Government Notifies Dr. Ismail Shah as Permanent Chairman of PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Federal Government today notified Dr. Ismail Shah as permanent chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, we have confirmed with sources.

A PTA spokesperson has also confirmed the development by saying that currently acting chairman has been appointed as permanent chairman of PTA for four years through a notification issued by Cabinet Division.

Appointment is made as per telecom and PTA laws, the spokesperson added.

It maybe recalled that Dr. Ismail Shah was appointed as acting Chairman of PTA around six weeks ago, when Supreme Court had directed the government to appoint Chairman PTA.

After appointment of acting chairman, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had again directed the federal government to appoint permanent Chairman of PTA.

As expected the decision came with-in days, leaving a question mark on the decision making ability of the government.

It is wondered that why Supreme Court has to dictate the government, almost every time, to carry out usual and mandatory government functions.

It merits mentioning here that appointment of Dr. Ismail Shah was termed “Acting” despite the fact that hiring was made properly while fulfilling all mandatory requirements.

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  • What is the role of Government when SCoP carry out all the tasks?
    Shame on Government. >.<

    • Shame on Government? For Supreme Court trying to take over role of Government in almost everything? Where telling judges not to poke their nose in government affairs will take government officials to court room in contempt of court.
      Regarding the news story, Ismail Shah was in CASE Islamabad long time back, he wasn’t a good teacher but a businessman in fact. Wish he will run PTA in a good way though.

  • Arslan Iftikhar is behind current appointments at PTA. He is in cell site construction business and wants long term support from PTA after CJP retirement on 12 Dec.

  • This is a MAFIA. Who give authority to such persons to work under their control. This is why Govt has not filled such key positions and kept dummy people on top positions. Even the Member Telecom is ACTING. CEOs of the cash cow companies are ACTING. These people are first checked if they are of their use then give them permanent. At the same time on other side people use their authority to make false decisions or erroneous decisions as they are not full time but ACTING, so it is not their sole responsibility.

  • He is a mean person, but he can not forget what i have done with him when he was attending a family gathering . Laaton k bhot baton sa nahi mantay.Ye sara tola ha munafikon ka. ministry me reh k to kuch hoa nai pta me b dekh lo

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