Faisal Sattar Appointed as CEO of USF

Faisal Sattar, CEO, USF

Mr. Faisal Sattar, the former CTO of Wateen Telecom, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Universal Service Fund, we have confirmed with the sources.

Appointment was made through a decision from high profile committee headed by Federal secretary Information and Technology and Telecom. The committee had submitted its shortlisted names to Ms. Anusha Rehman, the Minister for State, Information Technology and telecom.

Other shortlisted names included Mr. Naveed Saeed, Aamir Ishaque and Dr. Muhammad Yasin.

Mr. Sattar is likely to take charge in coming few days, however, the notification for his appointment has been issued.

Faisal Sattar was lately the Chief Technical Officer of Wateen. He served the company for around three years. Previously he has worked with Mobilink and Alcatel Lucent (MEA).

USF, with over Rs. 60 billion in its accounts, is considered to be a key organization to eliminate the digital divide in the country. With prolific performance during its first 3 years, company greatly suffered during last two years only due to managerial conflicts and abundance of politics.

USF was long looking for a well versed professional to take control of day to day businesses at the company.

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  • ict

    Atleast one good news, but when new CEO will be appointed for ICT R &D. They have broader mandate than USF and can realy a game changer in the society, if it is headed by some visionary personality .Organization of such a big name with just three patents in last many years is such a shame .CEOs are just favoring funds to their nearest and loved ones for fake projects and seminars.

  • ict

    Finance division should take up the companies and should start their policy review excercises to know their progress during last many years.what were actual targets and what has been achieved.If these companies are working in a transparent manner then why they are reluctant to upload the minutes of their board of governor meetings on their website.this is public money and public should have access to reach the actuall information, which is required to minimize the information divide.we dont want just photos of their indoor meetings but the actual parameters.

  • rehman1

    woa this guy is my relative

  • ITCxO

    the next mover will be naeem zeamindar and hamid mohiuddin, all Cx and GM levels have juiced Wateen that nothing is left to squeeze. good luck faisal keep on sinking ucf like wateen.

  • stariq178

    Wateen Is Sinking because there is no future of Wimax Companies Not because of Management.. Even if Superman was CTO/CEO of a Wimax Company Operating in 3.5 Ghz , it wont save them.