Pakistan Tops 2.9 Million Broadband Subscribers, EvDO Outruns DSL Subscriptions!

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that total broadband base in Pakistan crossed 2.9 million subscriptions at the end of August 2013.


A total of 101,707 new broadband connections were issued during the month of August, with EvDO technology – Thanks to PTCL’s offering of 50 Discount on EVO — grabbing the 93 percent of new acquisitions or 93,506 sales in a month.

With such massive sales in one month, for the first time in the history of the country, broadband subscribers using EvDO technology have crossed the DSL subscriptions to become the largest used technology for broadband services in the country.

EvDO now has over 41 percent of market-share in terms of broadband subscribers, with DSL technology following at 38 percent market-share. This trend hints that 3G wireless broadband, when launched, will be greatly welcomed in Pakistan.

WiMAX technology, worst hit due to rise in EvDO customers, saw a decline of 2,623 customers during August.

DSL technology added 10,307 new customers during the reported month.

More details in below graphs:




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  • the only focus is on new sales , the quality/speed of these PTCL EVDO Wingles is very poor during peak hours.

  • PTCL is buying all Wimax operators left.
    Augere Qubee, Wateen Wimax division and Witribe. All these are up for sale.
    Mobilink Infinity is shut down. Now PTCL will have 500,000 more broadband customers and will completely dominate broadband market.

    Fixed line is dead. Future is wireless. Other mobile companies need to do LTE soon to compete with PTCL. Otherwise they should also kiss their futures goodbye.

    • People who need on low latency (like Stock Brokers in Lahore who can get 22ms to KSE) will NEVER switch to wireless.

      • gamer’s and online service providers also need Wired connection because best ever wireless medium has latency issue which is least in DSL or FTH…

  • Evo is there in the market for 4 years, and they have surpass BB when their price is lowered, 3G on the other hand is very costly, lets c how many of us afford for 6k to 8k a month for BB. 3G is in tough competition due to Wifi alternative very common in Pakistan (speed even higher at cheap cost due to DSL availability at home and offices) and will be used by vast majority who have no mobility issues. So market penetration up to 20 % will take a significant time in Pakistan.

  • PTCL is a thug!! With such a huge market share the company has done NOTHING to enhance user experience or ensure quality and speedy connectivity. They are merely en-cashing upon their customer base. Their helpline is worthless and they are not bothered about customer complaints.
    I started using Wateen a while back and despite a minor market share Wateen has done wonders to ensure optimum quality and speed.

  • This shows tele-density. 3G or beyond is undoubtedly need of time! Even 3rd world countries have better connectivity options; 3.75G or LTE.

  • I’m using the fixed line having 2mbps at home and I must say I’m doing really good! my Internet never disconnects itself and neither do I experience any problems with the speed, I always get 215+kb/s and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been using ptcl BB and I love it!

    • Most of the problems people face today with ptcl is with the wires being crampy and old, get your wires replaced makes sure there are no joints outside the house and you’re good to go! I am a very old and proud customer of ptcl.

  • I am PTCL EVO 9mb customer and I am really happy with the speed I am getting. Check the screenshot, this test is done at 5:30 am saturday

  • Please change spelling of “New” in the graphical view of “Technology Wise Nrew Acquisitions-August 2013”

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