Poll: Did You Like This New Funny TVC from Mobilink?

It is not the first time that Mobilink has adopted humour in its TVCs (they have done it a few times before), however, the operator has come back with such kind of funny TVC after a long time with 3 pey 6 offer, which allows six minutes of calling at the against 3 minutes’ charges.

With Funny ads —  usually the known attribute of Ufone — Mobilink has tried to shift from rather sophisticated and graceful approach in advertising to a funny TVC to grab the attention of the youth.

We are already getting good reviews about the ad, however, there are few who are questioning the execution. They believe that TVC could be done little better – in terms of the theme and the storyline – but that’s fine as there is always room available for the betterment.

At this point in time, we thought of asking your feedback about the ad. But before, let’s have a look at the TVC below:

And here’s the poll, you can participate by sharing your thoughts about the TVC:

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  • who the hell told u this ad is funny i mean what are those marketeers doing at mobilink making a baseless senseless ad? They are saying that 3+0=6 ? 0_0 first doing pathetic sum after that telling everyone to stop learning and getting education.

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