WhatsApp Starts Voice Messages for its 300 Million Active Users

iPhone-ptt-rec-press-thumb-320x480WhatsApp today announced that it is adding voice messaging feature for its 300 million active users.

With this new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to send voice to their contacts from various platforms. WhatsApp said that its voice message feature is instantly available on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia.

WhatsApp said that sending a voice message is easy and all voice messages are downloaded automatically on receiver’s smartphone. Users can then play this message by just clicking the play button.

Just to mention, WhatsApp now has more than 300 million active users who send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day (counted separately because some messages are sent to more than one recipient). Moreover, WhatsApp users share 325 million photos per day.

It maybe recalled that many Chat apps already offer Voice messaging feature. WhatsApp, however, believes that it has tried to making voice messaging simpler and easier with a single tap instead of multiple taps in other chat apps.

Moreover, WhatsApp also contends to have support for more platforms than all other chatting apps, and that’s where WhatsApp wins despite simpler and boring GUI.

  • aa

    Bara jaldi bata dia?

  • Umair

    Its not a new features. They just changed how it works. Voice messages have been part of WhatsApp for a very very long time.

    • aamir7

      They announced its support for all platforms just today.

      Source: http://blog.whatsapp.com/index.php/2013/08/introducing-voice-messages/

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Yeah they had a voice record and attach option that was bit longer and used its attachment icon. Now process is simplified with inclusion of a mic. You hold it and keep speaking, on leaving it automatically sends. So liked this update from them. I have been sending voice messages earlier but it over simplified right now.

        • Sabir Baloch

          its similar kind of service wechat already providing

      • Umair

        I agree that they have made it look like a new feature, but basically it isn’t. Its more of a marketing tactic and sounds like they’re trying to compete with Tango and Viber by highlighting the voice option.

  • Amir

    It’s annoying for me. I accidentally press voice button as it has replaced the send button for empty text field.

    • Faizan

      Why you want to send empty text ?

      • EmKay

        Try to concentrate a bit more and then you’ll be able to understand what Amir is trying to say

        • Faizan

          Enlighten me O’ focused one.

          If you accidentally press the VM button it doesn’t do anything apart from a beep. In order to activate it you need to press & hold.

  • Affan

    Want Voice chat, not messages

    • Faizan

      They specialize in text messaging and they are the best [as far as market share]. There are tons of voice chat apps, tango, skype,viber. But none can match the cross-platform compatibility Whatsapp have for text messaging.

  • awesome feature