3G Consultants Reach Pakistan, Start Preparing IM for 3G


Recently hired consultants for procuring next generation telecom licenses have landed in Pakistan to start working on the Information Memorandum for next generation spectrum auction, sources tell ProPakistani.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently selected “Value Partners Management Consulting Limited” for the procurement of next generation spectrum auction. The selection was finalized after rigorous evaluation of financial and technical bids from seven consultancy firms.

Highly placed sources tell ProPakistani that consultants are now in Islamabad who signed the agreement with PTA before commencing the task.

Consultants will go ahead with the preparation of Information Memorandum for next generation licenses.

This document will detail all kinds of information relating to license auction, such as prerequisites, requirements, criteria for operators to participate, base price of license, terms, conditions etc..

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had prepared a similar document before, based on which auction was to be held on March 29th, 2012. However, things didn’t go as per plans because of non-appointment of consultants, which – according to PPRA Rules — is mandatory for any public sector auctions.

PTA, this time, is making sure that schedule for auctioning 3G/4G licenses is met, while on the other hands it is taking good care of all necessary and mandatory things.

We have heard that PTA has asked consultants to prepare IM from scratch. It is likely that the newly drafted Information Memorandum for next generation spectrum auction will surface around mid of January 2014.

Pakistan is planning to auction 3G/4G licenses by the end of February 2014.

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  • “Pakistan is planning to auction 3G/4G licenses by the end of February 2014” nevertheless, it will take another 3~4 months for operators to roll-out next generation services. In a nutshell we’ll be able to use next generation services by August 2014.

  • Holy mother of Thor, I cannot believe this is happening !!! like i really want someone to slap me in the face n tell me that this actually is gonna happen n isnt gonna fall apart as it did in the past !!!!

    (though it will be available to its full extent in late 2014)

    on serious note !!! God Bless Pakistan, it is actually going to help Pakistan to explore our IT industry to its best !!

  • SLAP to PAKISTANI NATION !!!! Yeh Gangu World ki
    Oldest Obsolete Technology Pakistan ko day kar Vote Earn karna chahtay hain
    …. South Korea Left 4G and upgraded to LTE-A 4G. Salay abi tak confuse
    hain kay Pakistan ko 4G dain ya 3G. Dubai Etislalat moved to 4G in 2009
    completely. India is moving to 4G.

    • I’ve some questions. Hope you have their answers.
      1. Have you ever experienced 3G?
      2. How many people there in Pakistan have 4G compatible cell phones?
      3. 4G means higher price, less data. Do people really need it?

      • Rizwan Bhai, I have experienced 3G or Not. This is not question. I am
        Marketer. Marketer always create demands. They give names to your needs.
        This is not also question, how many people have LTE Compatible devices in
        Pakistan ? Just launch state of the art technology to Pakistan, next day people
        will start buying LTE devices. Q Mobile like companies will bring 4G devices
        for us. My mother donot know how to use Nokia cell. I gifted her a smart phone
        6 months ago, Now She is expert user of Android Phone by using WhatsApp, Viber,
        Skype, MMS, SMS. Moreover, If 4G is costly with less data then Why India is
        moving to 4G. State of the Art technology is right of nation. My Question to
        you, Was Cell phones, Computers need of common man ? Companies communicated to
        people to realize them, specific technology is for them. These are only
        excuses, Pakistan donot need latest technology or we can not afford LTE or We
        donot have proper awareness to enjoy real fruits of Modern Technology.

        • My Question to you, Why Wateen Qubee Join venture in going to launch 4G Wireless broadband in Pakistan ? Why there are making huge investment to deploy 4G in Pakistan ? According to you, we should use 3G which is enough for us. We can not afford 4G, we donot have 4G Compatible devices ? Can you answer me ?

          • Dear Answer to your question why Wateen Qubeen is going to launch 4G wireless broadband in Pakistan is.

            Please understand the difference between mobile technology and wireless broadband, wireless broadband sucks anywhere in the world. Whatever they say they never up to the speed they claim for.

            Best example i have used in Pakistan PTCL evo which they claim up to 9MB/s on 3G and i never able to get more than 1MB/s even i was standing right inside their building and ask them to perform tests and their answer was we also state its not guranteed you will get this speed and speed can be varied and bla bla.

            Well that was one example lets come to Wateen Qubee joint venture and the term they using “4G Wireless Broadband”. For your information thiw word “4G Wireless Broadband is not any technology and its their own home made product name. Behind the sceen they might be using PTCL coper cable Dialup internet and they providing you those wireless dongles and modems and they call their product 4G Wireless Broadband it doesnt mean its a 4G LTE technology.

            Remmember to use 4G LTE technology you must need to have a device which have a special antena to receive and send signals from 4G LTE frequency. This technology is not cheap and i am sure it cannot be affordable in pakistan et all. Then please ask some common sense questions, does this company as usual making pakistanies fool as in Past many companies and politicians did? Does this company have a certified technology and any other International Technological Firm have accredited their product and authenticated with testing that they will keep their promises and they must provide up to certain speed.

            There are alot of question please try to explore and investigate what others claim and dont let yourself be fool on just naming thing. A lot of companies does this and specially this is a popular trick in marketing as well, that use some popular word, and change one letter or add one letter to fool people with the Name. People think oh this is very popular product but actually its fake product and they create copy of orignal brand with slight modification in naming.

            Anyway i am sure this company is not giving anything close to 4G LTE and they cannot give because Goverment didnt give anybody License for this yet. This is the main point.

        • I am 100% agree to Farhan. And all of you please stop saying Pyara Pakistan, Jiye butto, Kashmir hamara hai and shit like that.
          Please get education and give to your youngs and stop being Cartoon characters for Western World.
          They are tired of laughing at us.

    • Btw when Etisalt Dubai moved to 4G completely, I know they are integrating both 2G and 3G. LTE is in most prestigious areas like Jumairah, downtown etc alongwith 2G and 3G which they shall not offload.

  • Hi Guys, i am really glad with these news, by the way wasting time on 3G or 4G fruitless, get 3G get nation to hooked up to a new breakthrough and see the development and improvement in technology and communication sector. Do not Underestimate 3G, i am in Australia i have 3 iphone 5 Which are 4G devices but i have turned of 4G internet and i use only 3G because here in Australia we cannot afford 4G, its too expensive, and too fast.

    According to my testing when i use my iphone on 3G one full day i am only able to consume 5-10mb data per day, but same usage when i do on 4G per day it uses 250MB data per day and trust me its the exactly same usage which include sending and receiving emails, little bit browsing and imessaging.

    I even consulted with the Network provide about this matter and their answer was its 4G technology which sends and receives data in much bigger packets than 3G that is the reason its fast and thats why the work you can done in 1MB it uses for same work 20MB data.

    Here i sends and receives emails, pictures, sends and receives movies, download apps bigger than 50mb in seconds or less than a minute with 3G service, then question comes do i really need 4G and my answere is No. When here in Australia i really dont need 4G then how come on the Earth anyone need it in Pakistan while our nation is still happy on 2G.

    Here in Australia 4G gives us speed of up to 50MB per second which is really really fast, its crazy fast but where i can use it? answer is so far no where.

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