Customer since 2003