Warid Offers SMS Delivery Reports


Warid Telecom is now offering Delivery Reports for sent SMS, a service which alerts the SMS sender when and if SMS is delivered to the recipient party.

SMS delivery reports help mobile phone users to be able to get a notification as soon as the SMS is delivered at the destination.

You will receive information in real time as and when the SMS is delivered to the recipient so that you are certain that the SMS has been delivered.

How to Activate:

  • Send “DR” in an SMS to 7777

How to De-activate:

  • Send “DR OFF” in an SMS to 7777


  • Prepaid: Rs.2.50+tax/week
  • Postpaid: Rs.10.00+tax/month
  • Short code charges Rs.1+tax

Available to all Warid Prepaid, Glow and Warid Postpaid subscribers.
Note: Customers have to ensure that SMS delivery functionality is enabled on their handsets

  • Useless service!! As per my experience Most of companies for example telenor would suggest you to turn delivery reports off to avoid any problems sending SMS!!
    So what’s use of this service? It’s just people’s mental state they have doubt either sms was delivered or not-Whenever you send a message I think it would be delivered to receipent 99.99% if not 100%!
    It’s up to receiver who have liberty and may refuse or confirm you if he or she got your message or not!
    So best and free way is, just send SMS without any worry! If you are more worried, then write a line to receiver, to confirm by reply or missed call if SMS was received ;)
    Spend such small dimes on other services!

    • This is also a good tool to check that if recipient phone is off or on. As your SMS is still undelivered mean recipient cell is off or out or coverage area.

      • Not that good if they charge that much for such service! They should provide that as VAS but they even charge for VAS! (Value added service).

        You can simply check by missed call if recipient is in coverage area or not and if phone is switched on!

          • I can spend even 100 or more but here matter is of “VALUE”! This service is useless, It’s better to spend those 10 rupee for some other thing or send message to donate to shaukat khanum or elsewhere.
            Delivery report enabling actually delays the message sending and give you false status report most of time, think with logic, read my other comment above!

        • Delivery reports are extra load on network that’s why its now being charged which was previously offered for free also for a long time.

          • That’s not a huge load. like warid gives you last call cost alert they can simply give sms delivery reports too. But they are going to be more greedy and will monetize every bit of their service, wait and watch.

            • I personally suggest warid should also stop free EOCN and make it a charged service like mobilink & ufone is charging because that’s really people here deserve. You offer them a service FOC for long & they would never appreciate & when you put a charge on it they will start yelling

    • Its a cell phone dependant feature. if you’re using a basic cell phone & send sms in bulk or doing sms chat it will cause sms failure. In smart phones mostly it works properly.

      • Useless feature, must be turned off! Send SMS and be assured it was delivered, worst case would be a bit delay in network like Zong!

  • This is just mind blowing. OMG….. I simply can’t understand that how a cell phone operator can offer delivery reports to the sender….

    • Delivery report was a VAS which was offered free of cost. Then mobile companies realized that that delivery notification chokes their SMS server so they stopped offering it.

      Basically delivery status is very useful specially when you are un sure whether the SMS receiving mobile is switched off or on and I do not see any harm in paying for it if the service is of value to me. Anyway Warid is a little late in offering that other companies are already offering this service on prepaid and postpaid

  • There is another thing which popped up in my mind-this delivery report service may be just fraudulent, no matter which company is offering this! In other words, you are wasting your money for nothing if you subscribe for such service;
    If a person sends SMS from Warid to Mobilink number, Warid will simply send you notice that your message has been delivered, which means they are telling you status of their side, they have NO control on mobilink network and they can’t assure you if mobilink or other recipient really received your message or not!
    So think logically and do not waste money on such services, as i said before, such service also cause even SMS hindrance!!
    You will see these companies will be much greedy and it won’t be any wonder if they apply charges on missed calls or may be allow a limited number of missed calls a day, they will charge from any where they can and even for nothing!

    • Delivery report not only notifies you for delivered messages but also if its undelivered due to any network problem, inbox memory full or cell phone switched you will also get undelivered notification if recipient doesn’t receive it and sms validity expires.

      • not true, read carefully, Warid can’t tell you status of other network user!

        If a person sends SMS from Warid to Mobilink number, Warid will simply send you notice that your message has been delivered, which means they are telling you status of their side, they have NO control on mobilink network and they can’t assure you if mobilink or other recipient really received your message or not!

        • how can u be so sure , have u tested it ? i do see ur point and agree with it , but wats the harm in trying, by simply sending an sms to a switched off phone and the one that is switched on , u ll know then wat really happens

          • You may try but I won’t because it’s waste of money, no matter its big or small.
            Some companies like telenor had been telling users to keep delivery reports off to avoid any issue.
            This service is crap.

        • I am using delivery report service since I have started using cell phone & I always get both delivered & undelivered status.

            • Well I found it useful & I will continue to use it. It’s up to you whether you need something or not. But if your needs are different its not good to remark negatively on it. One more thing i would like to add about delivery reports that it will also notify you about the delivery status of sms that you send on short codes like 32665(fbook) & 40404(tweet)

              • Well, I am commenting neutrally! Your comments feel more of company favour.

                My main supporting thing for my comment is telenor company! And others as well as on a call on helpline the operator told me to keep it off to avoid any issue in SMS sending as they cause hindrance.

                So it’s just mental state some people think either their message was received by recipient or not.

                I would happily use this service even paid but I have a step ahead requirement;) This service should be something like of recipient actually opens the sms from inbox then it should be reported as delivered and read or opened! ;) They may have hard time to make such service but it will be real value in that case!

                • ur comments may be neutral but are technically incorrect.

                  in case of warid sending an sms to mobilink, mobilnk as per gsm standard is bound to reply with delivery report, either success or failure, with reason for failure.

                  incase warid receives no report, it will re attempt to deliver your message, until is gets positive delivery report, or the message expires in warid network.

                  forwarding this information to end user, which warid receives as per gsm standard from mobilink in any case, is what this service is about.

                  • What you stated is theory- I know it all and know how it works or how it should work!
                    What I stated is practical thing and experience told by telenor representative!
                    Perhaps you didn’t interpreted my message correctly.

  • Stupid service again, this is the reason warid is going so down in PK.
    they shud bring some thing innovative rather than this stupidity.

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