Buy PTCL Evo or Evo Wingle This Week and Get 50 Percent Lifetime Discount

1101926626-1This is probably the best offer PTCL could giveaway to its customers this Eid. They are offering EVO and EVO Wingle connections for 50 percent of its original monthly rental, and that too forever. To get this lifetime discount, you will have to buy EVO or EVO Wingle during 9th August 2013 to 16th August 2013.

After discount, new prices for Evo and Evo Wingle Unlimited will be as following:

Discounted Prices

  • Evo Unlimited:
    • Old Price: Rs. 2,100 per month
    • Discounted Price: Rs. 1,050
  • Evo Wingle Unlimited:
    • Old Price: Rs. 2,500
    • Discounted Price: Rs. 1,250

Just to mention, EVO unlimited package is now capped at 50 GB per month. Despite this, broadband wireless on the go for around Rs. 1,000 is amazing. Too amazing I would say for the customers. However, such an aggressive move by PTCL might hurt the industry. Exactly like it did back in 2009 when PTCL had doubled the DSL speeds for their broadband subscribers for the first time.

Since there’s no effective Pakistan Telecommunication Authority – which can question the company for such price reductions as its significant market player – PTCL is enjoying the freedom and transferring the benefit to the customers.

In a related news, PTCL president recently sent an email to its employees and said that company is aiming for 2 million broadband customers by year end. It looks like the plan has begun and targets are on the roll. But I will say the genius customers will throw away their old accounts and will buy EVO devices this week to retain lifetime discount.

How to Get EVO and Evo Wingle:

  • Walk-in at any PTCL One Stop Shop
  • Order booking through 1236 for home delivery


  • Promotion is applicable for purchases made between 9th to 16th August 2013.
  • Promotion is valid for new sales on EVO & Wingle Unlimited packages only.
  • Promotion is valid for postpaid and prepaid subscribers.
  • Offer is not applicable for package conversions
  • Orders can be placed at OSS, Call Center by calling 1236 and through FSAs

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • wow…a slap on the face of the current loyal users. I have been a user of EVO since the first day it came out and have almost paid my bills alway on time.

    Now I know what’s happening here.

    Some stupid EVP of Sales/Marketing is probably falling short on their KPI for 2013 so they started this new offer to lure in sales instead of rewarding old customer. Is mulk ka kya banay ga seriously :/

      • this offer will be followed by a better price plan for its old customers, perhaps better than the current one. as ptcl gives due consideration to its old customers. wait and watch

      • There is a catch that no one will notice until after a few months. This offer warrants a permanent relationship with PTCL. Its like doing a 2 year contract of phone services. The only difference is that instead of paying a lump sum upfront, we pay every month.
        Missed / delayed payments, or temporary suspension of services shall give PTCL an excuse to start regular billing. They are waiting in ambush.

        • I have just called 1236 and they told me that in case of temporary suspension of service, My 50 percent discount offer persist whenever I resume my internet conncection.

          • You must recharge at least once in 60 days to continue on this special package. If not done, you will lose your package and will be shifted to regular package without any notice given to you.

        • What kind of device you recommend me EVO 3.1 or Wingle 9.3 for a home based wifi access for my two laptops in different areas within the house as I have to use a better internet speed

    • Dont worry sab dhoka hai,
      Ptcl wale itne pagal nhi huve k 2500 wala 1250 mei dein, speed b 1250 wali mile gi 2500 wali nhi
      wingle to hy he fraud nitro kehte hen but speed same evo3.1 wali hy sirf wifi device hy jiske 400/month extra charge karte hen

    • Dear Saad, its the EID Offer, if PTCL has taken a good step to benefit its customers, we should really appreciate as the blog has appreciated it.

      • agar offer jo kaha gaya wo pora bhi karin to , sab jhoot he jab user aik hi band width per increase ho jaeen to downloading spped divid ho jati he , so sab drama he, i have pursched it and so far 2 weak passed no significant downloading speed improvement , PTCL 1236 per 013 nami complaint bhi karwai but all in vain

    • Dear Saad, we should respect seniors if we have seniors in our home. The excecutive has not said any negative thing but his words are meant to serve the benefits of the offer to both existing and new customers. Its motivating bro. And lifetime discount of more than a thousand rupee is really a big offer.

      • You do not get respect unless you deserve it.
        And you want us to respect hypocrites who caused unbelievable loss to national exchequer – first by stealing Pakistan’s money of more than $800 million and then by hindering licensing of newer technologies?
        Sheikh trying to stand for another (arab)sheikh.

          • you are write , i have purcased it by impressing their offer in MUltan, signals are complete but downloading speed is just 40kbps, which i am getting on evo 3G one day package, this is total frual ,bulshit ,and ……….., please diseminate this page to all possible blogsopts so that other cant purchase this trap also some should report this to supreem court as well to be judicial action against PTCl

            • I have also bought Evo wingle 9.3 , in first week it was too painful to observe that the speed hardly touches 1Mbits/sec
              but after a week it had significantly boosted up to 5 to 6 Mbits/sec .and some time it even crosses the limit of 9.3 Mbits/sec.

      • You are really nuts. PTCL has never ever offered any relieve to the existing customers; Why on earth the existing customers cant upgrade to this offer?

        I have 2 Nitro USBs with me, and now IF I have to continue will have to buy a third.
        Uttter Nonsense…

    • Agreed.. May there is a catch in this like @10acbe574e30f28ed38d1655ed17f907:disqus mentioned or May be they think 3G/4G is coming to mobile and their devices will be obsolete

      • Good, I agreed 100%. You know that they are about to auction 3G/4G Licences, so a normal phone will replace their nonsense devices so they are trying to sell out their devices desperately, instead throwing them away……. gund kachra ….. devices

    • they had to sell the stock bcos 3G service will also be annouced sooner by mobiles and there signal strength is better than ptcl. so nobody might buy the ptcl 3g. so it was a stock sale stunt to save company from loss. and i assure that people who bought this offer will also repent when telco’s offer 3g

    • Bhai kunsa Ehssan kar rahy hu ptcl walun par???? take a break man net mai nae use karta apka aa kar ju use karty hu usky paisy barty hu time par isliey barty hu kyun ky due date ka bill na party :D take it easy man tumy oscar tu dainy sy rahy wo :p regards A loyal ptcl customer :v

    • What kind of device you recommend me EVO 3.1 or Wingle 9.3 for a home based wifi access for my two laptops in different areas within the house

  • Doesn’t make sense to start the offer on the 9th. Wouldn’t the PTCL offices be closed on 9, 10, 11 on account of Eid?

      • I had Nitro 9.3Mbps…..Nitro bhi umlimited thi….see they limit it to 50GB..9.3Mbps ka connection aur limit dekho..Rs. 2100 ka 50GB ha tou Rs.1200 ka 10GB hi hojayega…just wait and see..its PEEETCL

        • lol yar i have been using Evo 3.1 for one year they haven’t really changed the BW limits much plus in spite of all the bitching about speeds they always say that the speeds will only be achieved in network coverage area’s for me i live outside lahore but i almost always get 250-300KBps speed :) just ordered my new wingle even though it has some flaws but the cheapness of the service wins

    • Hats off to you for predicting this 10 months back! Never saw this coming!

      2,500 per month offers along-with 1,250 per month offers have been reduced to 30GB now, instead of the promised 75GB! What a shame, PTCL proving itself to be a dirty player in the country with no consumer right! Bravo!

      • dear main attock main rehta hoon, main nay new wingle li hy aaj hi. mgr mujhy one stop shop say wingle 4000 ki pari. + abi pkg karaon ga tow 5250 ki par jaye gi.
        aap kahan rehtay ho jahan itni sasti wingle mill gaie aap ko?

        • the private shops are getting benefit of the users demand you should get for 3000/- + 1250/- = 4250 (including first month charges) or you can call from ptcl number to 1236 to book your order and you will get evo at home address for 3000/- for dialing from you mobile use this number 080080800

    • i have purchased wingle (postpaid) at Rs. 4200 whereas wingle with prepaid is of Rs. 3000.

  • False headline. ‘Lifetime’ makes you think the discount is on the monthly charges. it is on the device cost.

  • i just check the ptcl website the offer is there but i am confused about how much will it cost to purchase new evo wingle as the monthly discounted package rate is Rs. 1250/- but what will be the price of device please any one clear thanks

    • I just called to PTCL helpline. You have to pay 3000 Advance for the first month and then they will charge 1250 on Wingle. You can pay by your PTCL Bill

        • Device charge is 3000 (just confirmed from 1236) and first month rent is 1250 so u have to pay 4250 for the device + first month rent then each month u have to pay just 1250

          • ok brothers thanks alot
            i got the info from one stop shop they are selling at the discounted price of Rs. 2400/- and plus monthly charges 1250/- makes a deal of 3650/- for me

              • oh brother that was a private shop they offered 2400/- when i called but when i reached there and asked for the order they denied and said that the 50% dicounted wingle is for 4000/- only devie
                so i went to one stop shop and get wingle for 4250/- which include first month charges of Rs. 1250/-

            • dear main attock main rehta hoon, main nay new wingle li hy aaj hi, jo abi tak active b nhi hvi. mgr mujhy one stop shop say wingle 4000 ki pari. + abi pkg karaon ga tow 5250 ki par jaye gi.
              aap kahan rehtay ho jahan itni sasti wingle mill gaie aap ko?

              • Brother i am from taxila and got the device from POF Wah Cantt Main Gate Stop
                you can also get it from hassan abadal and wah cantt because i know these two nearest points of official ptcl one stop shop
                or you can also check it from islamabad i-9 sector one stop shop

  • I pointed out this article to be posted. At least Mr. Aamir must have mentioned by name as courtesy.

  • Well i hope they dont mark the devices sold under this offer and than limit their downlink and uplink speeds as they do this how i know this well i worked in PTCL WLL dep :P

    Dirty tricks to earn money !

  • Salam i called PTCL helpline, he did’t even know about this offer, so i want to ask from u ppl that this offer is only for Unlimited or it is also for Wingle Breeze? waiting for yor rep:)

    • Shadab bhai aap ne wrong number tau nahin milaya bhai. Meri tau do bar baat hui hai, aur kafi detail ke sath.

      • nai dear maine sai no. dial kea ta, usne 5 minutes k hold k baad sab bata dea:) but pehle usey nai pata ta mujhse puchra ta apko kisne kaha h k yeh offer aae hai:)

  • What ? Seriously ? What should I do with my old device ? Are they taking it back for some price ? :( I am afraid they will reduce data limit under this package in near future.

  • i just talked to the PTCL CSR….The device charges are rs 3000 for both evo wingle and evo 3g……….for wingle…first time payment….rs 4250…….including the first month internet… data 75 gb……….for evo 3g….first time payment….rs 4050…….50 gb data………

    • Fine… its really kool offer… upto 9.3 with 75gb is 1250/month.. all is awsum…
      yaar koi ye btaye ga k jesse hum nitro cloud ko moving m battery power sy use kertay hayn… ye wingle ko on the move kese use kersaktay hayn.. if we dnt have choice of any usb port or electric socket…
      i mean how u will use its wifi,, when u probably in a park, public place etc.. where no electric connection option is available..
      Please Reply Seniors…Thanx

      • Depending on your area and PTCL’s mood, it can range from 4 KiloBytePerSeconds to 800KiloBytePerSecond. and Yes, that much difference is possible only at PTCL

        • I am suffering from the worst services of PTCL, I bought wingle yesterday (thinking that it would be better than Evo) but getting 5-40KB/S :( damn it

  • Guys, need so info on the Wingle.Unlimited discount.

    I live abroad, and only visit Pakistan every 7-8 months.
    * Is it possible to get this offer on the Wingle Unlimited on prepaid, so that I only recharge 1250 whenever I am in Pakistan (every 7-8 months) and I only pay for the month that I use and not the previous months that I didn’t use?
    * If I don’t recharge for 7-8 months, would I lose this discount?
    * Can I get somebody to buy the device for me in Pak, but ask PTCL to activate the package on a date later in the year?, or can I just buy the device (3000) and not pay for the package for the first month yet?
    Thaaaanks for any info in advance. You will be a great help.

  • Is this offer valid in Hazara division n kpk ..
    Is u need to buy different device for kpk (a big heck.. i bought one from islamabad but cant use it in kpk) and they never informed customers that u have to buy different device for kpk.. just shout 230 cities..
    moreover in kpk ptcl dont have wingle devices uptil now…

  • In the absence of the regulatory board, we still have the august body of Competition Commission Authority of Pakistan which has taken notable protection to the consumer from fleecing. Recent decision of the ITC for banning Samsung access to the US markets. The development in IPR, patents and the rounds of Apple and Samsung on the issues should be read carefully by our attorney, and law students, The MNC cannot exploit Pakistan consumers and take them for a ride. We have equal access via the good offices of the Pakistan Competition Authority, which will provide all protection and guide line to the consumer.
    Whether it be Telco., privatisation, and related matter law is for all for poor, popper, and the rich. God bless Pakistan.

  • can we use evo wingle with, battery bank with usb out ?
    for chaltay phirtay use k liye ,,, Experts ?

  • Before purchasing through this offer, kindly check the device as the one i got has some issues with its wifi coverage.

  • Somebody from the OSS said that on prepaid, if you don’t pay the bill, after 7 days or so its blocked. When you want to reactivate it, you have to pay for 19 days.
    But is this 19 days onwards (advance) from day of activation or 19 days previously?

  • i have a question
    if i have PREPAID and i want to use lets say in DECEMBER ONLY. do i have to pay till DECEMBER or just need to load a card in DECEMBER?

  • I purchased today EVO Wingle prepaid in Rs:3000/- and recharged with Rs:1250/-
    download Speed remains 300 to 450Kbs normally. It is better then evo 3.1.

  • i am using evo nitro.i live in gujrat.the max speed i am getting is between 150 to 200 kbps. signal strength is good dont know why i am not getting the good speed. any idea. when i raised this issue with my freind currently working in ptcl he said ptcl havent upgraded its system yet and users are more than ever before. simply to put it in start for 1mb there were 8 users to which speed was distributed. but now for 1mb there are 20 or even more user….

  • Hi Friends,

    I have nitro device already, I want to purchase wingle as well. Can somebody tell me if I can use both the devices to get combined speed. like 9.3+9.3 = 18.6Mbps?

    Is it possible? Thanks for your help!

  • PTCL phone agent said if I order wingle for home delivery on prepaid, WITHOUT ordering first recharge as well, they will activate wingle before delivery.

    Then I can do first recharge in Dec, and still have this promo discount. So still not clear.!

    • if you ordered upto 16 August you will get benefit of 50% discount for life even you recharge after 16 August that mean you can order now today up to 11.59 P.M of 16 August to get the benefit of this

  • I do not know what all the fuss is about, PTCL has perhaps come out with the best offer of the year. PTCL is offering their premium device for half of its rate, and most importantly it is for life. Wingle 9.3 for just Rs 1250 a month, people come on, where do you live and what more do you want?

  • With advance sorry to the PTCL planted people here in this forum (I do mean their employees and contractors who are assigned the task of defending PTCL here) I ‘d like to say:
    Hisotry of PTCL (beginning from T&T) suggests only one thing, “PTCL Can Never be Trusted.” For example, the word “UnLimited” is often redefined by PTCL (even a Dictionary fails to define the logic of PTCL). Nowadays in the Dictonary of PTCL the word UnLimited for EVO means 50.GB. So in the light of PTCL’s track record, I can easily guess that the word “LifeTime 50% off” will certainly be redefined by the PTCL in some tricking manner which will ultimately go to the disadvantage of the custormer.

  • EVO Winggle with speed more than JF-17 thundar
    Sahme on PTCL & the innocent public who purchase EVO including me…
    Itni gandi speed k fb tak open nhi hoti yr pese barbad kr diye Bullshit

    • Its not about speed. There are genuine problems with Wingle and Facebook doesnt work on it. Support people at PTCL has no clue about thsi problem.

  • Bilkul hi bakwas package hai ye. Main nay kal purchase ki hai aik min mai 30 dafa disconnect hoti hai aur jab in ki one stop shop pe gia to wo aisy moon pher k beth gaey jaisy unki beti ka rishta mang lia ho main nay. Bilkul nahi leni ye

  • Finally I have successfully connected TL-MR3420 with PTCL wingle (Huawei EC315).

    disable wifi of wingle from settings

    Step-1 Upgrade latest firmware of TP link router by connecting with LAN cable from

    Step-2 After upgrading your router click on factory reset

    Step 3 Click on Quick setup and change location to USA (Mobile ISP AT&T) and then click on 3G/4G advanced settings and enter PTCL dial number #777 username [email protected] password ptcl click n save and you are done. Restart router if required.

    Thanks to Amman Skp for useful hints.

  • With advance sorry to the PTCL planted people
    here in this forum mostly with hidden and fake identities (I do mean their
    employees and contractors who are assigned the task of defending PTCL here) and
    with no intention to reply their lame, nonsense arguments I ‘d like to say:

    History of PTCL
    (beginning from Telegraph & Telephone Department (T&T) which sucked its
    customers’ blood) suggests only one thing, “PTCL Can Never be
    Trusted.” For example, the word “UnLimited” is often redefined
    by PTCL (The Standard Dictionaries worldwide have already defined the word
    UNLIMITED). Nowadays in the Dictonary of PTCL the word UnLimited for EVO means
    50.GB. So in the light of PTCL’s track record, Every sensible person can easily
    guess that the word “LifeTime 50% off” will certainly be redefined by
    the PTCL in some tricking manner which will ultimately go to the disadvantage
    of the customer.

  • Promotion is valid for new sales on EVO & Wingle Unlimited packages only.this is bull shet, the old customer should also be brought under this promotions

  • Can anyone tell that if i recharge lets say 650 instead of 1250, will i be able to use internet for 15 days. ?

  • Can i use htc charger (with output 1000 mAh) as a power source? Is it risk fee or not. Does anybody know how much mAh required by Evo wingle exactly…. Please respond me if anybody has information about it..

  • Was really excited about this deal and brought Wingle from a friend to try at my place. It was a terrible experience that I had. First of all the wifi range of the device is very limited and that is not helpful at all as the devise needs to be always plugedin as it does not have any battery, secondly the connection bandwidth is really unstable, it kept fluctuating and it gave very bad results in live streaming due to fluctuations, it can be used for downloads but really bad for streaming.
    On the other hand I have been using Wateen and compared the bandwidth tests of both of these connections at my place. Wateen rules. It gave consistent results, with negligible fluctuations in the bandwidth.
    If any one asks me, I would suggest them to go for Wateen, PTCL sucks as they give out a very unreliable connection, they are increasing the users but not the bandwith by upgrading their systems, it’s us the consumers who are going to suffer because of this, as more bigger they get the more manipulative they will be, so don’t buy this, go for something else, I am good with Wateen.

  • I bought the EVO Wingle Device under this promo. I had to pay Rs 3000 for the device & Rs. 1250 as advance line rent due to postpaid option. I was told that my device would be activated after 24 Hrs. When I used my device after the wait period, I was unable to access facebook and all other websites were crawling. Interestingly my older Wingle device was working perfectly and loading all websites with good speed! A call to 1218 revealed that I would have to get device software updated from nearest PTCL OSS! I was wondering why I was not provided an updated device and thus cheating me?

  • No doubt it is a tempting offer, but few months back I used friend’s wingle at my office (Aiwan e iqbal, Egerton road, Lahore). The speed was not impressive, in fact at one point it was not even connecting. My friend says it works o.k. for him at home too, he lives in Askari 9 (near Sadar, Cantt, Lahore).

  • hello guys,
    i have been using NITRO since last EID. it is great in Allama Iqbal Town.
    Also i bought Wingle 2 months ago as well a new device today and it has same speed which does not even google PAGE.
    It is ******** service as for WINGLE. i am gonna return the WINGLE tomorrow.
    BUT Nitro is Just Great.

  • Went to buy Wingle Yesterday. The OSS was damn full of Customers as if its free for lifetime. And the Device was Out Of Stock then went to another OSS it was Out Of Stock their too. I mean Come On. Then i got it from a third OSS. 24 hrs passed and the Device is still not activated. What A Bummer !

  • This is a great offer, PTCL announces such offers every 14 august, to all existing customers, previously, they were doubling there existing customers bandwidths, i think 3 times they did that, this time they addressed new customers, just bought my wingle ,getting 6 MB speed, some people will feel jealous as they could not get this offer, but they could have gained it, they had time. PTCL zindabad.

    • 6 MB…you must be joking. Wingle device is good and offer is great..but u never get 6 MB speed. Max speed which you could have is 2 MB. and its ok with 80% of the users.

      • Internet speeds are measured in Megabits not in Megabytes, so 6 Mb is 0.75 MB, a common mistake that people assume their internet speed is in Megabytes.

  • anybody plz help me what is the default Wifi password for wingle? i want to connect my phone to it plz rep :(

  • Hello Friends

    I am using Evo since 2010 and paying monthly.Now i availed the new wingle offer yesterday to enjoy life time monthly cheep rate.Waiting for activation.I live at Kamra Disstt Attock and pay 5250 rupees including device price and first month charges.Today i called 1218 to know about my activation status they said actual price of wingle is 3000 and total package costs 4250.Did they charge me 1000 extra?

  • close