Warid to Announce Bonuses for Employees After Three Years

Warid LogoWarid Telecom is likely to reward its employees with yearly incentives after a good break of three years.

According to well placed sources in Warid, these performance based bonuses will be equaling up to 3.5 gross salaries of the employees.

If reports are to be believed then bonuses will be derived after evaluating individual performances coupled with company’s performance during past one year, which remained healthy due to higher revenues.

Sources tell that weightage for company’s performance is up to 40 percent on average, and even higher for top level management.

It is said that Warid achieved 98% of CPI (Company performance index) during the past one year yielding all desired results. Company’s performance remained key factor for the approval of bonuses this year.

If everything goes well and as per plan then bonuses will be rewarded to all permanent and contractual staff along with next month’s salaries.

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  • what about the employees working for Warid but are on third party payroll?

    • Raza

      No doughnut for you :)…..

  • Thokar Baig

    Do we really care about such news? Why not tell us the inside story about who they are selling out/merging Warid with and how much staff will be cut. If I was a current employee I would take the bonus and run!

  • test

    This is good new management works, it a lot to go for betterment.

  • AAA

    I think they will first lay off a good number of employees & then reward the remaining ones. Jaise murghi khanay mei aik taraf murghian zabah ho rahi hoti hain aur baqiyon ko danay dalay ja rahe hotay hain….

  • Sleepless

    Sadly this bonus is not for employees in the commercial department, the logic being that commission is paid to them. I have friends who were forcibly integrated in the Commercial department, no commission has been paid, nor has any criteria been set for it. And now they are beign denied this bonus because they are in the commercial department. Warid Sux! I am so glad I left!

  • WRD

    once again warid call center employees treated as “Yateem’s” ..

  • diya

    a friend of mine,she workng in cc and she told me that her mangrs getting bonus but for csr’s company says tata bye bye aisi compny se tou kisi factory mai kaam kar letay tou acha tha.

  • Hamud

    Currently I am working with another Telecom Company…Thanks to Allah that I am the ex-employee of Warid Telecom. All Warid CS staff should stop working than company will realize the importance of CS staff.

  • yahya

    Pro Pakistani team should post the correct picture of this warid bonus story because bonus not distributed to all employees of warid telecom

  • Hassi

    These bonuses are not announced for all Permanent employees. only those are eligible who are not in sales Department. its really pathetic policy as Sales Employees have worked hard more than others to boost up this company but unfortunately poor management and foolish policies are always there in Warid.

    • Hassi

      Employees at lower level are treated as Competitors’ employees and they are deprived of all the good benefits while
      others have