Wateen to Provide Connectivity for 110 More Branches of UBL

Wateen to Provide Connectivity for 110 More Branches of UBL

Wateen announced today that it has been selected once again by United Bank Limited, for providing network connectivity to 110 more UBL branches.

Wateen was selected for its proficiency in delivering fiber as a last mile medium, backed by a state-of-the-art countrywide fiber long-haul network of Wateen Telecom. Previously, Wateen Telecom was providing fiber and wimax connectivity to 250 branches of UBL since 2007.

With new financial applications being introduced in the banking sector, the demand of robust network service medium is the key to run these application smoothly and to produce “excellence in user experience” for all its customers and its internal staff.

The Fiber Optic Solution by Wateen Solutions, first in business and enterprise sector, will assist UBL in fast data transmission over exceptionally longer distance without much data loss. UBL has decided to digitise its branch network connectivity setup with the best technology available in the country to provide superior banking experience to its customers.

At the moment the subject branches are active over legacy technology and now will be upgraded with Wateen’s latest connectivity network, that is the most advanced medium available.

Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, said “The financial services industry is at an inflection point as the gradual adoption for cloud based services takes place. High-speed data transfers, data hungry applications and software as well as security and surveillance solutions would require fiber based connectivity for which Wateen is the ideally suited partner.”

Wateen was selected to provide required services on the basis of its strong and large network footprint, current service experience and best suited commercials for the deal. It offers organizations support for planning, implementation and management of their network and is a Cisco certified gold partner.

  • Truth of both company

    UBL is most pathetic bank right now in IT services. Whole IT team has left UBL.
    Wateen is pathetic financials condition. Everyone knows knows this.

    This is good marriage of 2 pathetic institutions.

    • AlFalah

      Correct. Entire team has moved to Bank Al Falah the parent of UBL.

  • Banking is about trust

    I am quite surprised that a top bank like UBL is relying on Wateen for the branch network.

    Every bankers knows that Wateen loans are junk and company not paying back loans for many years and no decent bank will give them loan.

    Now if you are bank and not comfortable with trusting Wateen with your money how can you trust them with your branches network?
    Just tell me this!