PTCL Launches Cloud Services in Pakistan

PTCL-CloudPTCL has become the third major player in the country to offer cloud services to SMEs and large sized enterprises.

While there is no major or official mention of the cloud solutions from PTCL’s side, company’s dedicated website for cloud services is already up and live.

In collaboration with Viper technologies, PTCL is currently offering dedicated servers, disaster recovery services, file hosting and messaging and collaboration services on its cloud.

PTCL says that it can offer cloud computing solutions from its data centre facilities located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

It maybe recalled that PTCL recently announced its agreement with Allama Iqbal Open University for provision of its cloud services. Moreover, it is said that government of Pakistan has locked a deal with PTCL to get its e-governance project running on PTCL’s cloud services.

Given the fact that PTCL has already got two (highly paying) clients, we are not sure about the quality of services that PTCL will offer to small and medium sized businesses. However, their plans for dedicated public/private servers are quite interesting.

Have a look at server plans below:



P.S. Prices mentioned here do no include network bandwidth, for which you will be charged extra based on your bandwidth needs.

Plans for file cloud hosting and disaster recovery services are competitive too – with respect to local market.

Businesses operating in the country can get a good proposition for hosting their websites with-in the country, which will not only bring them better ping rates but also an increased trust factor. However, online portals like us – with major Pakistani audience – will have to see the quality of service, support, security and uptime before actually singing-up with local cloud solutions.

Visit PTCL’s cloud website here:, which seems inspired by RapidCompute, Cybernet’s cloud services, especially the cloud calculator. Go and check yourself.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Usman

    Aamir, should we move over to PTCL Cloud?? What do you think ;)

    • Shahid Saleem

      I would pay $150 for 2 cores, 80GB disk, 4GB RAM. I am interested in low latency, but I need more cores and more RAM than the ordinary $5 digitalocean site.

      • Usman

        You don’t know the full picture. Send me a message if you really interested. You can get as powerful server as you pocket allows you.

      • Faisal Maqsood

        Sir i need to host game server. Can u host for me? kindly let me know as u said u use ptcl vps service

    • Faisal Maqsood

      Sir i need to host game server. Can u host for me? kindly let me know as u said u use ptcl vps service

  • Xim

    I guess they are ripping from Transworld as well. Take a look And their guarantees are latin print text for now :)

  • soubi

    ya khud walu sa la rhay ha in ki site is ip pa host ha Ptcl walu pahlay apni site tu Pakistani server pa shift karu..

    Lolz… :)

  • Raheel


    • Shahid Saleem

      Now compare it with offerings from or digitalocean or even linode. They offer VPS, not real cloud (except vps, it has some cloud features). PTCL is $$$.

  • Rameez

    Cybernet, PTCL and which is the 3rd cloud provider in Pakistan?

    • Saeed

      Punjab Govt – Arfa technology.

  • Saeed

    I think Peoples are really don’t know the concept of cloud.

    CyberNet is a VPS solution not a cloud. For cloud solution a provider must has atleast two data center within a country/city.

    A user will never know where he is connected from which data center.

    CyberNet has only one DC in karachi so if any failure then everything will be done. Just think about the Cloud word.

    But PTCL can provide you cloud solution because of they have multiple DC around the country.

    So if suppose karachi DC down then dont worry you will connect from Lahore DC and so on.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Do you think the data stored on karachi DC will automatically be copied to Lahore DC???

      Looks like you don’t worry about the right stuffs.

      • Saeed

        When designing of Cloud solution – you must to define the policy when will be the data available around all data centers – most data center has replicated data on real time and most are taking around few minutes/hours etc.

        I have deeply knowledge of cloud solutions and and you may visit amazon/microsoft/rackspace cloud solution.

        One thing more – in a cloud solution you don’t worry about for the bandwidth limitation and most data centers providing un-meter BW (here is a huge concept).

        For DDOS issues – so i would say cloud is the best solution because of no easy to way to hacker to down the services (here is again huge concept and why).

        • omar

          you should have learned English language before computer language. You don’t really answer Shahid clearly.

          BTW Cyber does have two DCs.

          • Saeed

            Who told you cyber has two DC’s?

            As per my knowlge. i don’t think within few months they designed another DC :).

            Dear I am focusing about the concept if you really like then read it otherwise aisa lag raha hai kay tum kisi raymond davis ki aulad ki paidawar ho jo apnay abu ki zaban bol rahay ho.

        • Shahid Saleem

          EVeryone knows how often Amazon fails in us-east region frequently. Unless YOU (the customer) set up your own set of servers in another region, as long as us-east is down, your service is down.

          Amazon doesn’t have policies or solutions to automatically ensure your services stay up if the region is down. YOU have to do that.

          Similarly, with your Karachi/Lahore example. YOU need to buy two services, one in each location, to stay up if one DC goes down.

          So PTCL having two DC and Cyber having one has no bearing on how well YOUR services will stay up during an outage.

          • Naseer

            How many Data Centers are there in Pakistan how are certified on Tier 3 standards?

        • PTCL is not a cloud

          Yes sir I am sure you have Deeply knowledge of cloud solution and hacker can down the services!

          And no Amazon and Rackspace do not have free ka replication. These are additional products with additional charges just like Bandwidth. Also DDOS is completely different.

          Please stop throwing terms like Cloud, DDOS, un-meter BW (huge concept?) when you don’t understand.

    • Cloud Badshah

      I think Mr. Saeed worked on the PTCL cloud project which is basically a number of servers thrown in inefficient PTCL data center in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad. These are empty data centers unlike Transworld. They have built one good data center in Karachi and has the best facilities.

      So now that they could not compete with Transworld in DC they tried to enter cloud space by ripping of Transworld and RapidComputer (cyber ka cloud) service.

      Rapidcomputer and CubeXs are true cloud provider using cloud aribtration layer, control panel and true SAN. PTCL is using Viper keh PCs. Its better to just build your own server and keep it in garage, atleast it will be safe and accessible when PTCL strike happens. hahahahah

      Also Multinet is going into cloud and they have multiple DC and I think Cyber also has cloud sites in Lahore and Karachi. I think 2 level redundancy is enough. And its better to invest in san and everything in 2 sites than get this unbranded Viper key thukey huwee machines and claim to run ‘Cloud’!

    • Saeed, I am sorry my friend but you really have no idea how “cloud hosting” works. If you think you need to be in two DC to be called as “Cloud”, you are absolutely wrong.

      A Cloud gives you redundancy at physical server level. (Network, BW, HD, CPU etc). You can have a perfect cloud setup within one RACK.
      If you duplicate that across two DC, you get redundant setup. But that’s not a definition of cloud and its really not easy to setup.

      As for PeeTCL, they can’t do shit. Have you seen their BW charges?? Idiots.

    • Arshad Vayani

      lol actually it looks like you don’t know what cloud is. Their is no such requirement as multiple Data Centers in cloud computing. Its all about visualization and scalability. Their are multiple layers in cloud like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS etc and cloud is being used for SaaS mainly. Multiple Data centers are used to to reduce latency. Similarly multiple nodes or server instances are used for distributed processing, storage etc. Its easier to handle huge traffic that way without any downtime.

    • Arif Memon

      PTCL also does not provide Cloud services:
      There are two major advantages of Cloud over VPS
      1. Self-Provisioning
      2. Pay-as-you-Go

      both services lack in PTCL also

  • Elite

    3G la nahi rahe PTCL ko cloud ki pari ha :D No one knows what happening in Cloud.

  • Looking at those plans, it just seems like a regular dedicated/vps hosting.

    I’m more than happy with Windows Azure as my cloud platform. PTCL needs to up its game and compete with AWS and Azure if it wants our money.

  • Tuffy

    What rubbish, they have completely ripped from both transworld and rapid compute website. They have even copied some of the text from both websites. And the website is not even complete. Shows how committed they are !!

  • Shahid Saleem

    I do not understand why the prices are quoted in $$$ and not Rupees. If network traffic charges are not included, then all the costs are local (electricity, etc). Why are the prices not in Rupees then???

    I can only understand dollars for network traffic because international traffic is paid for in dollars by everyone.

    • Chooza Malooza

      Price quoted in USD because IMF is causing Exchange rate to collapse!
      And local electricity rates and other charges are going up anyway even faster than $$$$ so be happy atleast USD meh kiya heh aur koy oil prices keh saath link nahi kiya.

  • Farhan Tahir

    who is mad to buy so expensive servers?

    • Boor Bakistani

      Blease don’t say this baba it is insult to oil rich Arab masters of BTCL.
      Bakistan has sold its national jewels and now you must all bay high brices.
      joke us on us boor bakistani fools!

      • some one

        Look like you P button on key board is replaced with B :P

        • Shaun

          You didn’t get his sarcasm.

          • FACT

            Those spell type may be called: “Arablish” ;)

  • ROFL….. PeeTCL’s above cloud page is giving
    “””Error establishing a database connection”””

    Don’t believe me?? Check this out ..

  • Informer

    Dear Amir it is not inspired by Rapid compute… it is a wordpress theme design from serifly*com, don’t know if developer have downloaded it illegally or purchased it legally :D it is only Copy & paste… nothing creative .. isi liye to roz koi na koi website hack ho jati hai… here is the original theme

  • imran

    ptcl aj tak apna DSl thek nahi rahk paya cloud server kaya dy ga

  • Ali zia

    I am amazed at the cluelessness of the commenters here. If a cloud computing platform is the same as a hosting service, why rip people off by using different names? Evidenly, its a service by an illiterate company for an illiterate lot. I thought clouds gave access to virtually unlimited computing power and resources and pay according to the usage according to a fine grained tariff.
    ajab zamana aa gya hi, jisko dekho clouds ka mama bana phirta hi. Amir its about time that you start educating people. Just posting news is not doing us any good.

    • aamir7

      Thanks. Noted.

      • FACT

        Better and quick thing would be to simply cite links of some relevant informative wiki pages or other resources at end of each article/news for general information under separate headline for those who are unaware.

  • CS gamer

    Yaar I want to host CS Global offensive servier. Is cloud the right option?

  • Salman Abbas

    Jesus Christ! What’s wrong with everything Pakistan?

    PTCL blatantly copied code from the RapidCompute pricing calculator:-

    <select name="select">
    <option value="RC-512M" id="RC-512M">Cloud 1</option>
    <option value="RC-1G" id="RC-1G">Cloud 2</option>
    <option value="RC-2G" id="RC-2G">Cloud 3</option>
    <option value="RC-4G" id="RC-4G">Cloud 4</option>
    <option value="RC-4G-HiMem" id="RC-4G-HiMem">Cloud 5</option>

    View Source of to see for yourself.

    • NetFreak

      “Jesus Christ!”…? Oh Allah please guide us.. we are so much in movies and TV series that we have forgot how to express our feelings as a Muslim. May Allah Guide you. Your name suggests you are a Muslim not a Christian

      • Salman Abbas

        It’s used as an expression of surprise in English, I could care less what it means. Besides, Muslims also believe in Jesus Christ. Idiot.

        • NetFreak

          I agree.. Muslims believe in Jesus, but it is clearly mention in Quran that one should always consult and pray from Allah, in every situation if someone is happy, sad, amazed, annoyed.. you can never ever call Jesus Christ even in feeling when you watch someone doing wrong, copying code from other… English never restricts you to use only Jesis Christ when you get surprised or can you show me any worldwide limitation that one must use Jesis Christ instead of Allah? get a mind… you moron.

          • Salman Abbas

            Whatever. Stop talking to me like you have some god-given right to tell me what to do. Friggin’ religious lunatic.

            • NetFreak

              Yes i have that right.. Islam gave me that right, if i see something wrong i should try to stop it by hand, if i can’t i should stop it by words..even if im failed i should feel it wrong by heart.. Oh u think Friggin’ religious lunatic, Thanks it sounds like you don’t have any religion? If one is religious then he is Friggin’ religious lunatic from your perspective. Being relegious is not a bad thing at all, but being less or being not is, Wake up.

  • Shaun

    He is probably confused between CDN and Cloud. What he described is CDN.

  • FACT

    We may soon expect to see [PTCL CLOUD Gets Hacked!!!] ROFL ;)

  • why in dollars :P

  • Sam

    Yae kaisa cloud hai WIPER(VIPER) tou mere gari mae bhee hain. Hahah !!!

  • All Business.PK

    well ,great news for cloud computing and Big Players in IT market to avail cloud services . A good addition to the host of services offered by pTCL

  • Dont critiz us

    I have a request for all people on this forum to stop criticising PTCL and Etisalat.
    Etisalat paid top Dollar for PTCL in a free and fair auction. The price of $2.6 billion was $1 billion more than the closest competitor. The money was paid to support your collapsing economy and it was a fair purchase.

    We have only held back $800M because as part of Share Purchase Agreement with Governmet of Pakistan we were promised that all PTCL assets especially land and properties would be transferred in time to Etisalat.

    It is not our fault if the incompetent and failed system of property transfer and legal system in Pakistan does not transfer the properties in time. It was the government of pakistan responsibility then and it is now.

    I see a lot of talk bad mouthing Etisalat and PTCL and our people. This is pathetic excuse for people to cover their own faults and fault of Pakistani institutions.

    Please compare Etisalat with PTCL (before privatization)
    Etisalat covered 7Million Customers, PTCL covered 160Million.
    Etisalat profit of $2BN, PTCL in losses.

    Same is the case with Emirates which is world top airline and PIA which is worst bottom airline. Even compare our airports and yours – cannot even compare.

    I can keep making comparison of your Steel Mill, PSO, Trains, Bus System. Everything you Pakistanis touch is failed but in our country everything works perfect.

    So please don’t lecture us or criticize us. We have better performance than you Pakistanis at everything.

    • Shahid Saleem

      While I agree with parts of your comment, I disagree with the overall message.

      When we look at PTCL before Etisalaat bought them, we are angry because they had potential and they did not live up to it.

      Now, nine years later, when we look at PTCL, it’s the same thing. They can achieve a lot more, but have not done that. In fact, by killing off the competition in the internet market, and by creating hurdles for 3G auctions, they have actually HELD back the local industry and population.

      And for the record, PTCL was NOT in loss before takeover. Net profit in millions of rupees:

      2004 29,169.60
      2003 23,081.00
      2002 19,811.90
      2001 18,154.70
      2000 13,331.00

      Yes, TWENTY THREE ARAB RUPEES in 2003. How much was Dollar in 2003? 58. So PTCL made almost $400 million from sucking our blood in 2003.

  • Arshad Vayani

    So ptcl is a IaaS provider or IaaS and PaaS both? Their plans more sound like dedicated server packages. No one can beat Amazon in public cloud offering.

  • abbas

    Hi i am a cloud solution provider, if i need a dedicated space for my clients please quote me. and also tell me what would be the downtime considering electricity issues in Karachi