DailyMotion Gets Partially Inaccessible in Pakistan

DailyMotion, video sharing website of global repute, is partially inaccessible to internet users in Pakistan. Various reports coming to us from readers, mainly from Karachi, confirm that they were greeted with “safe surf” message when they opened DailyMotion today morning.

However, there were other users who said that website is opening fine on their side.

A message appearing on the website reads:

This website is not accessible

The site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership from with-in Pakistan


It merits mentioning here that this is not the default censorship message that appears on YouTube on other websites that are blocked in Pakistan. PTCL and other ISPs aren’t confirming anything yet.

It maybe recalled that there are countless websites blocked in Pakistan without any apparent reason. In past, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had blocked websites based on personal and political interests.

Masses have been demanding the authority for long to make public the list of blocked websites, with reasons explaining the blockade and possibly a way to report invalid blockades.

We are in process of getting more information on inaccessibility of DailyMotion and will update this story as we get more details.


It appears that DailyMotion is again accessible for majority of Pakistani internet users.

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  • It’s not only DailyMotion. All the .com domains that ends with “Tube” word are banned.

    • yes you are right .. i m also facing the issue with my website …

      and some other sites its normal sites

      Pashtotube dot com
      urdutube dot com
      ishowtube dot com
      speechtube dot com

      is there anyway to unblock it..

      • Yes, you should email to pta complaints email address, its [email protected], may be they will hear you. Blocking all sites ending with tube must be nothing but technical glitch.

  • Ok the website is blocked for me as well at work (PTCL INternet) However its opening using the HTTPS protocol and block with default http, so change http in url to https and site will get accessible.

    Same is reason, some of your users are reporting the website is accessible.

  • janab verify to karin k site chal rahi hai k nahi, k bas news daikhi or likh dali… site chal rahi hai… ap ki khaber fake hai

  • I can’t even access.. Tumblr seems blocked … getting same Safe Surfing message

  • cannot browse vimeo.com, tumblr.com need to fetch a list… is that a block, glitch or a mishap by PTCL?

  • the list of each banned site and the reason must be made public. otherwise it’s not fair:(

  • I start disliking Pakistan very much…No Paypal, Less to no International banks, No youtube and now dailymotion…After Few days PTA close down each and every website. This is what happen when Government is run by people that don’t have any knowledge about internet and its importance. .

  • Admin it’s inaccessible from your side does’t mean site is blocked. It’s working fine

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