Corporate Fail: Mobilink Website is Displaying Google Ads

We have seen government websites displaying Google ads through which the webmasters – either with or without the consent of their bosses – make quick bucks. However, a corporate website of a multinational firm – such as Mobilink’s – displaying Google ads is a new phenomenon.

As a ProPakistani reader tipped us today – we cross verified this as well – Mobilink website is displaying Google Ads when you search anything on the website. Apparently these ads are shown because Mobilink is using free version of Google’s custom search engine. Mobilink should probably buy ad-free version of Google custom search which is charged mere USD 100 per year or more, depending on search queries made on the website.

Those who don’t know, Google’s custom search engine is a utility from Google which allows webmasters to offer search facility to website visitors with-in their website.

Moreover, Mobilink website is also violating Custom search engine TOS by removing Google’s branding from the search bar. Google says that it can penalize websites that violate its TOS.

Below given is the screenshot recorded just moments ago:



It appears that Mobilink has now bought the paid version of Google Custom Search Engine, and now ads are not appearing in the search results.

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      • I don’t know why you guys started targeting only Pakistani companies and organizations etc.

        For your kind info, they are you using “Google Custom Search Engine”.

        And the ads inside the search results are not posted by Mobilink. It’s a part of Google Custom Search.

        Even CNN uses that same search engine.

  • Haha…Mobilink probably forgot to pay! Mobilink is so bad at paying vendors so it kinda serves them right.

    • It gets page views on this site, so yes, it helps the revenues here. otherwise, it’s yawn news.

  • tu es mein kon sa buri baat hai ap b tu chala rahy ho
    bas farq ye hai k ap news ko issue bana rhe ho jo k news hai he nhi
    agr ap ko paise se muhabt hai tu un ko b hai
    kisi ko criticize krne se pehle apni taraf daikh lia karin. shukria

    • zulqarnain is right if you have any issue then first you should remove add on your site then talk about others. and for your kind information mobile are using google search and these adds are showing just on search page becauase of free search mobile are using.

  • It’s not lame news as most of you have put it. Only people who things the right way on the web know what this news means. Oh and I am 100% sure you guys are hired by Mobilink to say stuff like “lame”, “wtf”, “stupid article”, “tu es mein kon sa buri baat hai…”, etc. GET A LIFE!

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