Meet Shahid Ali, Ufone Shahcar Offer 2012, Winner

Shahid Ali, Ufone Shahcar Offer WinnerProPakistani recently got this opportunity of meeting Mr. Shahid Ali from Lahore, who had won a Toyota Corolla car in Ufone’s first Shahcar offer back in 2012.

Shahid, an ECG technician at Sheikh Zaid Hospital in Lahore, is father of three kids and lives a simple life. He – along with his family – lives in a rented house at Multan Road, Lahore.

While speaking with ProPakistani he mentioned that his life has transformed a lot in last one year after winning Toyota Corolla car.

Before the car, Shahid and his family used to travel via public transport or rickshaws and was often burdened with heavy fares and discomfort. He said that he has now better opportunities of going out, without worrying about the transport.

Shahid told me that he was called by 333 when he was first informed about the prize. He specifically advised the mobile phone users to not to trust any such prize call originating from numbers other than 333, especially if they are coming from a mobile number.

Below is the video of a five minutes chat we had with Shahid:

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  • asim ahmed

    Ufone jo kehta hai… poora karta hai… WONERFULL!!

  • khair

    iss say poocho kitna paisa lagiya uss ufone scheme par phir yeh car jeeti

    • Khawar

      tum nae interview nahin suna, just Rs.200/- Lucky champ

  • KA

    Looks like a paid interview and post, as Ufone currently have Shahkar offer going on.

  • Hassan

    what m thinking its not fake TYPE the number of the car and you will get the details