SC Rejects Govt’s Request, Orders to Appoint PTA Chairman in Just 10 Days

supreme-court-pakistan0_thumbSupreme Court of Pakistan has rejected government’s request for more time for appointment of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Chairman and Members and ordered the federal government to make appointments on priority basis with-in next 10 days.

Three-member bench headed by Justice Tasaddaq Hussain Gilani resumed hearing of case regarding auction of 3G licenses in which the government had requested further time for appointment of Chairman PTA and its members.

The Supreme Court rejected the petition with the direction that appointment of Chairman and members of PTA should be made with-in 10 days.

The Justice remarked that it is regrettable to say tremendously valuable institution of PTA has been made ineffective and paralysed by the negligence of high officials and management.

The court already has awarded vast time to the government and now the time is over as national exchequer is facing heavy loss due to non appointment of its Chairman, the Justice concluded.

It merits mentioning here that Supreme court of Pakistan – during last hearing– had ordered the federal government to appoint Chairman and members of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority before September 16th, 2013 and to make necessary arrangements for the auction of 3G licences with-in next 60 days.

Government, which had clearly missed the deadline, wanted at least one month for the appointment of Chairman PTA.

Auction of 3G licenses will only be possible after the appointment of Chairman PTA and members.

  • Let’s see what happens now… It looks sometimes that they do not care about what the Sc says. I hope that chairman will be appointed soon and he will make amandments to ich as that is not possible without chairman.

  • As far as i know, more than 15 days ago, SC had given government 15 days to appoint the chairman of PTA and arrange 3G auction soon.

    3G auction thingy not happening, these all delays are to delay that auction in PK.

  • It’s a monopoly by PTCL to control 3G and be the only company to offer 3G. State owned monopolies never benefit the public, PTCL should be privatized. Public shares should all be sold off. And watch how quick 4G will be introduced to Pakistan by auction off the spectrum to private companies by the PTA. Doesn’t anyone get it? PTA is only there to protect the interest and profits of the government owned PTCL. It simply isn’t doing its job because of state owned monopoly in telecoms.

    Privatization is the way forward for Pakistan. Take the example from Hong Kong.

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