Anusha Rehman Throws Quaid-e-Azam’s Picture Out of IT and Telecom Ministry

Anusha Rehman, the state minister for Telecom and IT, has technically thrown out the picture of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the founder of the nation – out from building of Ministry of IT and Telecom.

Recently produced pictures from MoIT show a picture of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and direct boss of Ms. Anusha Rehman, instead of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait.

Its a shame that PML(N) government is following the footstep of PPP(P) by preferring their party leaders over Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

It merits mentioning here that PPP (P) government, at few occasions, had removed the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam from meeting rooms and had used pictures of their political leaders, including Asif Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.



MoIT has responded to this post by saying that portrait of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is displayed at all official offices, as per usual government protocol.

Similarly, a portrait of Quaid-e-Azam is displayed in the office of Minister as well.

However, the images in question (and produced below) is informal seating in Minister’s office where she meets delegates.

Ministry said that picture of Prime Minister was displayed on the wall which was previously empty.


Check below the two pictures (along with captions) shown on MoIT website:


Minister of State for Information Technology Ms. Anusha Rahman while meeting with a delegation of Telenor.

canada high

High Commissioner of Canada H.E Greg Giokas calling on Minister of State for Information Technology Ms. Anusha Rahman in Islamabad, on 09-07-2013.

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  • Sarmad

    Ab maza aya
    Sher bano sher

    • Ali Salman

      After quick reply from MoIT, Aamir Aatta you should delete this post and go back to IT blogging as you claim it is and should stop political blogging .

  • Usama

    Ibtadaye Hukumat hai rota hai kya…
    Aagay aagay dekhiye hota hai kya…

  • Sikander Zulqarnain Cheema

    Bilkul sahi kya bcoz Pakistan tu azaad Nawaz Sharif ne krwaya tha…
    Quaid-e-Azam ne kya kia tha?

    • Pakistani Politics

      Quaid i azam to agent tha british govt ka jis nay Pakistanbanaya Uk kay kehne per.

    • Syedshahi

      Wo tho phansi se bachne ke liye Pakistan se bhag kar Saudi mein mazay kar rahay thay.

  • Imran Hunzai

    I am afraid one day they will replace Quaid’s picture from currency notes.

    • abobobilly

      The way things are escalating these days, it won’t be far for that too.

      • fakhre alam

        agree. i am happy our province didnt vote PMLN @khyber pukhtoonkhwa

        • Mehran Shah

          Great………i m also 4om K.P.K.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Wouldn’t bother me. Why do we need his picture everywhere? We are supposed to be Muslims.

    • Faisal

      That was meant to be for Zardari :p

  • Zohair

    May be the position has been changed? Or the photographs were intentionally taken to include Nawaz Shareef’s photo? No?

  • Luqman Khan

    I have this feeling that Anusha Rehman isn’t right choice for Ministry of I.T. It should have been given to some young guy!

    • abobobilly

      She is a Lawyer so yes you are right.

      Who wants to bet that she got this position purely on the basis of her contacts with “Sher” <_<

    • Ali Salman

      What makes you think “young” boy can deliver ? Young “boy” like Imran Khan? A few days back 82 years old “boy” died, he invented “mouse” for PCs. So come out of your filmy desire that young can deliver better than experienced, ask for experienced irrespective of young and old.

      • abobobilly

        You guys are taking his thoughts in a very wrong way. I believe he has a valid point.

        Basically by “Young” he meant “Fresh Talent”. It isn’t just the age factor which makes everything good, neither is the experience. Its the enthusiasm, and mind you … only a young blood has enough to “Lead” an industry such as I.T.

        If you have different opinion then fine, but you don’t have to be so mean about it to others.

        As for YouTube, or Imran Khan … I haven’t seen him mention that and people are going nuts about it.

        This is exactly the problem of Paki awaam. Apni marzi se matlab nikaal lete hain har cheez ka.

        • Ali Salman

          aap apni marzi sy matlab na nikalo, where did anyone mentioned that he is mentioning this and that? Is it too difficult to understand what he is saying? This is IT ministry, we can’t afford doing experimentations by bringing “fresh” blood, Pakistan can’t afford this. Go search for ages of Ministers in your neighbors and see how they are benefiting from their experience. I think blood bank would be right place for fresh blood.

          • abobobilly

            Funny little fellow.

            I have no idea why people think changing a Govt or bringing some other (qualified ofcourse) would be “Experimental”.

            Ajeeb “Lakeer ki Fakeeri” hay.

            Its the exact thinking which is why Pakistan is not moving forward and stuck in this “Family Ownership” type of Control, by these PPPP or PML-N parties and yet people still need more (hard) lessons to find out their mistakes.

            Anyway, you are certainly implying that she was a “Right Choice” for IT Ministry. Lets see what she delivers. Not to mention she is the one who practically “Threated” Google for the removal of those Disturbing Contents.

            Way to go “Non-Experimental-aka-Experienced IT Ministry”.

        • Luqman Khan

          abobobilly well said brother!

  • Zar

    people like Anusha Rehman’s job is to lick the boots f their masters, this is what PPP had done and now Noon league is following the same path. they have no shame and no respect for the father of the nation. TO HELL WITH THEM!

  • Amir

    Very disappointing

  • usman raza

    isko kehte hein Chuknaa…. bl k Chuk k Rakhnaa…. Shaabash Sher bno aur Chuk k rkho…. :)

  • rb

    hr shakh pe ulloo betha hai anjam e gulistan kia hoga

  • Dear PML-N supporters don’t defend this at least…

  • hi

    Sorry about being picky but its Quaid not Qaid.

  • Ravian

    This post has nothing to do with IT. Pro Pakistani….please…I mean come on….! There are several other issues to be addressed yar…!!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Ever heard of the term “making a mountain out of a molehill”? Well, this article is exactly that.

  • Faisal

    Shameful act..

  • WebSolHub

    “images in question is informal seating”… iska matlab Jinnah ki pic lagana formality hey aur govt. rules ki waja sey majbori hey… :(

  • After the update from MoIT don’t you think that the title should be changed and you should apologize for spreading wrong information?

  • Zahid Mehboob

    New Toll Tax Of Murree Express and Contract Given to Lahore Party
    with 100% increment
    car old rs 25 know 50
    wagan rs 45 75
    22 wheeler 175 know 350

  • visitor

    koi nahi.. ek din yeh bhi aisay hi inko bhi utha kr bahar phaink dia jayeega

  • Truth

    jiskay choopay lenay hein uska hee portrait lagaey gee na

  • Aziz

    Pakistan will be removed from the MAP of WORLD sooon !!! —

  • Ali Salman

    @Aamir Aatta
    Seriously bro this is height of you turning this blog into a political blog. If you can’t copy more news from TomHardware guide please let this blog live a little more, this is bread and butter for you.

  • On a lighter note, Have you noticed there is a rechargeable china SOGO fan on the desk, which shows MoIT also got the loadshedding problem :)

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    In second pic I noticed she is posing more for camera other than concentrating on agenda of meeting, I bet she don’t understand any about IT and telecom.

  • Jamil

    She is a very narrow minded person out there to please trying to secure her position & please Nawaz.if Nawaz has some national sense ,he should fire her for this. Qaid’s photo is eternal. Nawz photo will be thrown out very soon ( Inshaallah ) by next coming and Qaid will appear again very soon.

  • Good

    Gasht…….i Orat ha yay

  • Syedshahi

    These people did not make Pakistan. So how would they care. They dont even know why and how Pakistan was created. Jamat e Islami said it was made for Islam. No. It was made for Muslims of the region. Nothing else. They are simple lohars what else can they think?

    • Subhan

      You people should have to see the posivite side of the picture,

      May be the position has been changed? Or the photographs were intentionally taken to include Nawaz Shareef’s photo

  • Usmaan

    They are trying to make “Gongloo” a leader.

  • Saeed Sarwar

    is gushti ka kia ye to paison ke le’ey kisi ke saath bhi raat guzarney ke le’ey tayyar ho jati hai

  • Salman Malik

    might be our Quaid’s picture is hanged on the back of her table… as we are shown only one side of picture… except criticizing let them do their work and wait for results… and i think if we think of picture of Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as not her boss but the Honorable President of Pakistan

    • Saleem

      President nahi meray bhai… Prime Minister hai Nawaz Shareef

      • noman

        jago maray bhi jago,

  • don

    nawaz sharif mar gaya kya jo uss ki snap lga li iss nay ppp walay tu kehaty tahy jia buhtuo yeh b kaya abb kehtay hai jia nora

    • Aman

      Pakistanioo, blame game chorr duu ,Quaid kay Farman pay amal karo, KAAM, KAAM ur bass KAAM

      • Nazir

        Cha gay ho Aman bhi, Ya he jazba rhay tu hum bht agay jiay gay inshalla

  • Yasir Mahmood

    The Founder of the nation Muhammad Ali jinnah’s Picture should be Desiplayed in all govt permises but Do we Truely Follow what he advised?
    We hang his pics in offices and the Officer sitting below his Pic is Taking Bribe Openly

    Is it What He whished to be future’s Pakistan??

  • Kareem

    easy to prove that i am your bitch Mr.Prime minister

    • john


    • Fareed

      Cmon guys, Nawaz Sharif and M A Jinnah are not too different. Both have an equal measure of intelligence, leadership acumen, statesmanship and diplomacy skills. Both exhibit similar traits ‘what true leaders are made of’ – so why complain. Doesnt reallymatter whose pic it is..Jinnah or Nawaz – its the same thing, innit? ;) [With due apology to Mr. Jinnah. RIP]

      • Bilal

        Dur fitay moun apka fareed sahib.

      • Mansoor ul haq dar

        Fareed tumhara dimag theak to hai na, who says that Quaid e Azam and nawaz Sharfi has the same qualities.

  • Haider

    PMLN is not doing anything good for IT industry. In fact, they are destroying it by blocking Skype to phone calls and other VOIP services and I don’t think she don’t even know how important is IT ministry and how to give people and businesses benefit with it. They are just there to make money for themselves and they will run away.

    Those who don’t care for the founder of Pakistan, do you think will care for ordinary pakistanis? All they care about is themselves and we are helping them to destroy us by giving our valuable votes to these useless people :(

    I think we all should raise our voices for Musharraf as he is the only person who actually care to improve Pakistan and pakistanis.

  • Zakhanum

    Can this idiot take the place of MA JInah, and this stupid lady is just buttering the MNS to be in his kitchen cabnet, this is the way it is, nobody cares about their Forefathers or even the Fathger of the nation

  • amamud

    come on ! we always remain on the lookout for negative and non issues.

  • Amji

    Shame full Act… please reconsider

  • Farooq Shah

    there is not need to use any photo on the wall this is wrong to hang any person photo.

  • Dissolution0fEternity

    Lawaz Sherif, Takla….yes intended to write his name incorrectly.

  • Agha Nadeem

    Her act clearly shows her mental sickness and immaturity. By putting the picture of her boooooosssthe Prime Minister of Lahore Mian Nawaz, she has clearly showed that she is nothing but yet another “LOTTA FOR SALE” who literally bought this seat.

  • what the fuck pmln is doing??? :/

  • Savage44

    PML(N) good going..keep it up….u will finally meet your end soon

  • Mansoor Ul Haq Dar

    The Founder of the nation
    Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah’s Picture should be displayed in all government permises but Do we Truely Follow what he advised?
    We hang his pics in offices and the Officer sitting below his Pic is and taking wrong decisions and also Taking Bribe Openly.

  • Malik

    biased article……….amateurs debating hanging photos………..grow up people………focus on core issues………who cares if a quaid’s, a celebrity’s or a devils picture is hanging?

    • SANAA

      Let tell us where PMLN is focusing on core issues? they are just enjoying foreign tours on our taxpayers money

  • Munir

    It is good idea but as far as anusha rahman is concern she has not replaced quaid picture .Picture shown is in her waiting where Nwaz Sharif oicture is placed.i Tink PTI walo ko choti choti bato ko chornay kee adat hay.